Crazy hair, roof top bars, toys and Singha!

Just got back from the Thailand Toy Expo! Have to say it was of the most enjoyable toy related trips so far, to get a chance to show our stuff to so many that would have never heard or seen it was pretty damn great! To see families enjoying them, to the hardcore was rare insight, to see interest in our ideas, based only on first contact without any knowledge felt like a victory. Not only did 3A see this, but all companies that attended  which is a win for toys. A big thanks to all that came by and said hi!

I have some to the conclusion that I have created a few open source worlds, I have set up, but you guys have expanded and broadened their walls with your own insight and creativity. When I paint and draw its a very personal adventure, but toys have opened a new world where so much outside energy floods the worlds that were once my play grounds, and ultimately enhances them and makes them more fun.

So yea, Thailand was great, great show, great hosts, and I also got to recognize that it isn't a hat , but a snake that has swallowed an elephant!

thanks from us all