TKLUB and threeA on Instagram

First Tomorrow Kings were offered back in December 2008 and it was one of our first releases. Since 2008 we had many different Tomorrow Kings released and there was an recurring talk of having special Tomorrow Kings Club and just now it became reality, it's amazingly pleasant feeling to finally have an actual TKLUB and be able to say that after 24 hours pre-order TKLUB One Oroshi 18 is gone and huge welcome goes to everyone who made their first TKLUB purchase and jointed the club! Thank you goes to every threeA customer, who supported us over the years as well, without you we wouldn't able to make it happen!

And another update: from now on, we will have an official presence at Instagram under threeAtoys name. Please follow us there, if you are there! No pressure though if you aren't, keeping eye on the blog is enough to stay in touch with us and know about our shipping plans and sales.

If you are hunting for Easter Isobelle, please remember that it's an extremely limited F5 sale and all figures go up at Bambalandstore on March 29th at 10:00PM Hong Kong time. Since people keep on asking: everyone can participate in this sale, it's not 3AA only. Easter Isobelle is pre-made and figures shipping out to you in April, that explains why it's limited that much.

Nicely put Gimby

Oh yea, the first Bambaland Isobelle will be offered soon as the sample is ready! So dont stress if you dont get an Easter version. The Isobelle line will grow to cover many characters in her world this year, I hope you enjoy the adventure of discovering them!

Happy Easter