It's so cool to know that I'm not the only one who digs a space girl with no pants ! 3AA 2014 is a great success! Thanks to all who backed us for 2014, and all the other years, 2014 will be a year of variety and choice, we have fun stuff lined up, cant wait to share it all.

on that note hopefully the Microman sale will be kicked into gear in Feb, I still remember my mum calling me into watch a news segment on Star Wars, she pointed out it must be a film about Micronauts as the clip featured C3PO and she assumed it was a time traveler, metallic head etc. I knew then it was different, but the idea of a film like Star Wars combined with my collecting a favorite toy at the time changed the gears in my head. I collected Micronauts/Microman, I collected Star Wars figures, setting them all up together to try and make photographs that gave the impression it was a real scene, a film scene etc, nothing new there, many kids did it, but fuck It felt pretty cool!... So yea, im rambling but I guess that's the inspiration behind wanting to do a line of my own Microman based on the classic Microman stuff. Yup, I feel pretty lucky!

anyway, 3A 2014 sale is over, time to get cracking!