Onsale this week

Today see's the first release in our new 1/12th 2000AD range of figures with Judge Death $60, soon we will have Dredd, Robo Hunter, Hammerstein etc!

Tomorrow will see the 2015 3AA set be offered $190, Not only do you get a box with 4 great toys and tshirt, but you also get the 15% Bambaland discount and first crack at pre made toys and other stuffs! 2015 is out most packed year yet, so that discount might be invaluable! Just as a hint of what to come here are some short term highlights:

EvenFall THUG, TOTEM SWAT and Aliens

Transformers, Optimus Prime , Starscream and Megatron

DC MEN OF STEEL, starting with Batman

World of Isobelle Pascha 24" and 12", new characters and situations!

Marvel by Ashley Wood, Ultron next, then Spidey, Cap etc

Bungie's Destiny, first figure offered very soon

WWR/SOTF New Robots and human character

3AGO line expansion

Crystal Jade Vaughan line of characters

VALVe such as Dog, Gordon and Alyx from HL2

Parade sets

Reservoir Dogs Metal

Siuyin's Syoupee

World of Frederator

Plus TK's, AK and much more