Signing session and photos from threeA Taiwan show

Ashley Wood and Kim Fung Wong had a signing session today, when they were signing threeA boxes and sketching for many hours in a row. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it to the show, but while searching for photos and talking with people who made it there, I am completely blown away by the support show received (and it's been practically only first day of the show) and by how many people from all over Asia region and the world, traveled to Taiwan to see the show. Thank you so much for making it to the show, for your support, for standing in the lines and for everything you did for threeA throughout the years! We would never be here without a Legion of you watching our back.

Today, I have more photos from the event for you, along with better look at upcoming figures and displays. As much, as I wanted to limit myself, I just can't keep these photos to myself, so bellow you can find around eighty (80!) photos, showing lines outside the show (when people were queuing for the show exclusives), Ashley Wood and Kim Fung Wong signing session, sketches, figures on the display and show exclusives in hand. I don't know if you guys need it, but I provided some info in captions, where & when I thought it's necessary.

A lot more photos can be found at this album over our official 3AVOX page on Facebook.

Photos bellow are coming from World of 7174 blog ran by Ashley Wood and T P Louise; artcorvelay; lukaaa; nixon_3AA , hidy_dd , Jeep Tumwattana , 林小馬 ; maggiemeimei and Jme LiaoThank you so much for your photos and couldn't ever do such a coverage without you guys & girls! Another proof that threeA Legionnaires are the greatest and we are incredibly fortunate to have you playing on our side!

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