3A x CAPCOM Lost Planet 2

In seven hours from now we will offer first fruits of our collaboration with CAPCOM: Lost Planet 2 Mercenary figure in 1/6th scale. Pre-order starts on June 22nd, 9:00AM Hong Kong time at www.bambalandstore.com and figure price is 160 USD. What I find very interesting that mask on Mercenary is removable and figure comes with four different hands for various poses. Later this year, we plan to offer two different design vital suits in 1/12th scale along with 1/12th figs. If you don't know anything about Lost Planet 2 Universe or vital suits in particular (there are lots of great designs in the game), here is a good WIKI with all the necessary info. And bellow you can see photos of GTF-11 Drio unpainted vital suit prototype, which was on display at Beast Kingdom Toys at Taiwan during our 3A show (shown next to Mercenary figure).

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