Q&A session with Ashley Wood

Welcome to another Q&A session with Ashley Wood, lots of great and really interesting questions here. It's 16th session already and yours interest keeps growing steadily! Thank you for your continuous support and insane amount of questions and of course huge thanks to Ashley for his precious time!

If you have an original and interesting question or questions in mind, you can submit them via various way: contacting me via mail gimbat@threeAonline.com ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at 3AVOX Facebook page wall or 3Asupport twitter.

Q: In one of the Peppermint Grove images she is quoted: "I WANT MY DICKHEAD BROTHERS LEFT HAND. THEN I CAN HUNT THE LINK!"
Is the Link a new character or is it referring to the new type of sale that is talked about under the blog title "peppermint access"? And will there be figures of other robot bounty hunters?
A: The Link is the 0day  Robot of the AK universe, all the robots just don't appear out of thin air, they have their origins with THE LINK! and yes I have many ideas for Bounty Hunters, fingers crossed I get to make them all! The AK world is rich with ideas, at this point they kinda sprout naturally as in my head I have a whole eco system!

Q: In the tradition of Missions working with canine companions, has Merde Mission ever run with an old dog by his side?
A: Well Merde has always had a penchant for German Shepherd, he see's all other dogs as weak, unlike his now departed GS ROMMEL! Do we need a Rommel German shepherd, I would like one, actually we are working on a 1:1 Custard in Hoody and battle fatigues, I think a Shepherd would work well in 1:1. 3A pets, better that the real thing, why, they look cooler and dont piss or shit on your carpet! And if you want to buy a good quality living dog, our will be cheaper as well. 3A KENNELS!

Q: What is the difference between the Soy variants and the regular Peppermint Grove and Golden Dolphin / Soy Dolphin as far as their attitude and nature? Are the Soy's more/less of a badass or more evil or something?
A: They are shadows, that  are given a life of their own on certain nights, they escape the prison of the caster, to do good or bad, but they are fucking tough and not to be messed with!

Q: Who do the Soys fight for on the Island? Are they also part of the Kartel or something totally different?
A: They are just what they are, they don't consider good or bad as a disposition, just following their natural agenda, they do seem to have a distaste for robots though!

Q: Can there be an M+M section on your new website, where you post a daily comic and continue the story from the first volume? Then after a while they could be printed in a similar format as before?  
A: It is such a cool little book. There should be more! I would love that, but I'm so strapped for time, and now that im making the 3A adventure comics its more tight than ever, I should post all the ones I have done I guess, good idea!

Q: What's the story of Light and Shadow TK or Shogun Blanco and Negro TK? Are they made for special mission? Why there's no Light and Shadow TQ? Or they're on your project list?
A: Why isn't there a Shadow and Light TQ, well shit, I dunno consider it made, ill be making a manufacturing request Monday, should I make them available to all, or prizes ? You tell me!

Q: Who are Byron and 'the Hostess'? Will they be in the Shit Hot Adventure Annual when it comes out or it's a design for the new t-shirt?
A: Book as well, wow good eyesight, Byron and the Hostess are AK characters, they run a restaurant that serves nothing but drinks, The Hostess is an ex SHADOW COMMANDO leftover from the carine glade conflict.

Q: There is Bill Me Later option at Bambalandstore, but perhaps there can be some sort of a payment plan option established for expensive (USD350+) figures?
A: I agree, I will have our accounting guys figure that out, like Sideshow etc?

Q: Will we every get the chance to buy 1:1 squares in colorways that were not offered before or perhaps MK2 Squares will be offered one day?
A: I have always wanted that, but the cost is so high and the production of them is difficult. Maybe I can look for a thirdparty company to help make them etc. I always loved the giant cardboard ones Goodsmile made that time, the cost is nuts for those ones too... ahh squares....

Q: Are there any news, which you can share about WWRp Warscape line of 1/12 playset/diorama sets?
A: They are on the line, should get some help for that as well!

Q: We have a good idea on what the Nabler is about, but what about Soot Diver? That pointy nosed bot shows up quite often in your art.  Is there anything you can share?
A: You have no idea about the Nabler, or maybe you do and the one eye fucker sold me out without my knowing..dont look under your beds!.. The Soot diver is a MORTIS bot, called a soot diver due to its long trail of smoke as it descends on its target etc.

