Happy Christmas from 3A

Just wanna say thanks to all the supporters of 3A, 2013 was a fun year, but I'm looking to make 2014 a little more crazy, moving forward 3A's focus will be on making stuff that no one else does or would!

We are working on our online presence, changing things and basically trying to make it a better experience for you guys. I know the loss of the Forum is a pisser, as you can imagine for me its a large part of my history and company's so we are working on the data and looking to get it back asap.

2014 will be a different year, I think we have learned a lot over the past years, we have learned from fails and wins and are setting out a new path defined by those! Of course we will continue the pillars of 3A-WWR, AK, POPBOT etc, but introduce new ideas, some might challenge, some might make you scratch your head and think  WTF! But that's why 3A is here, my job is to forge new paths, make new roads that you can pick to traverse or not, but at least I'm making them and giving you the option to join me on them!

3A has never wanted to be the popular kid, I sure don't, we like being the outsider, we don't want to sit with the cool kids at lunch, we're out behind the sheds smoking while you eat your crumbed snagger cool guy!

3AA Jan 15th 2014, its easily the best ever 3AA set! Before the end of the year we shall send out the Newsletter covering the details etc.

I want to say lastly, the core of ThreeA is a small team, I work with Brent and Siu 6 days a week, we all put our heart and souls into this, and I want to thank them both for all their hard work and friendship!

And remember, it's worth destroying a universe for a single kiss!