I want to welcome you to eight Sunday Q&A session with Ashley Wood, it's unbelievable how fast time flies! Few people approached me and shared how Sunday Q&A became part of their weekly routine, when they pour some coffee, distance themselves from all the worries and intently get to reading. To lift a curtain a bit, that's close to what I do, when Ashley answers on questions and send them back to me. Now back to our Sunday routine...If you want a chance for your question to be featured in next one/ones, please send your interesting and original questions directly to or use "Ask" thread at threeA forum or you can submit your questions via messages at our 3AVOX Facebook page.

Q: Do you have any rough idea of what the exclusive drop for ToyCon 2014 will be like? A punk or mod themed figure would be sweet! A: I think you will be happy then!

Q: I have the Sorrento Assault print purchased from Ashley Wood's gallery website and was wondering if there is any backstory to this piece? Also, are there plans to ever release a 1/6 of this (obviously, supremely badass) TK? I, for one, would be extremely interested in owning one to compliment the print. Coming to Sorrento Assault, does the TK have an 8 or zero on the back of his jersey (or some other character)? A: From memory, its the 8baller logo, Tk's love the 8baller brand, you know what would be cool, a figure and the platform! Maybe a TKLUB 2014 release, better get your 3AA on in Jan!

Q: Will you ever consider making a MOD character ? I mean a real MOD Char not the hacked robot by MOD and does Darwin Rothchild live completely alone ? Doesn't he has any family or wife or girlfriend around him? A: I have one, but he is kinda simple, looks like a guy with a laptop and caffeine infused beverage! Maybe a WWRKLUB release for 2014! Rothchild lives very alone, his family was found wanting in his eyes at an early age, they all passed away shortly after from obscure accidents! He never had a girlfriend, maybe it would have helped!

Q: Do you have any news for us, regarding Iron Man or maybe other licensed figures from Marvel? A: Iron Man on sale December, then Doom, Spidey and Ultron!

Q: Have there been any developments with the highly anticipated 3A x Kenny Wong Sea Monkey recently? A: Very soon, the  Sea Monkey looks awesome and is done from I have seen!

Q: I have an intense passion for steampunk wings with copper, brass, leather...those sort of things. Have you ever thought of incorporating wings on your robots or other figures? Maybe an alternate universe with a medieval/victorian Experimental Rothchild division? Maybe incorporate time travel in the WWR story? A: I like me some steampunk too, but my designs are kinda just what they are, I don't really think, mmm I need to do this, or so something like that etc. I have a story about knights I wanna do, that i think is kinda cool, so maybe!

Q: Will Rothchild ever participate in the battle, wearing a MECH suit, like a boss fight? A: Well you will see the new Rothchild soon, he is entering his CHE period now!

Q: Is Noir de Plume and the Dirty Deeds the final chapter of Nom de Plumes story in WWR? A: No very early on, the first act if you will!

Q: Are we going to see new Dropcloths in 2014? As in design or colorways? A: Retail will see new colorways of the 1.5 Dropcloth. A new design I dunno..

Q: Are figures from M+M book/Universe still happening? A: In my head!, I have 2/3rds of the second book done, this is the first bit of interest i have in years, I didnt think anyone really cared...sniff sniff.

Q: With the return of H&D will there be powered suits in WWR? Or will they be a rival robot manufacturer and you will explore powered armor suits in EVENFALL? A: RIVAL ROBOTS for H&D, their company moto is, PUTTING CLASS BACK INTO WAR. They are opposite to Rothchild in every way, except the joy of cash and death! No robots in EVENFALL, all powered suits etc..for now.

Q: When will we see the 1/6 Bertie MK2 and will there be a version with classic machete and heads or maybe a new WARBOT? And slightly related question, is there a chance we'll see a WWR Bertie Mk3.5 with the insanely cool revolvers? We've seen the Harold with the optional guns / arms, is it possible to do something like that with said Bertie MK3.5: battle damaged arm, parts / non battle damaged arm parts? A: Well I guess anytime... we have it! I think there will be a few options, with different weapons etc. Early in the new year they be unleashed !

