Q&A session with Ashley Wood

Welcome to another Q&A session with Ashley Wood! This session is 13th and as you can see, devils dozen worked it's magic (besides very busy schedule) and we missed one week, but as you can notice this session is enormous and has lots of hints about what's coming in 2014!

Huge thanks to all who keeps sending the questions and supporting this feature!

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Q: Can you please let us know, if AK book is coming in 2014?
A: Yes first half!

Q: Do you have character design and backstory for every Tomorrow King you intend to make or it's more spontaneous process?
A: Everyone has story and reason for being, no fun for me if I dont, their part in the story and why they look the way they do is what I find the most interesting!

Q: When discussing Archer Tomorrow King, you mentioned that all the TKs are dead. Can you please further elaborate on that? Are all the TQ, Ronin, etc. dead as well, then? Have the Mortis lead a successful invasion in the end? You also mentioned an infant TK, whom I assume Archer must protect (will he come in a 2-pack)?
A: Yup, the story does in fact have a period where the TK are very few, hence the EDO TK, they replace the TK while M.I.A.

Q: Are there any further developments with the Archer figure, or is the figure being put aside or saved for a time that would coincide better for releasing the 'last of the TKs"?
A: Well he is coming in 2014, but his place in the story is a dark moment, maybe im putting it off for that reason!

Q: I am curious about time concept in all your universes, as I noticed that no characters are wearing watches (unless I missed something). Is it because it's not important or it's just difficult to make 1/6th scale watch?
A: I dont wear a watch...

Q: So what does the Zomb MD look like? I've seriously overanalyzed the poster for a few years now...looks like he's wearing a helmet? Also, I have heard that he likes to wears girls panties...can you please confirm or deny?
A: Who doesnt like to wear girls panties ? err right ?

Q: When are we going to get a bit more backstory on the TK's that have recently come at us? I know a few others and myself have often spoken about a full style book, done in the strip style comic that came in the Queeny box. Any chance we could be seeing some more of those? Also Mortis, I know you have talked about Mortis a few times already, but God damn I want a squadron of those Mortis that were on the hold out dumper two pack. Any chance we will see those in toy form soon? My Lopers are outnumbered!
A: 2014 will see Mortis, I didnt want release them until we got some skinning tech down, we are close!

Q: Who is Adventure Kartel Junglevet? He has such a cool and unique look, I would love to know more about him!
A: A robot left over from the CARINE wars, it lasted an afternoon but the legacy continues to haunt the world AK. Junglevet is the robot equiv of Hannibal from the A-Team.

Q: Not a very original question here and people ask a lot, but can you please shed some light on MaK / SF3D in the works?
A: I really cant, if I could I would, I am not being coy, these things take a while!
Q: We don't want to rush your hand and I bet that you want to finish 7Bones on the high note and make it right, but can you please tell us whether the chapter concludes in 2014 and when might be the next release?
A: 2014 is it , I actually figured out the entire sequence of their death, its tragic but cool, a pivotal moment of 8 seconds.

Q: How about some Grunts 2.0 anytime soon and a new version of Slicer Tomorrow Kings?
A: New slicer very soon, MEGA SLICERRR, Grunts ,need a reboot too...

Q: Did I read it right in last Q&A that spacedog Laika might be coming?
A: Of course, but she aint exactly alive!!!!

Q: When will we might see more prints, also when you have prints made, how is decision about size gets made (artistic preferences, price / shipping expenses & logistics and etc.)? Is it possible to get prints with the image taking up the majority of the paper leaving 1/4 border. That way we don't need to get them matted (personal preference really)?
A: Prints are fun thing, the time and effort is rather large on our part and Kimberley, so we need to be careful. Maybe a new one in Jan ? Re border, its all down the size and paper and what works etc, no real plans to make any definite size plans.

Q: Do you have any plans to release new Deep Powder or EMGY bots in 1/6th or 1/12th sizes? What's the current status of Nurse Jessica?
A: Yes to EMGY. Jessica is a nurse!

Q: Any hints on when in 2014, we'll get to welcome Miyu to The Adventures of Isobelle world?
A: Yes and many more Pascha characters.
Q: Any chance for Grunt vehicles down the line? How about pre-AI mechs?
A: It would be cool!

Q: Have you seen the Titanfall demo? They could do with 3A overhaul, I see cross between Halo and WWR mode. Future project maybe?
A: Im looking to stay away from most license stuff, I want to creat my own worlds, thats where I see the fun! It has to be like the Marvel project, where I design it etc!

Q: Will there be a MGS Raiden released by threeA?
A: Maybe my version..

Q: What will be the first Martian bot? Is it the Slogger?   
A: Slogger is a Martian Grunt, we have seen Martian robots already!

Q: Are the Martians in World War Robot Universe aware of NOMs presence in the war? I would assume a smart lot like the Reds would have to be somewhat aware of NOM.
A: All sides know of the NOM, the NOM would be considered terrorists by todays standards, they pretty much say everyone is wrong, we have to break it to rebuild it! Mars and Earth would be very happy to see them vanish!

