Before I'll do the honor and announce winners (personally picked by Ashley Wood) I want to say few things. These contests are always incredibly tough to judge (trust me I did judge a few back in the day) and please don't get me wrong, it's so awesome that it's tough, because with each contest you guys are taking it right to the next level! Huge thank you goes to everyone who put their mind and talent into participating, and found courage and passion to submit! Ashley Wood 1:1 Character Photography Contest winners are:

  • x43x
  • Abex44
  • catawalk
  • between2worlds
  • gloomy
  • pugspaw
  • Darthgothikus

All winners will receive the sketch (naturally by Ashley Wood) of the character they represented. I will contact you all for addresses shortly.

Spend some time and check ALL the other amazing entries here on 3AVOX Facebook page and at this album you can find the extra images.