3A at SDCC'13

Today there was our 100th post on Instagram and we are one followers short from nine hundred. Wanted to thank everyone for support there and for using "threeA" tag to share photos and videos of our toys (more than 8000 posts)! Another thing, which I would like to mention is that during this week Instagram will be updated with 3A at SDCC '13 coverage and videos, which our staff will be posting there. You can find us there under "threeAtoys" username or by checking this link: http://instagram.com/threeAtoys , if you aren't Instagram user yet.

Naturally we don't want to limit these updates to Instagram only, there will be regular updates on our Facebook page: 3AVOX as well and reposts to twitter: 3Asupport. If you want ultimate 3A at SDCC '13 online experience, I recommend to follow us there and keep an eye on the blog for the summary.

Here is the back of 3A giveaway card, which will be distributed at our booth #2643, containing all our toy lines, showcase licenses and links to 3A network family.