Cant believe I'm missing not going to SDCC so much, have been going since 1995, kinda bummed I'm not going, its where my extended family of troublemakers reside, it's where I get to see so many of you guys! That's hard to miss!

So yea, I admit it, I'm bummed.. But then again Im excited for PARCO and Wonderfest in Tokyo and seeing my friends there!  BUT dammit I want both!

I hope one or two of the  toys we are offering this week give a little of the SDCC feeling even if your not there!

Excited and bummed


Oh yea, cmon, I get to make a storyline within the DC universe with STEEL AGE TOYS, cmon, kudos to Warner/DC for letting me do it! And we will reveal many new Marvel toys soon! Back to it, as you can imagine, im kinda busy!