Re 2000AD

I just love writing the name 2000AD, even though we have all trotted past said date, its still conjures up thoughts of the future, and thats why I'm writing this post today.

The future of 2000AD and 3A.

I could yap on about the details about the previous years attempts at making the toys (best moment for me was Ro -Jaws ), but in short in 2014 we are going to relaunch the 2000ad line in 1/12th, I want to make many characters, and frankly the cost and support for large expensive versions just didn't add up, plus we all want a law-master with our Dredd figure (much, much easier and cheaper in 1/12th), hell, we all want a Apocalypse War era Sov Judge, Judge Anderson, Judge Death, Johnny Alpha with Gronk, Nemesis, fuck, even that todger Ace Garp , plus all the modern era characters.. There are a shit load of them, I personally love them all, even Shako...

You guys who have the 1/12th Mongrol have already started your collections, so help me, help 3A get these done by supporting the new line, without you guys it not gonna happen! 2000ad deserves a great toy line, fuck that, IT DEMANDS IT!