This Sunday is the day of premieres at our blog, first LOOKBOOK 3A and now excited to present you: Sunday Q&A! The idea is that we will do such Q&A sessions with Ashley Wood as regular, as possible and ideally few times per month. Of course it depends largely on Ashley Wood's time schedule and amount of original and interesting questions you will be sending us. So, if you have interesting and original question (e.g. not when certain figures are shipping) on your mind, please send them to or use "Ask" thread at threeA forum.

Without further ado, here we go:

Q: Can you please share some info on new Les Mort figure? How different is it going to be from old one? A: Future Mort will land one day as part of the AK line, the skull faced characters will pop up more and more in the AK world. Difference will be a Mort that has fought his way back front the future, so he ain't a dandy like the original release!

Q: What's the biggest challenge of making LASSTRANAUT figure, which been in production for a while now? A: Waiting to get it right, like all the figure outside License stuff, its all me and my whims. Lasstranaut is slowly changing and I want to make sure its the right one, not just a figure for the sale of it, could shave sold it 4 years ago but i want to give my best, for me and you. Like Zomb MD, I have had the idea of him for a long time, but only  now was I sure it was 100% right!

Q: Is there a way to maintain certain level of paint / complication on GID fig sculpt without losing the glowing ability of the material? So that the effect would be close to regular figure in day time, but shine a little in the dark ? A: If you add the same amount of say weathering it will lose that GID feel, I have played around with it, and it doesn't look that much different and you lose the reason to make it GID. The GID stuff is a particular fetish, its cool for what it does, I like the pop art feel of it, especially the blue GID. For the GID easy corp, I have then a different approach where there skin is GID and clean but everything else is dirty etc, so it creates a nice contrast in low light etc.

Q: When we might hear what's the story behind Bambalandstore points? A: When we have it all worked out, its just there for now.

Q: Will we ever see Pacific Rim (in metal grey paint application) Berite MK3 or any other WWR figures in Pacific Rim colorway? Will WWRp Bertie MK3.5 makes more appearances? A: I guess it comes down to do enough want it, I have stated I would love to make every colorway for every bot, but alas the support just isn't there to make it always break even affair. Say with the Jungler Armstrong, Im going to make the at as it seems some support, ill take it as a test and if all goes well we will look into more!

Q: About slogans, which could partially reveal WWR backstories: *Why Deep Powder slogan is "frigide hassen" which means "hate cold"? A: I originally conceived it as COLD HATE , guess thats a fail on my dodgy translation.. *Why Iron Panda has slogan "fuck the reds?"  A: MARTIANS are the red, coz they come from a RED planet *What is the meaning of 80 in JEA Marine logo? A: they are part of the 80th corp

Q: Last time in Q&A you gave hints of next Ma.K figure release. Is it still on schedule and when it might hit Bamba? A: Still going, its a long process that all side wants to get 100% right

Q: What were role models / companies which Ashley Wood and Kim Fung Wong used to build and establish 3A? Especially during first and second year. Was it tough to start financially? A: We didn't really think outside of making cool toys, money wasn't a discussion, as it was all poured back into 3A, the thrill of making the toys did and still does outweigh financial concerns. Of course having income outside of toys helps ! Kim and I know that in the end good toys will succeed, sometimes slowly but they will get there, crap toys will be forgotten. Its natures way.

Q: Would 3A ever consider some sort of "design a figure competition"? A: We would and will, lets do it! A 1/6th toy. BUT it cannot have any design elements from 3A or be over the top as it costs a fuckload to dev 1/6th that is simple !  (Gimbat: We will have more details about the contest available later on, stay tuned! )

Q: Will we see other means of transport in WWREvol/AK, other than mentioned bikes and choppers? A: Look, I want these more than anyone, but WWR needs the support, contrary to popular belief we don't make thousands upon thousands of them, to make vehicles requires good support in orders! I have the BERTIE FLYBOY that well transports Berties , the Lindberg , Imagine a manned Armstrong, I have a bike/sidecar combo etc. You know I just need to pushed and prompted, hate to say it, always do like lame record, its just me bumbling along, I forget shit, remind me and ill do my best to push stuff through!

Q: Will we see Modern Girls at Bamba before 2013 ends? A: I was going to, but the bike didn't look god enough I have it right behind me, its just seems undercooked, Im going to redo them, Modern Girls is like LAsstranaut, its matters to me, fuck I could have churned it all out and probably would have have sold with none the wiser, but I know, I gotta sleep with me at night, and thats the rub.

Q: Will there be More DC1.5U at Bambalandstore? A: Do you want them, i Do! Tell me and 3A!!!

Q: Are Martian Soldiers / Marian slogger still on schedule this year? A: Pushing hard, Im trying to make WWR toys better all the time, therefore takes longer. EXILED Rothchild will be the first EVOL fig offered, he is cool and different to the first in many ways, as I mentioned years ago there will be three Rothchild's releases, Exiled is the second!

Q: Will we see rejected prototypes at one of WO3A magazine? And is there a chance to devote one issue showing step by step figure production at Hatchery? A: You will see stuff never released in WO3A, I think it will be one of the interesting parts, but no plans to show how we make stuff in detail, for many reasons from professional secrecy to much isn't visually exciting!

Q: Will you be interested in making Medieval figures with some armor, helmets and stuff like that? A: Only if it has context to a story etc, I can't get into stuff just for the sake of a toy etc.

Q: What will be first WWREvol release and when? A: EXILED ROTHCHILD Soon as possible, but making some calls I'm told it will be a December/Jan fig!

Q: Will we see more 3A Parade figures and more fruits of Swank and 3A collaboration? Will 3A consider making more urban vinyl figures and perhaps cooperation with some fashion companies? A: PARADE will indeed be offering more fashion and urban fashion figures. Fruit, well I don't know, the Apple isn't just a throw away fruit, but the APPLE from EDEN, so its a DARK APPLE or LIGHT APPLE, depending on what side you stand! PARADE will be almost separate line, 3A imprint if you will. We will be working with established clothing companies and developing our own.. Just because I wear  black tshirt and shorts, doesn't mean I have no interest in fashion!

Q: WWR JEA fractions has almost all types of bots, does it indicate that JEA Marine play key role? A: JEA is a MARINE CORP, equipped to to handle most situations in a rapid way, they are the US's premier MARINE CORP in the WWR world. I love JEA, but I'm going to introduce a new CORP in the EVOL storyline, a more HOMELAND centric version, where JEA hung in the PACIFIC more.

Q: Will 3A have the show in Hong Kong next year? A: I think HK has had enough, we are interested in spreading the wings beyond where we have had them, Japan, Europe, USA etc. Soon as stuff is nailed down we will shout about it!