And here is our third session with Ashley Wood, I hope you guys are enjoying it as much, as I do. And if you want these sessions to keep happening, please submit your interesting and original questions to ; use "Ask" thread at 3A forum or you can submit your questions via messages at our 3AVOX Facebook page

Q: What's behind the name Popbot? Is it something from your past? Is the 'Pop' short for something? A: POPBOT is a term for computer networks, plus its the word POP. I'm a fan of POP artists as well. It seemed natural to put POP with BOT , bot obviously short for ROBOT.

Q: Will we see Isobelle in 1/12th scale? A: nope

Q: Is WWR Oscar still on your radar or Bertie MK3 will remain biggest threeA bot? A: SUPPORT is all I need!

Q: With making horror classics, like Zomb and Mumbs (and possible Dracula fig) is there a chance for AK Bigfoot? A: Well the Zomb and Mumb have a reason to be there, not just monsters for monsters sake, the Bigfoot is cool, as its so dumb, but as of yet there are no plans !

Q: Would you ever give us the option for an art themed 3AA Member pack?  Instead of a toy, offer up say Fuck-It #5 instead?  Add in a Fuck-It shirt and a Fuck-It tote, maybe a print, plus the card and discount of course. There could be a toy option as well for the vinyl fiends. A: The cost of making the set always outweighs the price, and making different versions would kill us. Just buy FI5 , ill make a FUCK IT tote if people want it!

Q: Can you please give us an update about Popbot #9 and WWR Deluxe book? A: Work is done on one, the other carries on, but as they are published by IDW I have to play by other rules.

Q: Will we see new Tomorrow Queens outside of TKLUB bonus fig? A: YES!!!! Early 2014, and in TKLUB 2014.

Q: Will Harold bots be offered again via Bamba or retail? A: Retail, will see a new range…sometime.

Q: How soon Jungler Armstrong (which we raised support for) might become available at Bambalandstore? A: Ha, funny, the only sample is in my warehouse.. I gotta find, photograph it and put it on bamba. The last of the Armstrong mk1! so, soon as I can, WF yo!

Q: How are Microman going? I can't wait to get my hands on 'em! A: We are looking at a November sale, I would love to show you guys, but Takara runs the show, and rightly so!

Q: Very excited after another EVENFALL reveal at ACG in Guangzhou. How close are these 1/6th scale figures to production and which one might be first? A: Alien goes on sale in November, then the suit should be close behind in the new year, TOTEM will be a major line for us, I'm excited about it!

Q: Any chance that you can acquire "Pacific Rim" movie license? threeA would nail those juggernauts! A: No plans yet, great designs though !

Q: Are any Lore comic figures currently in the works and if they are, which ones are they? A: Yes, actually, Jennifer and Johnathan.

Q: Will we see classic WWR factions in WWREvol as well? Like EMGY, Medic, DW &NW and others? A: Those factions and many more actually fad or become outlaws, EMGY is disbanded due to their high death rate of civilians and and become a guerrilla unit, DW  and NW become NOM factions as we know already, MEDIC is always medic, but in EVOl there isn't much time to save the injured !

Q: Are you going to continue Duo Star Racers comic? A: Well DUOSTAR needs to be right, I have figures and vehicles in my office, but not right and therefore I cannot ask people to support it. Maybe ill work with a creative partner on it, I think on this daily!