It's Sunday here, so it's time for another Sunday Q&A session with Ashley Wood. As before, below you will find a good number of questions (sent by fans) and answered by Ashley. If you want these sessions to keep happening, please go with one of the ways to submit your interesting and original questions to ; use "Ask" thread at 3A forum or you can submit your questions via messages at our 3AVOX Facebook page

This time I added some links in various places, so people who just discovering us, could understand the questions better. And hey, if you have questions about our figures, never hesitate to ask and I'll be happy to help.

Q: Will we see a Tomorrow Queen and King two-pack set in the future? A: I was thinking about that, I would say early new year, a covert team etc, or sum in like that, maybe a couple, a rare moment of love in a terrible time!

Q: What's the story behind Shit Got Real JC? Is he on fucking Robot Island fighting robots, must be harder than fighting Zombs hence "shit got real" for JC. Is that what you had in mind as well? And will we see other "SHIT GOT REAL" versions of AK characters or is that just a JC thing? A: It's the next phase of JC's life, as he believes a harder stance is needed as there are too many zombis, mumbs and other crazy shit!

Q: I'm always curious about knowing more about Adventure Kartel characters, are for instance Cold Dick and Bleak Mission the same and Flakey Frost / Little shadow, what about Snow Paw? A: Mostly the name changes occur when they are doing shit they don't want to be known or pinned for! I really wanna show you guys what I have in my head,  just takes time, hang in there with me!

Q: Will one or both sides of TKLUB Ronin Oya Suns collar be able to open with velcro, so he can be displayed with head visible and collar flat around neck? Can you please reveal / hint more about Ronin Oya Sun? A: You can remove the whole collar thingy, or position as you like, its rather nifty, and with some thought many combos can be attained, ill get more images out showing this before the sale. Sun and Moon represent a shift or rather flaw in the TK genetic line, becoming more individual as they grow older, hence the need for G2 TK, coming after Sun!

Q: The Grunts is know to be the cheapest weapon on the battlefield and bots (especially big ones) are the most expensive. Is there something in-between in WWR world, let's say combining wounded humans and broken robots? In war recycling could mean profit as well? A: Well Rothchild like robots, the idea of a combo, or say giving a crippled solider robotic legs doesn't fly, the drop cloth is the logical middle ground , but it makes sense business size for Rothchild to keep both worlds separate. EVOL wil show how he has to evolve and change his methods though !

Q: Any chance of a reprint of the AK Primer for new guys and gals or big Adventure Kartel book with old and new stories? A: YES, actually something cool real soon, very bit of stuff so far, and new!

Q: Do you love Transformers? any chance for us to see 3A x Transformers in the future? A: mmm …

Q: Will you consider expanding your Real Steel license, to make remaining fighting robots? A: We are making them all if you guys support it, Noisy  Boy is coming up this month, or early Nov.

Q: Can you please elaborate about C.O.O or hint what does it change potentially for threeA and Legion? A: C>O>O is a manifesto for 3A, and me, the meaning will be revealed later as its too broadly interpreted, 3A isn't a normal company driven by normal things!

Q: Will there ever be AK 1:1 scale heads release or perhaps new 1:1 kitties? A: Yes to heads, and new kitties!!! As we manifest on this plain, totems are needed, as a way to show where you stand !

Q: What can we expect from TKLUB going forward, realistically might it work out to about six figures a year, or will it always be unpredictable? Will for instance we see a pack of three original TK t-shirts in 1:1 scale and etc. A: Yea, I don't wanna work to a plan, the figures that are released are basically my internal story I have for TK's, but I think a t-shirt pack of original TK shirts is cool, we will mix it up when it seams apt!

Q: Do characters like the Golden Zombot, Lemon Guard, or the Downside among others exist in physical form at least like in a drawing or sketch? Or are they just mental amoebas still trying to take shape? A: Golden Zombot is real, already ! Lemon guard too, the Downside is a buddy of the Golden Dolphin, maybe the most fucked up character in the entire Adventure Kartel world!

Q: How do the Strigoi Aliens (from EVENFALL) feed on their victims? If they indeed feed/lifedrain. A: You will see!

Q: Can you please share any details about movies based on your Intellectual property, which are in production, like Popbot, WWR, Lore and Zombies vs Robots? A: Popbot is going well, we have many attached but until we have it locked, it just continues in pre-production and such, we have quite a lot to show for our time, but me and Ford are looking at making a film that well defies what you can do, or why bother! Lore is going well too, and there should due some info soon, but thats a Warner Bros thing, ZvR is looking for a director last I heard, I guess I'm not cool enough to do it! WWR is in a similar position to ZvR!

Q: Would you ever consider putting out painting tutorials, or behind the scenes toy designing videos? Or perhaps some insights shared in WO3A? A: I will show toy designs and how they start and how I work with Siu to get them into your hands etc. Its kinda fun, trick is showing it so its looks interesting!

Q: We know that you are constantly drawing, whether it's in the sketchbook, napkins or anything else which is around. Do you keep all your drawings or just the ones made in sketchbooks? How many sketchbooks you go through per year? A: I have many sketchbooks, loose pages, this and that, I'm pretty OCD for drawing and cut through literally 1000's of pieces of paper a year. Though many look like shit, some are looking great and I see no reason to slow down as one day my hand and eyes won't be in sync! I might take another photo of the latest drawings on the floor for my blog, thanks for the idea!

Q: When we might hear some background stories about two new Squares shown at ACG? A: Well the blue and white FAT CLOUD one is data tower on legs, they roam around giving better coverage of the FAT CLOUD data system, which is used by most peeps on earth, of course its a ROTCHILD company! FREMANTLE Square is a dock worker from the port of well.. FREMANTLE.

Q: I was a big fan of the clear boxes with a slip case some of the 1/6th figures use to come in like Tracey TQ, is there any chance that these will ever be used again? Maybe even for Isobelle? A: Yes, actually I'm a fan, hence the SWANK stuff !!!

Q: Will Bear Pasha be offered as singles only or perhaps there would be an option to buy 2pack / 3pack? A: Well I dunno actually, normally I figure that shit out on the day I make an ad, I have not heard from the Pascha ether whats the best way, though a 3 pack would due nice, maybe in clear boxes etc….