Re Dates

I have heard from many who have asked for sale dates to to given earlier than normal so they can plan their finances etc, which in turn make s a lot of sense to us too. In the past we have not always known whats coming up and many sales are decided just before we announce. But we are going to try and give a good heads up from here on regarding our main sales , starting with this info:3AA TKLUB #3 - EDO 2 figure set, EDO1 + EDO2 $220 July 10th GOLDEN DOLPHIN AK SPF part 1 $100 July 24th Dead Astronaut Gangsta AK SPF part 2 $ price to be updated soon August 7th There will still be bamba resident sales and other surprizes that will appear without much notice due to the nature of our setup, but we will try to give a heads up where possible!