It's Sunday here, so it's time for our regular thingy: Sunday Q&A session with Ashley Wood! Below you will find a good number of questions (sent by fans) and naturally answered by Ashley. If you want these sessions to keep happening, please go with one of the ways to submit your interesting, original and not asked before questions to ; use "Ask" thread at 3A forum or you can submit your questions via messages at our 3AVOX Facebook page

Like last time, I added some links in various places, so people who just discovering us, could hopefully understand the questions better. And hey, if you have questions about our figures, never hesitate to ask and I'll be happy to help.

Q: Will there every be any kind of lighting effects put on the robots from World War Robot universe or the new World Best Robots? A: If they make sense, yup!

Q: Will we see a parasite/vamp/alien in the EVENFALL OSM series? Also any chance the next 0g T.H.U.G suit will include a unpainted pvc pilot figure to stand next to it etc.? A: If there is demand for OSM yes, there will be all the TOTEM characters, from THUG to pilot, the OSM is the Zero G THUG, we shall see how it does.

Q: Is HALO Master Chief dropping this year? A: Fingers crossed, I want that one a lot!

Q: Can you please tell us a bit of the story about Ronin TK Moon and Ronin Oya Sun, how their life was different, why Oya Sun has SUP-Bomb and etc. Any info will be appreciated! A: Not enough room to put down why they chose to leave the path, and it kinda gives a large part of the mystery of TK away... one day.

Q: Are you gonna make a villain version of Auroral or any Isobelle figures? She looks always so smiley and happy, so perhaps there is a chance of seeing evil and angry expression on her face? A: Well Kreigstein is coming and Cray ( male characters ), they make trouble, but Pascha is always happy, as she always comes out on top...

Q: Are there plans for Mortis figures in the near future? A: When we have the technique thats needed, Lasstranaut is helping with that at the moment!

Q: Any chance that we might see those 3A Parade x Swank apples at Bambalandstore? A: The apples are called AUTUMN APPLES and yes there will be a big Apple and t-shirt offered soon, actually its good to go, so soon!

Q: Can you please elaborate about World Best Robots line, whether it's part of Popbot or on it's own now and will we see an articulated Brambleton Hardacre as part of WBR? A: WBR is a separate universe, its evolved from my original idea into something much bigger and more fun, the first Robot to be offered is MARS, he is 24" tall, my nod to the awesome SHOGUN WARRIOR 24" figs of old! Each robot has a specific job etc, it takes years to get from my mind and solidify, but its very soon for a debut.

Q: With latest releases, we are seeing Tomorrow Kings in more mature / older age. Will we see an older version of the Slicer Kyu or others? And we still have the fire burning for Archer TK (any info would be appreciated as well)! A: YUP, the original genetic line is aging, failing an the powers that introduce G2 TK's from a different bloodline, they look a little different etc...  Archer TK and baby TK is in the works, part of the new TKLUB TQ promo if all goes well!

Q: With the release of Cold Merde circa 1936, will there be other figures around the 1936 storyline? A: I would like too, Merde's partner, Oyster Doubleshot, the Princeps bot would be cool. Merde is the catalyst for all the crazy, he kinda went where no one ever should!

Q: What AK Cardboard Cathedral consists of now (or it's still the same idea) and what we need to do, to make it happen? A: Well I need a cardboard engineer I guess, I have the design, but making into a product that just works is tricky, I want my JC to reside in the AC !

Q: We remember that you were on the hunt for old-school toys few years ago. What toys do you collect these days and do you need any help from Legion? A: 24" SHOGUN WARRIORS BOXED, still love MEGO.. always need help, toy sourcing is an art!

Q: What artists would you be interested to collaborate to produce their IP into toys? Mike Mignola's Hellboy maybe, wink - wink? A: Mike knows we are there whenever he needs it, I'm so busy managing and designing my own, and the handful of licensed Ip, its make it very hard to think of any others... for now!

Q: Would you consider making VON5 from Popbot? A: Yup, 5 Bros are on the table, and  new Popbot.

Q: With answering on "Pacific Rim" and "Transformers" question, you opened the gates of hell! How about doing robots from "I, Robot" or "District 9" robots & aliens or perhaps now classic Johnny Five from "Short Circuit" (please say yes to Johnny Five!)?! A: I love all robots! We have a few surprises for you guys, we are working on stuff not mentioned~

Q: With all the sketching lately, have you had a chance to do any sketches for the Cosplay contest winners? And what's with all the straight and perfectly cut boards lately?  Where are the fucked up edges that are pain in the ass to frame? A: I have nearly done them ,  the office ask me daily, really... they aint that straight, I was just trying to match two boards, and they are fucked up!.. I think the reason for better edges is, I use a jigsaw thingy now, I used a box cutter before, im getting more pro as I get older..

Q: Since mostly old generation WWR factions were disbanded, can you give a hint which new faction will be a major and unstoppable force in EVOL world? A: Its between NOM and EARTH COALITION in the short term, EC have a new company to goto for bot, NOM suck down more smoke, and the Martians just watch and wait, something along those lines.

Q: Are you planning releasing another WWRp one colourway set (like Frosty Choads or Under the Bed Red set back in the day)? A: I would love too!

Q: Since both Lemon Guard and Golden Zombot exist – can you please make all AK fans happy and show us the blurry? Or artist sketch perhaps or one of DOWNSIDE? A: I think Lemon guard was seen, ill try and dig up Golden, I kinda have a large issue with too much stuff... WF Armstrong is still MIA, so wanna offer him!

Q: Halloween is almost upon us…so will Zombkin or Hotfoot SURPRISE rise up or Milky Ghosts is all what we are going to see? A: MILKYS for now, we had another fig, but alas it wont make the cut.....sigh Milkys are great, nothing else is needed !

Q: Now a tricky question, we know that you always have some secrets up in your sleeve…so what is the most kept secret which are you the most excited to reveal in 2014? A: Well it wouldn't be a secret if we told !