*The shirt is up on BAMBA, these have to go to press asap, so they cant be up for long, dig deep! * The Philippines has suffered a great tragedy of late, and naturally our thoughts are with them. We were thinking how we could help, even in a small way, and we figured a T-shirt would be a good. We will send every prior Philippine customer of bambaland a t-shirt as a small gesture. ( I’m sure our great CS will help with sizing etc ) As well as this we will offer the shirt on Bambaland and give the proceeds to a charity such as the Red Cross in that part of the world, like we did for Japan.

When I see the children and displaced families on news feeds it really touches me, as a father I cannot imagine the fear and stress these families are feeling! Let’s not become cold to these situations, as death is shown daily as nothing but a by product of differing opinions, fuck that thinking, don’t give into apathy, say fuck no! -Ash

So check the store later, support these people!