Hope you guys are having a nice weekend! Here, we are back to our Sunday Q&A routine and for the next week, please send your interesting and original questions directly to ; use "Ask" thread at threeA forum or you can submit your questions via messages at our 3AVOX Facebook page. Q: How soon are we going to see villains from AK and Popbot? Do I understand correctly that TK Hunter is going to be first? A: TK Hunter, then Sweeper bot, they work with the Hunter in the field. I will release a Mortis once we have a loverly skinned female body, as they don't wear clothes, they have to be kinda on point! Also working on the shitheels that the Blind cowboy is hunting, there will be 13 of them, plus the TK themselves become enemies of each other! Work has started on the 5 brothers too. You guys support my lines, ill deliver the gear, thats a promise, this whole show only works because your support.. And Misty Slush soon, she is kinda a villain, depending on your point of view.

Q: Do Grunts have direct Commanders on the field and what is there chain of command? For example were NOM Field Commanders stand in the chain and their ranks. A: The Earth's human force function very similar to traditional armies, officers, sarge, etc. NOM field commander are around 6th in the chain, Supreme Nom is top, then 4 steps to NOM field commanders.

Q: Can we get a teaser shot of AK Zomb MD and Nurse? Is Nurse a Zombie? A: No way, surprise!

Q: Will we be seeing more of Kuan ti Plume and Barguest de Plume in WWR Evol? Will we be seeing any more 'fallen' NOM agents? A: Ha, I thought you guys were like, no more Ash, I want to release all of them. Fuck we gotta do one asap!

Q: How are Supanova Adelaide Iso's gonna be released, will there be a certain amount each day or will they be gone by the Friday. Also will there be any other cool stuff available such as tee's, prints or books. And lastly how small a run is piss weak, and what's the chance of getting Ash to draw on a skateboard at the signing? A: You know, I don't know, I kinda have no idea if any one cares about 3A or me in Adelaide will play it by ear, im kinda sure ill be sitting with toys at the end of the show looking like  sad fuck... pissweak means smallest run for any Pascha so far. I will have a free poster, and ill draw on a skateboard, fuck why not !

Q: I know Hobson and Dolch got the write out from WWR, but is there chance we will see them surface in another storyline? A: OH NO THEY DIDN'T< IN FACT YOU WILL SEE THEIR BERTIE KILLER SOON!

Q: Any idea how much we need to save for MGS Ray in December? Can't wait for the price announcement. A: Well, if you divide what it has cost to develop, times stress, time,  divide by 3D output, I would say... Actually we don't know, we will nail down in November, im as eager as you to know! But I can say its a cool ass toy, and now Rex will have something to fight!

Q: Do you have any updates for us about AK Zomb Anthology book by Legion for charity? A: Er pull my finger out, i love the book, so many cool illo's... feels guilty..

Q: Are we going to see more heavily tattoo'd TK's/Interlopers like Oyaloper in the future? A: YES, there is a storm coming to the TK world!

Q: Being that 1/12th molded robot hands were made with the Action Portable Finger Gang, do you think we'll ever see molded robot hands in 1/6 scale? could probably make them less blocky and more streamlined by using human sculpts and just adding the robotic details on to them so that they look more like your paintings/drawings? A: Maybe, never really thought about it.

Q: Mine question is concerning TKLUB #3 EDO set. I noticed that Blue EDO has a blue colored flick gun, so curious if Red EDO Commander and TKLUB #3 EDO set are colored matched as well? Also will they be in a two pack box set or individual boxes with posters of each? A: Red EDO does indeed have red gun! And yes the EDO two pack has two boxes!

Q: I was wondering if there are any news on a new print for Bambalandstore, being produced soon? A: Oh yea, we are preparing a 10 poster set, to be released soon only on Bamba, its cool, ill have some info this week on the blog!

Q: I like to pose figures with others that are part of a specific scene. Can you tell us who/what JC was fighting when Shit Got Real? A: Zomb MD, and the MUNT ZOMB, they will come your way soon!

Q: What is the role of the Gravedigger colorway? Do they actually dig graves for the dead, or are they inspiring fear? A: Its a WOOO WE ARE SCARY KINDA NAME. The GRAVE DIGGERS "were" renown for getting the job done, until they didnt, which in fact gave them more of a mythic quality. That story will be told.

Q: Since the Armstrongs are smarter than other bots, do they ever act as commanders for Brambles, Berties or Dropcloths? Are there bot engineers to fix damaged robots? A: Well Smarter is a fuzzy term, it all depends on what rank the bots are pulling, and what version their software is and what experience they have! The AI software is content aware, the more battles it participates in, the more experienced the bot becomes, this in turn gives way to the bots having different positions of rank in their groups etc.

Q: Will there be any further Action Portable Tomorrow Kings and Adventure Kartel figures? I'm focusing on 1/12th scale collectibles and would love to have more. A: Yea, but the size needs support, they cost a lot to develop and make, the smaller size is hard work! You want more, help us out and tell people about them! We at 3A do much for sake of doing it, long as we break even, thats the main  goal, keep the lights on to make more cool figures!

Q: Will the retail Harolds come with different accessories, like an ever elusive 1/6 Gatling gun...on a Harold! I think you can imagine how Goldin Dolphin flippin awesome that would be. A: We shall see, not making any announcements until the Harolds ship, we are putting Harold energy into that.. and trust me, that takes a shit load of energy..

Q: How big are the transport devices for the robots? Something must be huge to transport a 1/6 robot, or does it offer only 1/12 transport services? I know you need some help with getting them out on Bambaland, so if it helps you can tell Rothchild that I'll take two of everything. A: I have a Bertie transport and Dropcloth sidecar bike etc for 1/12th, but yea, we are powered by your passion and if you want it, make some noise!!

Q: Is Marian slogger still in the works or it's for the new WWR EVOL chapter? A: Yes, I want to focus on the Martians a lot next year, EVOL on all points!

Q: My question is whether you might consider making a Popbot robot severed leg and/or arm? Currently, we have the heads. And severed robot legs and arms, would be great to pose with 1/6 TKs and TQs. A: That might be cool, ill try an experiment see what its like!

Q: I was interested, is there an Action Portable Zomb wave 2 in the works? A: There will be a new AK 1/12th wave coming soon, all different characters carded for retailers.. in a cool display box, kinda like how we sold the original Squares back in the day!

Q: Is upcoming AK SHIT HOT ADVENTURE ANNUAL will be published by 3A or IDW? A: Thats actually gonna be a tshirt, but yes there is a AK book collecting all the stuff up till now plus new material in the new year, published by 3A.