Q&A session with Ashley Wood

Happy Sunday everyone!

Here is the latest Q&A session with Ashley Wood, featuring answers on many questions from you guys, including questions about WWR, Popbot, VALVe, 2000AD and plenty of others. Thank you for the flow of questions of course to Ashley for his precious time!

If you have an original and interesting question or questions in mind, you can submit them via various way: contacting me via mail gimbat@threeAonline.com ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at 3AVOX Facebook page wall or via 3Asupport twitter.

Q: With the arrival of the AP TQs and extremely successful scaling down of their 1/6 versions, do you think we will see the AP versions of the HKV TQs?  And what happened to the regular little emo Tommy and the Lil' shadow? I'm a 1/6 collector to be honest, but would like at least small versions of these first produced characters.
A: Watch our NYC space!

Q: Will we see more of the Modchip faction in 2014? Modchip Bramble or Bertie in WWREvol maybe?
A: Yup, TP is working on a pulp style WWR book that features MOD too!

Q: Will SGR JC have a poster/comic? Any chance we could see some shots of the Pale as Fuck JC chase or the Dead Astronaut Gangsta packaging or box art?
A: As the Show version didnt I was told it wasnt fair to have one in the Bamba version, when I say told, I mean the general consensus around the web.

Q: Could threeA put out a line of "gashapon" or Japanese capsule figures? Square eggs for Taiwan show were awesome, I think seeing more could be awesome, they would fly and could introduce threeA to a massive audience!
A: Well our next two models kits kinda cover this, well one does, SQUARE FARM anyone…

Q: I am following your blogspot for ages, with the introduction of new website, is it going to replace the blog?
A: Nope, not for now, I love the ol Blog!

Q: You mentioned the fee regarding making Warhol character and how threeA can't afford it…but maybe there is a way around it? We already have all of the Brillo squares, so having a Gee Bob Boxset with clones 34, 18, and 13 would be so great!
A: mm well since then I have made some moves to secure the figure, fingers crossed it works out!

Q: Is Red Commander the 'leader' of the EDOs? How are the EDOs intelligence compared to the autistic clones? Are they able to perform complicated tasks or only made to fight?
A: Well you say autistic like its a cant lead thing, dont be so terse, there is a spectrum here and many function as commanders and thinkers, just like in our version of reality. RED EDO are a special branch that is called in when a community has a problem or situation that is beyond the regular Black and White versions, The Blue is similar to RED. I Wanna do more EDO, anyone interested ?

Q: Is there a room for Halo 3 ODST's in threeA Halo line?
A: If you guys support the line, always that simple, I want to make all of them, but if there isnt a market we have out hands tied! Master Chief very soon!

Q: If we're talking weapons pack, what are the chances of WWRP and Action Portable weapons packs, too?  There have been months where I've spent double on tracking down specific weapons and accessories that I spend on figures themselves.  I have enough 1/12 scale AK-47's in both wood stock and wire stock to outfit a legion!  Hell, I bought a 2nd set of the Finger Gang just for all the extra weapons.
A: Well the pack would be kinda small, I am sure there are companies that make 1/12th weapons anyway ? right ? Good call on the second finger, thats a cool set in my books!

Q: What is the story of the weathered DW and NW Harolds? Why hasn't the skull on NW Harold emerged like the last weathered NW (Heavy Bram and Square MK2s)? Really curious and intrigued!
A: Times change as so do factions ID, as the DW AND NW have now been revealed as NOM, certain imagery has changed and will change. DW, NW get a make over this year, they are the new freedom fighters for mankind!

Q: To me, WWR initially seemed like an alternate WW2 inspired setting with robots, but now with the toys it has evolved into something quite distinct, both visually and thematically; were you consciously trying to move away from real world references, especially with regard to the visual marking of bots (candy striped guns, graphics, colors etc.)?
A: I never tried to anything than amuse myself, I think what you picked up on was a conscious effort avoid the same old, battle mechwarrior genre feel that cartoon and videogames circle jerk over and over. With WWR I am just playing in my sandpit, it has certain internal rules and logistics that I try to stay within. The world you guys see is a year behind or more from my imagination, EVOL has been on the cards since 2012, actually soon as the first Rothchild got released I noted his next phase.

Q: The question about Photographer been asked before, I just wanted to check, whether there is any progress. Really want this fig!
A: I think a Miss and Mrs line would be great.. actually the new NABLER series will be under that banner! Answering your question, yes, I will make one, im not sure many will want it , but it might make a fun ltd toy!

Q: Since the early mention, I can't wait to see Gordon Freeman figure from Half-Life, what's its status at the moment ? Also is there a possibility that we could see Dog (Alyx's pet robot) ? It would be perfect for threeA engineering.
A: Well your gonna be happy , Gordon and Dog set is in the works, in fact our friends at Valve even sent details of a more detailed DOG, so the figure is quiet amazing and BIG!

Q: Was thinking about Lasstranaut and will the final released version have a clear visor? I can't imagine not having this figure on display without the visor down and seeing her face like in many of the original images. Looks like a great figure in the making
A: I actually like the solid visor, that was seen with the prototype, the final release will have a transparent one.. maybe :)

Q: In WWR universe, how's the supply for food? I suppose Grunt and NOM also need to eat something, is there any squad/colourway in WWR which responsible for food supply? Maybe a chance to make an unseen yet colorway? Well those logistics are taken care of by very similar means that the military use, not really a squad but a division.
A: I agree, I would love to see this stuff in toy form, but  as im the only guy designing it, the backlog is huge. Would love to find someone who can assist me with such stuff...

