As a creative person, being able to see my ideas be made into 3D objects is quite a thrill, artistically affirming and inspiring! This morning I was thinking about all the great ideas and designs by other artists that dont get made, a chance to be toys and whatnot due circumstance, whether it be financial or situation. With 3A i have the ability to make what I want, when I want which is an extremely potent gift, one which I want share with other artists, let them enjoy the thrill of making a toy or whatever. A gift that doesnt have any back end money concerns, a gift that lets their ideas get out into the wild using our various outlets from bamba to retail. I want to offer the best incentives, none of the bullshit 12-12% crap that i got saddled with when starting out on this road. So with that im starting 3A's MARS label, if you have a great design fully formed ready to go ( a full turn is a must, clear and detailed ), drop us a line at , I dont want any Ashley Wood looking shit, i have that covered, I want great toys designs, not static cute blobs, shit with character and verve. A good example of the ethic MARS is ROUGH TRADE records and how they started out, many of their releases were brought to them recorded and good to go, where the artist was paramount. This makes it easy to move forward quickly and easily. Whether your a seasoned pro or starting out, if you think your great and have the shit to back it up, drop us a line about it!

Mars will only work if you make it work, im fine, Ill do my thing, but I always want to see others do theirs.

ashley ( still sick after getting a flu in dubai ) wood