Q: Since Darwin's eventual release in WWR Evol is an emergency escape version, is he going to be leaving the company and is there a new leader taking his place?
A: Well he is the company, wherever he goes so does the company, he has always planned for such stuff, and frankly quite motivated by it all, and his personal injuries really help define his path!

Q: How many versions of 2000AD Dredd you have the license for / want to make?
A: I would like every character and version ever from 2000ad!

Q: Will we ever see an Action Portable Dead Cowboy set and Lady Sham? A pack of white/black/red Shams would be fucking cool!
A: Lady sham yes, Cowboy, mm only if I can make an articulated horse.

Q: Have you or your kids played in Borderlands? I would love to see Borderlands figures! War loader from 2nd game would be great!
A: We love Borderlands in my house, I like the dev house too, maybe one day we can team up on a project!

Q: What are the chances of getting the MGS3 Shagohod tank or perhaps making Metal Gear TX-55 or Metal Gear D?
A: Support the line, who knows what we can do!!!!

Q: Is there Shogun TQ in Popbot Universe?
A: Yes, been working on her for a while!

Q: Congratulations on Beautiful War coming out in 2014! Is new Popbot coming out next year as well? Or you want to tie it's release with the movie?
A: I want to release a popbot this coming year, I have it all written now, its funny though, the next phase explains a lot and is kinda sad, its always been a story about a guy who loses himself and has a cool cat!

Q: Can you please put other MARVEL characters aside and make a DEADPOOL after Iron Man. I know every 1/6 collector and DEADPOOL/MARVEL fans are waiting for a 1/6 DEADPOOL and at the moment nobody seems to have the balls to do it. I know you guys can do it and it will be mind blowing for all collectors and a super fun project for you all.
A: Balls, deadpool, I see him as an easy one! I still remember seeing him in Xforce for the first time, mmmm mmmm mmmmm!

Q: Since you are being involved with CAPCOM, is there a chance for their Mega Man X and Zero classics released by threeA?
A: I would say maybe thats a Threezero project, im not saying they are, but unless im changing the characters up or have direct connection I want to stay clear of licensed material! I wanna play Mega man now!

Q: Custom and DIY is part of the great fun of collecting threea figures. We got some nice artists among the Legion and it would be awesomely great to see Bertie, TK, TQ, Armstrong, Caesar, Square, Grunts, Zombs, Bramble, Ankou, Dropies and otters available, as resident sales at Bamba and when you have sold enough, you can dispatch them into production? Or that's what mentioned earlier Bot Factory will be all about?
A: I guess I can offer DIY anything, my only issue they ain't that much cheaper to make, and the packaging and shipping is the pointy bit.. Ill do a experiment, ill offer some stuff, see how it goes, cant do better than that. I always enjoy seeing what the Legion does!

Q: Are EVENFALL TOTEM T.H.U.G suits controlled by adult humans or perhaps by kids (just saw Enders Game recently)?
A: Kids, nah... They have adult pilots etc.

Q: I loved the MiM pack, any chance we see a Dirty Deeds 1/4th (or so) mini platoon pack? Containing a couple of DD Berties and a de Plume figure? WWR Bertie MK3.5 (damaged), please?
A: I have a new Deplume coming Marque de plume, he might go with a bot, and DDv2 etc.

Q: Any chance for a ghost of Merde spirit of adventure version? You know that appears to Bleak when he is down and out with words of wisdom like - "get up you guttersnipe your a mission!" Might be cool!
A: Merde aint dead, well sorta, Mission family members are rather tough, dont go down easy, they are the masters of M.I.A

Q: I hope to see 1/6th scale versions of surprise Squares from WWRp Dropcloth superset at Bambalandstore one day. And since we are on the subject, how many different squares were there in total? I counted three regular and Legion Square, which seems to be more rare.  
A: Thats the plan, I have them all in 1/6th, always make large versions of every mini square released and not released.. I think thats what you're asking ? Bottom line, we will have a new square set one day!

Q: Will there be Shadow Merde ever made?
A: yup

Q: Since Queeny was made in 1/12th scale, I been wondering whether we will see rest of 7Bones in 1/12th scale?
A: Can't be offered as one set now, but still cool!  mmm that isnt a given, I really Queeny, so she made the lady set etc..

Q: Is AKLUB #4 Zomb MD, still scheduled for this month? It's cool if things changed, just want to know if I should be saving up for him this month.
A: Things are taking longer for the DOC, Ill give a good heads up before his sale date. I really want to get info like this out in the future, its easy to get caught up in making things and forget about logistics etc.

Q: I was curious about Tomorrow Kings prizes for animation contest winners, will you show them at the blog before sending out to winners? I am really excited to see what you did with them!
A: mm probably not, that will be up the winner, must finish them, gah!

Q: What do you think about 2013? Did it turn out for you personally and art-wise? Do you have any resolutions for 2014?
A: Always want to do better, 2013 was like every other year, a exercise in what I can do better. 2014 push further, dont look back!