Your support for the EDO TK's has made a a final corp of red commanders appear, once they are gone though, thats its ! Just to confirm to those who have asked, EDO once again fade into the under-verse at 9-00am HK time.. 35 minutes approx. Well the first cycle of the TKLUB is finished, supporters of the first 3 will now have access to the TK mook, I think it will be the definate TK thingy so far, Im excited to get it out a soon as possible so stay tuned! On another note, when designing these figs, I refer to notes and ideas i scribbled down over the years etc, EDO were a bunch of notes from from 2009 regarding a 10 year period that saw every TK vanish, which lead to a robotic version ( the EDO ) appearing to take their place as local defenders against the Mortis and their agents. Of course on the return of the TK they vanished to depths of the underverse, their creator and secrets with them!