5 Years on

Here at ThreeA we were thinking about our 5th anniversary coming up this month, and how we could celebrate it, special toy, poster etc. I have to say we had some cool ideas, but I thought the best thing we could do was say thanks. Thanks to our supporters today and the supporters from yesterday. I still remember the names and comments from day one on the Legion outpost forum, great times indeed and some dickheads. But even the dicks helped make 3A what is today, we embraced EMO and made fun of it, and at this year's sdcc we will even offer the first carded EMO spirit! 3A wouldnt have got here today without you guys, standing by us, believing in us when we only offered an ad or drawing for an upcoming toy that took 6 months + to deliver, that never went un-noticed by me, that's what inspired me to do more, create without a plan! 3A is a ghost, long as you believe in us, we will haunt the world, that belief fuels us and with that we will make the walls bleed, and howl like fuckers in graveyards.

3A will stay away from the mediocre wall where so many sit, the wall where they have no passion or nads to say what they believe in, just what they hate. To embrace and say you love something reveals something, it's much easier to hate, as it shows nothing and doesn't leave an opening to attack; the gutless and afraid will always dwell there!

I think/hope we have made a small scratchy mark on the surface of the toy kingdom in past 5 years, maybe in another 5 years it will be a fucking big dent... Or maybe just a tale of a ghost.

I salute you all

Ash boo