Q&A session with Ashley Wood

Happy Sunday ladies and gents!

Welcome to Q&A session with Ashley Wood, here you can find answers on many questions about 3A Worlds and hints about upcoming releases, including Marvel Invincible Iron Man; WWR EVOL Marquis de Plume; 3A Parade; World Best Robots: Mars; ZvR; Adventure Kartel Action Portable figures and many more!

If you have an original and interesting question or questions in mind, you can submit them by various ways: contacting me via mail gimbat@threeAonline.com ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at 3AVOX Facebook page wall or via 3Asupport twitter and your question might get featured in one of future sessions. Thank you for sending your questions and for your continuous interest!

Q: With the great success of EDO, and with the excitement about bronze EDO mention, can we expect a TQ style EDO? Does that even exist in the TK-less time period within Popbot? Thanks! (On a side note, we need that TK book explaining their full story!)
A: No TQ edo style on the blocks, and for a reason, one day ill spill the beans as they say ! Lets get the Bronze Baron EDO into action asap!

Q: Luther Bean Sr. is mentioned, I believe by Mort in a D'Airain Adventure. So, Mort is living in a past storyline to the Popbot universe in that? It has been speculated that Future Mort would be released under Adventure Kartel (unless that's bogus), is it that Adventure Kartel and Popbot happen in the same universe, but at far different points in time? Or can Mort or Luther Bean Sr. jump between universes?
A: Well Mort was gonna be a part of a shared POP universe but I thought him better suited for AK. There is a group of Skull faced characters n the AK universe, they are all related.

Q: SDCC is pretty much my favorite event of the year. Any chance you can give us some hints on what you guys have in store for this year? We have been clamoring for a 1:6 TK since 3A has been going to SDCC, will we see one soon?
A: Yea, you know, I know that, and thinks it cool too.. If we are gonna do SDCC ( we want a booth, but never seem to get one? please help us SDCC people!) and have a toy, ill make it TK. My aim this year is to up the POPBOT villain quota, the TK hunter is ready in the wings, see it at the NYC TF, I have a Mortis mobile gun, a TK Sweeper bot all close too!
Q: After seeing GHG and its great helmets, it came to my head that would be great to see NOM or Grunt as elite pilots in WWR EVOL? Those helmets on 1/6 scale figures would be just great! Thank you very much for creating amazing worlds… we will be there to live in them!
A: Well the Nom pilots where the Gas style masks etc, In the upcoming WWRp Commanders set's comic there is a brief sequence with a space deplume, which I now want to make, kinda a pilot thing… gah, jet fighter De plume does sound cool ! I have the Mego 8" astronaut ( jet pilot by any other name ) on my wall in my office, be fun to make a ropey jet de plume in 8"!

Q: Is there a room in WWR EVOL for some exoskeleton / combat suit and perhaps engineer to fix them?
A: There is now, as the field of conflict has radically changed due to events of EVOL!

Q: Could you give us any updates on any of the film or series please? Any chance of a sneaky peek from you and Pete Ford?
A: Lore is doing great, I hope to be able to share some news very very soon,  WWR is looking for a director last I heard, same with ZvR. I kinda stay out of the movie stuff, until I make one. I like doing stuff, not discussing so to speak!

Q: You mentioned in one of previous sessions that Word Best Robots could come with each 1/12 pilot to feel the sense on there actual size. Will we get some comics to bring us more info on this world too?
A: Yes. you will, the world they are in is as important as the toys, they need each other, I think for everything I do that is the case!

Q: You teased us greatly with all these AP figures ( in prototype displays for NYCTF ), my money is already waiting ! Any chance that whole boxes will be made available at Bambalandstore for 3AA members? For many of us it's hard to find retailer in our country or International retailer who would ship abroad. And I was wondering how those long boots  are made on Merde and Bleak? Are they solid or some kind of PU leather to help with posing?
A: Retail is a super important part of what we do, it gets our stuff out and lets people see it etc, but also your support is just as valid to us as well, and I dont want you missing out due to locality restrictions etc. So Im sure we can work something out on a large level or work with individuals etc. Re boots, soft is the intent ( still need to get the final samples ) and these figures have been made ahead of time to let us fix issues and try and make the nest mini AK we can, like out 3AGO figures for NYC, alpha versions that are already well out of date, regarding the head sculpt and body articulation, and clothing material etc. We are spending more $ and time in R&D to make the best we can!

Q: Will you be doing the box art for Invincible Iron Man? Any chance of an illustrated comic with the figure on the back of a poster maybe?
A: Well I want to illustrate them, but thats a Marvel thing, fingers crossed!