Q: With the prototype of Master Chief being shown a while back will we also be seeing some Covenant soldiers anytime soon? Would be great to see threeA produce an Elite and maybe even a Hunter?
A: Elite is coming, the down side to making really authentic and detailed figures like the HALO one is dev is long, especially when doing stuff like soft skinning and and other shit, so it may seem like nothing is happening but everyday this stuff is being worked on!

Q: This may be an old topic, but, is there any consideration for sticker packs?  There seem to be a lot of 'badges' or 'decals' that are on the packaging of the figures. With the Beer Girls for instance you have 'Dark Deed', 'Fisted', 'Pascha Lager', 'Lager', 'Lights Out', and '3A Lager'.  I think random sticker packs of these crossing all planes of 3A would be neat.
A: Maybe to give away at shows, i would like to see embroidered patches, but shit, does anyone really like those, I do!

Q: You've lit a fire with the announcement of the continuation of the 2000ad line in 1/12! Could you please spill the beans on which will be the first release to kickstart the line again? I guess Ro-Jaws might be logical but it would be amazing to get the long awaited Hammerstein or Dredd to get a huge buzz going.
A: Dredd, Death, Sov Judge, Johnny Alpha, Rouge, Nemesis ( any yes all ABC will be there ). Gonna release in groups too, not singular releases. I dont mean boxed set ( though there will be ) but waves, more in line with traditional figure releases. Im sure your sick of hearing me say I love these characters, but I do, we are risking a lot of $ on this, but I think they have to be made!

Q: Love the EDO shoes. Any chance you'd do an articulated shoe set of different colored kicks or more shoes like that on future TKs? Speaking about future, will we see more robotic EDO-like TKs?
A: Cool, me too, simple yet has the right effect! I like the realistic shoes, but I kinda like the sculpted too, I think we will offer a more articulated foot soon too for TKs. I dont want to try and make the TK look or feel real, I like the toy look it has, the joints, the limitations are part of its charm, so expect more references to that as we go on.. Wow what the fuck does that even mean.. ! runs off

Q: Now that we're seeing a kick-off to the World's Best Robots line (Mars looks killer, by the way), can we expect the Bramble Softacre and Hardacre in 1/6th articulated form? I am sure Popbot fans would rejoice!  
A: Well no, Bramble has moved on to WWR, and so has the WBR world, no relation to POPBOT or WWR, only the name is the same. MARS has turned out really smashing, and the next robot is cool and way different to MARS. Like I said somewhere  WBR is my robot do anything thing, no style or story restrictions, Im thinking of releasing each robot with a 1/12th human character, to make sure size ref is always understood.. even writing this gets me going on ideas and stuff...

Q: Is there any room for animal/human hybrids in any of your Universes? You have a guy sporting a Dolphin hat but what about an eel man named Maurie with a human hat perhaps? Just wondering if we will ever see anything of the sort from you..  
A: mmmm, if I can make sense of it, not just animal with human part for the hell of it. Im really kinda strict on my ideas, it has to have some kinda reasoning behind it.

Q: Did I understand your first 3AGO announcement that Nom de Plume and Tomorrow Kings, will be offered at NYCTF first, but then will make it's way to Bambalandstore? Or there might be a pre-order for them going (giving time to manufacture and tweak the tiny imperfections you mentioned), during NYCTF?
A: Well we will have alpha versions of the TK there to give away, not really close to the final that you will be able buy, but we thought it might be fun etc. Nothing will be sold at the Toy Fair, only given away!  So make sure you sneak in..

Q: What are the chances of seeing massive WWRp supersets like "Under the bed Red" and "Frosty Choads" back in the day?
A: You want them, I LOVE THEM , how about we do this, I devise the set, put it up, if it sells enough Ill make it , deal ? Coz they are pricey affairs to ship, not only make so I need a minimum support. Ill do soe more sales like this, you guys have always been great in taking leaps of faith by supporting sales with just artwork, so lets see what we can do! actually, you guys have no idea how flattering it is when I sell toys based on a drawing, that is pure 3A, I feel like I could take on the whole empire at that moment, and not get fried in the back of the snowspeeder!

Q: Sam Kieth's the Maxx appears in an early issue of Popbot, so obviously he exists on some level in the Popbot universe; I'm wondering if you can further explain for us where Popbot characters and Maxx characters would exist in relation to each other? Like, is the Outerverse similar to Sam's Outback (Pangaea)? Does Maxx ever fight alongside a TK/Q, or even know of them? Do TK/Qs ever have to mow down armies of isz, or ride air whales? Just really curious about it, thank you!
A: Well the MAxx and Kitty are friends, they shared a common reality for their meetings, no other interactions happened outside of that. I like to think of the MAxx and Kitty representing Me and SAm in those instances, a reverse of the 4th wall.

Q: Any chance of getting a "Sunday Q and A" AK theme coffee mug? I would so buy two!
A: mm ill find a really ropey place that makes printed mugs POD and have them offered!