3AA 2014 you cheeky bugger!

So 3AA'ers I thought I would share some images of your set, yup it took a fuck long time, but it's thing of beauty, Brent Ashe package design, my fucking character design and art, Siu making sure this got made as best as we could (and boy we went beyond the initial design)! Something like this is really complicated to arrange from manufacturing to tweaking the designs, as you can see this ain't some bumfuck one color vinyl, there is much going on here! No QC issues, no real issue except time! So don't let those lil emo boys ruin ya day with drivel!

But you know, that ain't your problem, it's ours, but we have made what we believe is the best 3AA set so far, and that's what really matters, we really are sorry for the wait, if it's all too much, think of it as a super early 2015 set.. why not, fuck the rules right!

Lasstranaut is really a special character in my world, she represents much and one day I'll explain, but for now you can write your own story for her, in a way she represents everything!

MMM I still remember the first image I made for Lassy, never thought I would have her totem!

A bit of info for you paranoid types, the hose for Lass's suit is in the box, the part of foam with nothing in it is for the membership card, so don't worry it's all there!!!