3AA 2016 - Von De Plume

3AA 2016 Membership

Von De Plume - World War Robot
12-Inch - 1/6th Scale Fully Articulated Figure
Designed by Ashley Wood

Poster Tube Style Packaging Also Includes:

  • Membership Card x1
  • ThreeA 2016 Catalog x1
  • Double-Sided Paper Sleeve Poster x1
  • Sticker Pack

15% Discount Applied To All Bambaland.com Orders Throughout 2016.
Discount Starts in 14 Days OR Before Next Bambaland Sale.

3AA 2016 Sale Begins on Jan 15th, 2016 at 9am HK Time.
24-Hour Sale.

Contains Small Parts, For 15 Years+
Membership Price Includes WORLDWIDE Shipping Via Courier.
3AA 2016 Membership Set Shipping by June 2016.

*Colors and Design May Vary On Final Product.

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