Q: By all means, please do tell us more about WBR and Mars! The feel of the blurry pick reminds me a lot of Gigantor and Goldorack. Do they have pilots? Are they giant robots fighting one another all over the planet or they are fighting some huge monsters/aliens? Is the WBR line going to focus solely on Shogun-type figs or will it include other types of Robots? Will the Robots all be 24" scale or will there be in all sorts of different sizes? And finally, do you have an idea how many you plan on releasing a year?  
A: Well Mars is my Shogun Warrior I guess, thats where my heart is with him, in the WBR universe he the big gun, kick ass robot etc, he appears when a kicking is needed! The scale is 1/12th, so the human characters will be 6" etc, and other robots will fit into that scale ,the release after Mars is way smaller and so on. WBR gives me lots more latitude for style, I can do big Shogun warrior type design, then a 60's style robot, there isnt a strict design brief because all these robots are from all over, not a single designer or company like WWR. Will reveal MARS soon, flashy looking fucker for sure and the size just makes it all the sweeter! Looks good fighting the TK hunter too!

Q: What colorways are planned for the MK2 Berties release?
A: The classic and some unseen, with some different parts! I so wanna do a Dirty deeds set at 1/6th!

Q: WWR Meat is Murder Superset was such an epic release! Can we have a Jungler Superset now pretty please?
A: Ok, I was thinking we need another set, maybe Jungler, maybe an unseen colorway. Tell gimby, he can then pass on what the mood is!

Q: Any chance we will see more samurai figures again?
A: As in TK ones, yes, but different designs and version!

Q: If possible, can you please tell us more about Bromwich colorway? And what ZW stands for?
A: Im pretty sure I answered this on the forum or somewhere ?? am I being lazy.. mm its Saturday evening and a beer is calling!!

Q: What would happen if Mars waged war on NOM. As I understand it all: NOM is essentially the most powerful group in WWR but the martians aren't push overs like the EC, they got the tech, they got the drive, and they got the brains. I am really curious about it.
A: NOM is an ideal, impossible to destroy!

Q: Would you be interested in making the gas-mask soldier from ZVR Aventure cover (Frazetta homage)…do he has a name?
A: I would, I always want to make bots in military clothing actually any clothing, maybe you will like something I have cooking, a twist on a well known story!

Q: What nationality is Fighting JC!? Greek perhaps? I noticed Exegisis is a Greek word meaning to teach.  Since we're on the subject of Greeks, and assuming JC isn't Greek, are there any Greek characters in the Adventure Kartel world?  
A: He is an Essene, hence the tagline, the MEAN ESSENE! There are many nationalities in the AK world!

Q: Is there a chance for AP Ka-Mumbs in the distant or not so distant future?
A: Fingers crossed, 1/12th AK is special to me!

Q: I have a question about one of the greatest Tomorrow Kings: Baka!  Is the a story written about this TK? Is he part of under verse?
A: Baka isn't an under verse Tk, he is just a legend for being fearless Slicer, or stupid, the jury is out on that, BAKA has a good friend, a MEGA SLIVER who he learned all his shit from he is called ...... I guess see the next TKLUB release.

Q: One million dollar question! In last Q&A, you briefly mentioned "transformers"….that got a lot of us buzzing, so are you making Transformers and will 3A Transformers Transform? Also, which series will they be based upon? G1 Hopefully!
A: I know, well we have been on it a while, and hopefully it can be shown very soon, its an exercise in crazy detail!

Q: First, do the robots in WWR has their own consciousness ? I mean if it's in ghost in the shell term, do they have ghost inside them ? Second, in a war time prepare for peace, in peace time prepare for war, so what happened after WWR ? I know you just made a new chapter EVOL in WWR, but after that all what will happen and how does it all end?
A: How does it end, thats telling.  
Q: What is Zombacle? Is it 1:1 figure for NYTF?!  
A: Its an oracle in the AK world, this particular one is a severed Zomb head, we will have them at NYCTF, hopefully we can see some fans and give them out to them too!!

Q: After seeing Lasstranaut figure just now…I am just speechless, been waiting for her since 2009! I am curious what type of skin is used on the figure and whether it stretches while posing?
A: Well its a work in progress, actually the final shipping Lass will be much cooler, but you know, the figure exudes the quality i wanted, its a fun figure. Re skin well I dont know its name, ill deem it stretchy stuff from today! And remember, this is it, no more Lass releases, she doesnt come in other colors, or variations  there is only one Lass!  Mark my words we will be working hard up till the last moment before production to make Lass the best!

Q: Will there be a some sort of exclusives & upgrades for people in 2015, who will be becoming 5th year members? Because it's impossible to go back in time and discover 3AA in 2009, but eventually everyone can become 5th year member.
A: Yes, we will have some kind of upgrade.

Q: What questions annoy you the most and what would you prefer more: beer or wine? I would guess wine, but after BEER Gils, you never know :)
A: Wine , Beer and Girls, I think thats a company moto right there! Actually I consume more coffee, but coffee girls doent sound that exciting, flat white girl, long black lass... actually that doesnt sound too bad ! Questions dont annoy,  I feel lucky to have the kinda of interest in my work that generates questions! This weekly thingy is a good way to shed light on some of my thoughts and actions!