Last Sunday was exceptionally busy in the 3A realm, so instead of Sunday Q&A session...we are bring you MONDAY one! As you can see, this session is the most saturated yet and I hope you guys enjoy it and will show your appreciation, by sending even more questions for me to go through. Please send your questions to ; use "Ask" thread at 3A forum or you can submit your questions via messages at our 3AVOX Facebook page

Q: I would like to know more about M.O.D, and why they become the only real threat to N.O.M? A: Because MOD have no agenda or restriction, just a bunch of smart people, doing what they do. These guys are like game pirates from the 80's, showing off, doing the impossible, cracking Rothchild encryption, getting off on be in an elite club etc.

Q: Any chance you can confirm that Lasstranaut is going to be sold sooner, rather than later? Got my 3AA all set so I can buy every possible variation I can get my hands on!! A: Lasstranut is being ushered through the veil as I type, she will bring her love and star to our universe soon.

Q: Can we please get a clarification, which of the future TKlub releases is going to be the next generation TK or the new body TQ? A: Well the next TKLUB isnt a 10" TQ, the G2 HEAVY SLIVER is... big sword etc.

Q: Will there be any young character other than baby Tomorrow King, coming with Archer? Kids or teenagers Lil Shadow? A: Well we have smaller female bodies and male bodies now, we have had a large female body for a while, just need the right character and moment!

Q: Are you currently working on any unnamed comics & art-books that will see publication? Either through his publishing from threeA, or another publisher, like IDW. Looking so much forward to sit down and getting lost in a great Ashley Wood comic story. A: Always, but I have no plans for actual release dates, coz shit takes longer than I ever think, stuff will just pop up.. the next book from 3A comic wise is the AK SHIT HOT ADVENTURE ANNUAL, which takes all the comics so far and new stuff, with art etc... its a fun hardcover!

Q: Will we ever see MGS Rex and Ray in a smaller scale like? After seeing Lost Planet 2 models in 1/12th everything should be possible. A: I guess anything is possible, need to get RAY out in December and see, but no plans as of yet.

Q: Are there any CAPCOM Lost Planet aliens, or Jungle enemies in the work? A: Yes, the line needs your support to get there though!

Q: Have you played the video game Bioshock, and if so would you ever try to make a Big Daddy, or Handy Man, or even the Song Bird with a 3A custom colorway? A: I have played all the Bioshock, years ago I was asked to try for a job as art director with the team, I sometimes think what could have been, though they certainly have done great and don't need me.. they already have toys though I think?

Q: When can we get a shot at the Ankou Sentry in 1/12th scale? Skinny Drown needs to happen. A: What, didnt we sell these?... ahh such a pro company!!

Q: Will we see again Tomorrow King with wide body in the future and if yes, does he have a name? A: Yes, he is called Gurn-ika.. just making sure the body is right etc.. Fat TK is awesome, he wears it well!

Q: I have couple of Adventure Kartel figures on my mind right now, do you have any updates on AKLUB Zomb MD & Nurse set (date and price preferably)? And the same for AK Peppermint Grove. A: Peppermint is November, Zomb MD is December if sample is ready, its a set, with his assistant Nursey.

Q: We know where Adventure Kartel Tommy Mission learned combat from, but where did Bleak and Merde learn it? A: Tommy uses brute force, no skills, he just is rather strong and not a normal human to say the least ( cmon he has a glowing severed hand to start), Merde is old school, ex army, semi professional boxer, good with his hands etc. Merde is the last of the normal Missions.

Q: How do you stay organized?  I mean with all the projects you have going on, the contests, the events, the sales, family, etc...let alone the creative ideas that I'm sure pop in your head...Do you keep lists?..A to do list...A goal list...this is what I'm going to project myself to do this year list...What motivates you?..What drives you?..When the going gets tough, what keeps you keeping on?..What keeps your juices flowing?..Do you ever wish you could work in an organization that you didn't have to manage, but still had the freedom to do your own thing?..I mean does it ever get difficult to do what you do?..I'm sure it's challenging otherwise you'd get bored and probably not be doing it?.. A: I'm driven by the need to create, its not a case of wanting, or doing, but NEED. I have worked in companies but I dont play well unless, I have 100% freedom which I believe is a natural state for anyone. I know many love editors, art directors etc, but not me, I see everything on the same level as making a painting, I dont ask for direction or advice on that, why would I ask anywhere else... I want you too have a 100% thing, for better or worse... I also love what I do, to be able to make from war robots, to pascha, is a dream situation, not one I take for granted so I show the respect! I think on an artistic level, I have taken a lot of inspiration from Warhol, or what I believe Warhol did. As in making art not just a picture you can hang, but adding to that, the toys, the books, the comics are all parts of the same picture, the stories I weave with my toys are as important as anything draw or paint, the small bit of text on ads, and packaging etc --- its my lifes artistic work, it is just my path.

Q: I was wondering if we might see anything like the XXXmas TQ's this Christmas coming, or something along those lines ? A: Maybe, we shall try!

Q: Is there any chance that your comics like WWR, ZvR or Popbot can have a Chinese version released by 3A publishing (or IDW)? I'm sure that fans from China and Taiwan are getting more excited after several successful exhibitions. A: Well it will take a Chinese publisher to approach us, the translate a comic well take a lot of skill and something we cant do at the moment, I personally would love to see Chinese language versions!

Q: Can you break down a typical day for you. With all of your endeavors and being pulled this way and that, how do you manage your family time? Is your studio where you get most of the work done?  Painting, designing, writing?  All in the same day?  Or do you go there with a single purpose depending on the day? A: I get up and take care of family and business, simple as that!

Q: Will we ever see figures in WWR, AK, or Popbot representing other ethnicities, like Black, Hispanic, Native American or any other? A: I think to do it right would require me working with said Hispanic or Native American to get it right etc. I guess its more natural and easy to make figures based on intimate knowledge of ones own culture, or close by surrogate cultures.

Q: I know there has been work being done on The Beautiful War but would you be able to elaborate on how much this new book is going to relate to or tie in with WWR plot, if at all ? A: Its all new, no relation at all to anything we have done before at 7174, no robots...gah!

Q: Can you please give us some additional information on Ghost Nage, is he a Loper? A: Ghost Nage isnt a loper, its by product of the Underverse, he kinda looks and becomes a ghost, existing between the present universe and the Underverse. the Mortis have finally moved on from grey TK looking bots, to more devious simulacrum now.

Q: Any chance that Severed Foot from Re-Venture and sold at Levine exhibition of your art,  would make it to Bambalandstore one day? A: You mean Leg, well no, that leg was a one time only affair, I have a couple left to finish painting and thats that, I have a new severed leg, Ill show it soon..and the leg...BOOM BOOM

Q: Since I've already got some of your art on my phone as a wallpaper, I wouldn't mind also having your art on my phone case. It's not only a good way to please us longtime fans, specially the ones not able to afford/score a print/original but also getting more exposure to gain some new ones. I know you like to do things on your own but have you considered using companies like X (name removed) or similar, who take care of all the logistics for you, you could easily get a couple of designs going asap, I'd buy them all! A: Ok, ill have Brent Ashe make some and see if we can get them available.

Q: Anything new to tell us on WO3A and when it's hitting the stores? A: Working on it, just Brent Ashe and me, soon as we can get it out!

Q: Is Nabler Generation two still coming, how different it will be? A: Yup soon, the ew year I think, early.

Q: Ash, when I meet you at Comic Con what would you like on your pizza? A: Peperoni, anchovies and tomato.. ill be waiting.