Welcome to another Sunday Q&A session with Ashley Wood! As you can see, this session is 12th and we don't plan to stop, but we developed a trend that once or twice per month, Q&A go up on Mondays and we hope that it's not a biggie for you.

Thanks to all who keep sending their questions and F5ing for Sunday Q&A to go up!

If you want a chance for your question to be featured in next one/ones, please send your interesting and original questions directly to ; use "Ask" thread at threeA forum (once it will be back up) or you can submit your questions via messages at our 3AVOX Facebook page.

Q: I am really pumped for 3AA 2014, especially because of the lovely Lasstranaut. It will be my first membership and I don't want to miss out on it. Will it be an open pre-order for 24 hours like past years or something different?
A: Should be the same, we are discussing some new ways but nothing is decided.

Q: Year is coming to the end and we still don't know nothing about Bamba points, please - please - please tell us something about them! Preferably more than "something", haha.
A: Its a system we are working on, need to have it figured out clearly and on point before the debut! Its another way we can say thanks for support and have some fun!

Q: Would you be interested in making real people figures in your distinguished style? Like Iggy Pop or Bruce Lee for instance or maybe Andy Warhol?
A: I think Andy would be great, but im sure we cannot afford the fee!

Q: I am really curious about the way you do colorways for figures. As far as I know you work distantly from an actual hatchery, are you exchanging prototypes via post service and paint them as you paint legs or maybe doing digital sketches or maybe even do a small paintings with real materials? Actually that would be great to see Bertie or Bramble painted buy you! Maybe one chase per whole run?! 
A: Digital paintings which are sent to the Hatchery who make a proto, which I mark up, then repeat until the sample looks right. I have painted some samples in the past for the Hatchery to copy, but I find their versions capture my ideas for paint schemes really well!

Q: Have you ever considered to bring less destructive units in WWR (apart from Squares) like repair crews, engineer packs or sappers?
A: Those would be great, but out market is really small and Im not sure enough would buy to cover it. I had the engineer ready years ago, but there was an apathy in general from all qtrs to it. Shit I painted the engineer, the quite scenes in WWR are the most powerful! Would be great.

Q: You been asked a lot to make this or that clothes in 1:1 scale…and I even remember a talk of making special parka! Are there any progress with 3A Apparel besides t-shirts? I would buy 1:1 coat from Seven Bones Kyoku in a flash!
A: We tried, we made samples, we worked with a well known clothes Co, but none of the samples seemed on point, just didnt have the right feel.. which kinda sucked! We try many things, you have to try, but unless I can honestly think, I would want it, I like it, it wont happen.

Q: What will be the difference between the retail and Bambaland versions of the Harold? Also how many retail Harolds will there be (so I can start saving)?
A: The big difference there isnt a retail Harold yet, as we are shipping Harolds this month, thats the main concern! When we have Harold info you will know!

Q: Do you have a number of releases in mind from WWR Evol? We heard about Rothchild and Bertie MK2 and Martians, can you reveal more please?
A: Hopefully as many as the story needs, fingers crossed!  Moon Escape Rothchild M.E.R is first, then a Bertie MK2, then ...

Q: Anything you can share about World Best Robots or Modern Girls? I'm sure lots of things are happening behind the curtain! 
A: MARS is the first release for WBR, early new year, we will have at the NYCTF! Modern girls is cruising along well, but I want to get right!

Q: With the success and sheer brilliance of Blind Cowboy, do you foresee a further release of the superset in another colourway? I for one, want more!
A: Ha, thanks, thats nice, well the next one is the last as its entitled DEAD BLIND COWBOY, give it a while!

Q: Just saw Golovorez and it's super awesome! Any chance of making Laika dog now and putting it up at Bamba? It could be carrying some special accessory for Golovorez in the pouches and something with Golovorez for her, to make a nice connection and strong link between both! 
A: Lucky I make resin unarticulated dog toys huh!

Q: You will probably hate me for that question…but how about sending some Legion drones to Disney and push them for 3A Star Wars?! 
A: Well I think we still made the best 6" figures so far. Tell Disney you need the whole line!

Q: How did Real Steel: Noisy Boy do? I want more Real Steel figs, you can pass on Zeus, but please make Metro!
A: We are planning to do them all!

Q: Are you planning return to 3A forum one day? I know that you are busy, but having Ash there each Wednesday (at least Wednesdays that is), would be great! Ash's Wednesdays, please think about it!
A: Ha, as of now my gracious hosting company has made it impossible to for anyone! I always enjoy the chats, but I also am very wary of becoming seen as a hustler for my stuff, I want the toys to speak for me, same as my art etc. I try to stay away from pimping online or through sites etc. It would be cooler if we could all get together face to face, you know, oldschool style!

Q: You been to many conventions and shows all around the world, can you please describe your most memorable experience and trip. Maybe SDCC back in 2007?
A: My first SDCC on 1995, when I realized I was not alone in my thinking!

Q: I love collecting 3A, but what I love the most is the community and experience, people who I met and relationship, which you built. Who can you call your new friends, who you met while making 3A?
A: Oh god, I think main group of friends are 3A, from the people I work with everyday to extended family around the world, 3A has been a joy on many levels, I have met awesome people and some world class cunts, but all worth it !

Q: Gimby will probably suck all my blood out for that, but when you will be making AK Dracula, please make it comic and funny, imagine Belo Lugosi Dracula, played by Leslie Nielsen.
A: I cant imagine I would make a serious vampire, the world has enough of them, boring and uncool!

Q: Can you please lift a curtain a bit and tell what's happening in Ashley Wood's studio right now and what prototypes are on your desk? Will we see return of "Ashley Wood's desk" on WO3A?
A: Many things, to many things, in 2014 my aim is too finish and clear the decks ! Ill try and make a end of year round up for the blog!

Q: Pasta or pizza? 
A: Hamburger.