Q&A Session with Ashley Wood

Welcome to another Q&A session with Ashley Wood, first one this year and it's a great start!

If you have an original and interesting question or questions in mind, please send them directly to gimbat@threeAonline.com ; or you can submit them via 3AVOX Facebook page or 3Asupport twitter.

Q: The attachment points for the shoulders on the Harold are interesting. Can you talk a little about the development of those?
A: Well its was an elegant fix, simple and effective, all the kudos goto the 3A engineers!

Q: Would it ever be possible to see a retail wave of mixed styles of WWRp - Harold/Bertie/Dropcloth/etc?
A: Yes, in fact retail will see that, we are overhauling the way we do retail sales and mixing waves is just one of those changes!

Q: If TKLUB (and all the other Klubs) are to be one per person in 2014, does this mean no more blind variants?  
A: You can get one of each variant, but not say 20 and sell on etc. but hey we never do variants!

Q: With 3AA almost upon us, I would love to know what licensed figures will we see in 2014? You mentioned Marvel specifically and hinted other designers and artists. I know that 3AA doesn't have written in stone plan, but better hint would be great! SGDM and MaK maybe?
A: Actually our plans are 90% original content, I see 3A's strength as bringing original ideas to market, regarding licenses thought we have more Halo, Marvel, MGS, Valve universe and transformers and not forgetting Micronauts. Thats more than enough! Naturally we have some surprises in these realms as well!

Q: I have a question, will you produce others figures inspired by some of your paintings? If yes, then who is next?
A: Thats the plan, always has been, Im very interested in making the oddball robots that have appeared over the years, the lopsided ones etc.

Q: Me and my kids would love to see Iron Giant made by 3A, would you be interested in something like that?
A: I love robots, the Iron Giant is a great story and design, I wouldn't say no!

Q: When you do your black and white/ink work, do you primarily use markers or do you use croquet pens? And what brands do you use? I'm just curious how you achieve your line work!
A: I use all sorts, mainly calligraphy markers from many companies! I dont want to say exactly which, as they all have different qualities and you should personally try them all to find out what you like, i assume your an artist ?

Q: Is Cornelius TK coming in art-box or it's a blister, or you haven't decided yet?
A: mmm I would say box, I like the sticker box, the NYC version is the transparent box thingy!

Q: Are you going to run an open booth at NYTF or we will have to make an appointments (press-appointments and such)?  
A: Open!

Q: After MEGO line reveal, I got curious, whether Microman are still in the works and when we might see 'em? In early December, you mentioned that they are so close! Sorry for being impatient, just super pumped for them!  
A: Actually they are close, but I have to wait for Takara to give the OK, I have the first wave in hand, would so love to show them…

Q: Can you please tell us about any plans for new De Plume figures that may be in the pipeline? Also very curious if you have any plans to revisit any of the De Plumes in EVOL, I personally really really hope you will give us a new, evolved, Kuan Ti Plume. How about it?
A: A new Deplume is close, one of the inner circle, not a fallen one, all new head sculpt etc, part of the EVOL story! After the ROTHCHILD REBOOT release.

Q: What's the story behind the Suicide Club Armstrong? How does he fit into WWR universe, and will you ever do more Suicide Club figures? It's a great colourway!
A: Its a hobbled together Armstrong, made from excess parts of other bots, used without regard in defense or attack, hence the name etc. It might be fun to make another suicide bot…

Q: Can we please get a peek at the chubby TQ body soon?
A: Chunky, not chubby, we have some fun figs in dev for the body, but I guess its like always, small team, lots of toys, but we will get to them soon, not enough TQ in general released lately!

Q: Are you still planning to offer 1/12 MK1 Square mega-set at some point?
A: Yes, but as we don't want to release any prior sold squares in 1/12th we need more designs etc, I just need to find time to make them.

Q: I am so looking forward to 3AA 2014 on January 15th, do I have to be early at 9:00AM or it's 24 hours for everyone?
A: Everyone I guess, unless a freaky amount want to join then we have internal number that would shave us flick the switch just to 3AA 2013 members. Im pretty sure you will be ok!

Q: Back in July you gave us dates and prices of few figures ahead of time and it was personally great and very convenient for me. Will you be repeating this in the future or such things very hard to preset?
A: I would like a system, that gives a good overview, but it seems best laid plans always get shuffled here and I don't want to say this date and price then change etc, I think in general we would like to offer advance info and such, its good for you and us and we will work on that for 2014.

Q: Do you have any 1:1 3A figures in your house and if yes, what are they? I bet there are some Squares and Kitties all around the place and maybe LM in the garden?
A: I have a few, i have to say my fav is Peppermint Grove, it has a real presence and can be kinda freaky late at night.. Of course the 1inch nipples kinda disarms!

Q: Do you have nieces or nephews and what kinds of toys they prefer? Do you give them 3A presents?
A: A niece, who is becoming a great artist in her own rights, and shows good taste by digging ger Uncles toys!

Q: Somebody might argue with me, but I think that 3A 2013 will be remembered as the year of TKLUB and Isobelle Pascha! What was for you the most memorable sale for you?
A: I think it was the year of Pascha, personally I had fun with Pascha, and it was great to see you guys did too, sure she ain't for all, no weapons or fantasy tropes ( I guess some peoples fantasy ) but the audience was there and that made it all the sweeter! I really enjoyed the Dolphin sale, he is a main part of the AK story and his story isn't over, far from it!