Q: I love the concept of Isobelle and Lizbeth doing cosplay, like bear, astronaut, and even TQ, maybe in the future we will see them cosplaying as De Plume? Sounds a bit weird, but might be cool. A: Nope thats a good idea, send me more ideas! Even if they are not 3A related cosplay. The Lizbeth cosplay is a great toy, sad but maybe of the best TQ, and not even a TQ!

Q: Will WWR ever see bots/troops for aquatic or naval combat? A: Robots and water dont get on well, but I would like to see a navy Seal type soldier etc...

Q: Do you still have plans for 1/32th scale mini-figures or the idea shifted and transformed into EVENFALL OSM? A: OSM ( stands for One Sheet Model) is the name of the model range that we do with GOODSMILE CO, there are upcoming WWR and POPBOT models, small and fun!

Q: Once you mentioned that Lasstranaut was being "ushered through the veil". Is there any chance she is coming with a Bot Head or something just for her from which to perch beautifully on? A: Well ill say it here, she id the 2014 3AA, we will also offer the LASSTRALANDER soon after. Its a really nifty LASS themed 3AA.. Figure, book, tshirt, all wrapped up in a cool Brent Ashe design thingy!

Q: Will we see more of the Big Red and Kruschev Memorial Guard colorways in the future? I want to see the new 1.5 droppie with a hammer and sickle accessory! A: I must read you guys wrong, I didn't think anyone dug the new droppy, but I keep getting asked for more, shit knows what else i'm missing : )

Q: I've just spent a long time posing my Pathfinder Oya TK Ōno, and realized I really don't know much about him. I went looking for information, but there doesn't seem to be much out there, is there anything interesting or significant you can share about this character? Is he the only Pathfinder? Also, would it be possible to see bios and in-depth information about existing characters released regularly in the future? Maybe can be regularly covered in WO3A? A: Well WO3A should help in filling in story and info for all Ash IP's. Pathfinder in the UNDERVERSE refers to finding ways to go forward and back in time without being crushed, its a pretty important role, but many TK go mad or go missing doing it! Im not the kinda guy to give to much of a detailed lowdown on anything, I guess its a style thing, not a lack of knowing it ( as anyone who meets me with questions finds out ) just my way of doing it, I blame French cinema for this!

Q: Most of the recent female figures are wearing high heel shoes. Will wee see them wearing (or have them included) chucks or sneakers again, like OG Little Shadow and Queenie? A: If the character wears heels, it heels, if it s sneakers, its sneaker, I dont dictate what they wear, the character does, they whisper to me as I surf the waters of half sleep, and leave messages in steamed up mirrors in train stations etc, pretty standard I hear. Hey, our 3A XMAS BEER girls wear boots!

Q: How's the mighty TK Hunter coming along? Is the color finalized? A: COLORS my friend, the MORTIS do like to represent their clans through color and design! Im hoping, to release in December, at least one! But TK Hunter isnt simple so Im guessing early 2014!

Q: Will we see more than one type/model of "bike" for the Modern Girls line and is there any update on King Thumb's chopper? A: Yup, Im working with my new 3A designer on Modern Girls, she brings much skills to designing such stuff! King Thumb bike soon!

Q: Are you thinking about possible revision of F-Legion figure? A: Yea, I wanna do his buds, I imagine them like the A Team... yup, A TEAM!

Q: If it ever came down to it, who would win in a fight, Schwarzenegger or Stallone…I mean: Merde, Bleak or Tommy? A: Merde would clean em all up, ruthless cunt of man, i mean Stallone, Schwartz, Die Hard era Bruce Willis any fucker actually! Cmon his name is french for shit, you have to be tough to wear that mantle!

Thanks to everyone for submitting your questions, whether they were answered in this session or not and thank you for being interested in 3A and thinking about us!