Welcome to second Sunday Q&A session with Ashley Wood. If you have an interesting and original question (e.g. not when certain figures are shipping) on your mind, please send them to or use "Ask" thread at threeA forum.

Q: Can we please have photos or more info of MK2 Berties that are coming with N.O.M Field Commanders? A: Nope, not yet!

Q: Where do you draw your daily inspiration from? How did you come up with dark World War Robot world? A: I don't look at other fictional works anymore, I listen to music, watch in search of dvds as my main inspiration!

Q: Who is your most favorite Popbot character? A: Kitty.

Q: With WWREvol almost upon us, will we see Rothchild in WWRp? A: I hope so! But the 1/6th new Rothchild will happen before that.

Q: WWRp Squares massive pack is still happening? A: I think so, just getting onto the schedule.

Q: Will WWR weapons & accessory pack, which is still in the works transits to WWREvol now? A: yup EVOL AMMO DROP SET.

Q: Will we see Popbot Slicer TQ and perhaps more Popbot Slicer TKs? A: TQ's re not slicers, there is a heavy Slicer TK coming.

Q: Can you please reveal more about next 7Bones character? A: Well it was gonna be a chunky body TK, but that has taken so long, so I might move on to speed the 7B up!

Q: Will there be an option at Bambalandstore, for people who want to make bulk purchase of EVENFALL TOTEM T.H.U.G suits to customize? A: Maybe Ill offer a MODEL HACKERS SET, Ill figure it out. The OSM series will continue soon with the ZERO G THUG !

Q: How is MARS initiative going? Are you satisfied with talent response to it? A: Its a work in progress, should shave some news to share soon.

Q: Is threeA interested in Half-life license? A: We have it, Freeman and set soon.

Q: What's next for MGS and threeA collaboration after RAY? Would be great to see Ashley Wood's Cyborg Ninja. A: Some cool news on that soon.

Q: How is the writing and art coming along for Beautiful War?  Will it come out in volumes, or a one and done complete novel? A: IDW the publisher want a single volume or at worst two large volumes, so I'm kinda stuck toiling away with TP.

Q: A nurse figure will be coming out with Zomb MD, but any word on War Nurse Jessica in the WWR line? Any hints on if it will be a standard nurse, or something off-the-wall like the Supreme NOM Mother? A: You will have to see, Jessica is happening too, EVOL NURSE.. thats sounds cool to me.

Q: EVENFALL themed 3AA package or any clues about upcoming 3AA 2014 membership? A: Well I have an idea, actually a lot, does a EVENFALL theme jive with you cats ?

Q: Will you consider offering more carded t-shirts at Bambalandstore? Or perhaps threeA themed hats or tote bags, like are used at the events? Would love to rock such a bag during shopping! A: I'm hoping to offer a shirt a month, some say offer white shirts, but doesn't just make an easy target at night! I think a bag would be cool… LASSTRABAG!