Before you freak out about the Peppermint access to head promo, think about it, this isn't some scam, we don't need to that, Peppermint doesn’t need it, and from looking at the orders many of you would have had the access anyway. But we thought we should mention it now as it was gonna be a surprise next year, Im sure the EMO would have flown then too and we would have been charged with not informing etc.

Always remember NEVER buy a toy you don't want, you can always get the head later on even if you don't buy a peppermint through other means, I'm sure many will sell anyway. We want to explore new ways to sell and make the experience different, they can't always be universally loved nor do we want that either!

I'm going to let the SOY purchasers get the same access to the head as well, with that most of our core audience have the option!