2D Animation contest submissions

This kinda stuff means the world to me, to see the effort and time put into representing my shit is mind blowing, I dig them all, even the 3D rendered one, gotta love the Nabler. Sure I have and Im sure you all have  favorites, but the point is all the chaps put the effort and time in and had the nuts to show it. Thats the kinda shutzpa I like, so they all win, and what do they win, well they each will receive a DIY TK drawn and painted on by moi. A round of applause for all the entrants! AsI enjoy these contests,lets get the next one cracking, it's a photography contest, a 1:1 ash wood character photography contest. Get someone to dress up as a TK. NOM, TQ etc and make an EPIC photo, i wanna see it, I know many other will want to as well !  deadline is July 1st !

cheers ash


We had 2D Animation contest going on threeA forum and in the end, we have 10 amazing contest entries submitted by our talented boardies and one entry, which was submitted after the deadline.

We will review the entries and announce winner/winners soon!

HUGE THANK YOU goes to everyone, who put their time, imagination & talent into it and brought threeA figures into 2D animation world!

All entries bellow are presented in the order they were submitted to:

Contest entry by kalenov

Contest entry by Dan

Contest entry by SamTK

TQ Stroll by fluppeco

Contest entry by WingedYeti

Contest entry by gnaw

Contest entry by goway

Contest entry by ruins

Contest entry by G!LL3YMAN

A Popbot concert by BRiZL

Submitted after the deadline entry by Zbrushman and A_Locomotive