3A Adventure - Issue 001

Welcome to the first issue of 3A Adventure!

I started out making magazines, photocopied zines etc. Way back in the day me and TP started a mag called Alarum, initially a photocopy thingy then it made the leap to traditional print. It had comics, music articles etc. I thought it couldn’t get any better, then it got cancelled pretty much as fast as it started,  this first issue makes think back to that time and the raw let’s just do something we think is cool vibe, which is the only real reason to do anything!

So this first release of 3A Adventure is a big deal to me, being able to mix toys, art and design wrapped up in a mag is what I kinda live for, being able to share it makes it even better!

I’m very lucky to have Brent Ashe along for the ride bringing his design powers, they are instrumental in making this happen and this collab kinda brings together years of thinking on what we could do together! When we first met, our friendship on many discussions about design and typography, a lot of them revolved around Raygun magazine, Bikini and H uh. This period of publishing (mid to late nineties) is profound and made many rethink the way magazines could look and read, me included!

So enjoy this bumper kick-off issue, going on from here we will have future toy features to give heads up on 3A stuff , brand new 3A comics with Brizl and me and much more as we find our feet and voice! Don’t forget to send us 3A toy photo’s, hell any kind of photo! We want you guys involved in this too, send stuff to Gimby’s email, I’m sure it will make its way to us here at Adventure HQ somehow!

See you in issue two!