Q: Can you please share a bit more about Bravest Warriors upcoming toys? Maybe you will be doing some art for kaBoom? And an ultimate question: will there be an Adventure Time figures?
A: We have teamed with Frederator to make toys for Bravest Warriors and Puppycat, to make killer 1/6th versions, show accurate, also to make 3ASH versions of them, which is kinda awesome too, for me :) No Adventure Time for now, but I would love to make nice toys from that world, the more obscure characters in 1/6th, are screaming for toy life! I have varied tastes in many things, and I want 3A to reflect that, from WWR to Marvel, to Pascha to Valve to Popbot to Frederator!

Q: Drop some Marquis de Plume intel on us please?! What qualifies him to take on the fallen? Why was he chosen by the Supreme? Are there other fallen hunters or is he the only one? Does Barguest and Kuan know he is coming after them? Why does he not have N.O.M. issue guns – looks like he has reg Grunt handgun?
A: Every collective has an enforcer street gang, ice hokey, government etc, Ol Marquis is the NOM's goto guy to lay the strap down. He has taught the best, he has killed the best. Ill give a heads up soon, im hoping to show something with his sale announcement , but we shall see!

Q: Is WARBOT a single killing machine or is it a member of a crew or faction( are there more than one)? There has been a bit of debate in the superset thread (where we discussing what superset would be great next) about it, please help clarify if you can.
A: Warbot is a different world really, but If I had to write it into lore, Warbot got plucked outta the WWR universe using similar portal tech that brought Zombies into the ZvR reality. The journey messed his wiring up a bot and decided to go on a one bot Zombie killing spree. We are going to team with IDW to finally do a proper range of ZvR toys, cover some of the fun stuff in 1/6th! you heard it first here, THE SUNDAY Q and ASS.

Q: Any chance we see some new squares this year? - I'm not just talking colorways, I'm talking weapons,packs,doors,etc..such a great design with so much room for growth!
A: EVOLSQUARE is coming!

Q: It's been mentioned that the ZWARTE TORENS ( Dutch Mercs) only DOMED (headed) bots. Does this just apply to the CAESARS ( when this factoid was told to us) or is that faction wide deal (we have seen a 1/12 ZT Square so there is wiggle room)? This would make them basically a Bertie/Caesar built faction if that be the case, unless there are other domed bots we have yet to see..please elaborate if possible, since ZT appears to be the last of the MERC crews..
A: In the WWR universe what seems like a Merc could easily be a government or Rothchild operation. A lot of work is done under the premise of this or that, Merc and so on. Info coming soon!

Q: Any word on Misty Slush preorder date (hopefully sometime this year) and perhaps some info on the robots in that painting, please? Can they be included too for a Popbot Brainfreeze Superset?! (I really dig that painting)
A: Well the sisters have these Drink Handles so to cover their real identities. Lady Sham, Misty Slush, Shandy etc on sale this year, how great to make a toy called Misty Slush!

Q: Any chance of giving us a hint on the first 1/6th AK release for 2014. Who and when would be nice, I'm ready to use my new 3AA membership. Thank you!
A: Zomb MD, 10" little Shadow! I think we have a premade Shadow Merde coming too, very soon!

Q: Is there special lore behind the TK's weapons? Where do they get their swords from? TK Sun looks like he has some old school katanas, are they given them at birth or is there some fabled blacksmith out there supplying them with their gear?
A: They are made by the Weapon forger TK's, outside of the TK forces their weapons are very popular, now the war is finished the black market is the place to buy them, most have forgotten that they were in fact TK weapons, most are sold as antique sword and what not from the past, not the future!

Q: Have you been thinking about 1/6 MK2 Bertie with crying baby accessory as seen in the ZVR prints?
A: I tried to push that baby with the original Bertie release, but everyone said NO! but as no I can make it yes, the little shit will make an appearance , maybe a Warbot 1/6th set or a single!

Q: I know you mentioned MARS would be revealed at NYTF.  Any chance you can share when he is tentatively scheduled for release?  Need to start saving for him and can we pretty please have more notice on upcoming releases? Personally speaking I allow a monthly budget on my spending and I've had to miss out on some 3A sales because I blew my spending a few days earlier (hours once) so the more notice the more I spend at Bambalandstore.
A: Mars will be late march/april, still need to tweak bits! We do discuss upcoming stuff, but we let chaos run our system, as you know chaos can be a  bitch , but dammit we will try. I woudl say this, If I make a clear ad or show may images of it painted, its close, 2-6 weeks till sale!

Q: Will the AK Book tie in characters like Merde and Bleak?  Will it cover the Robot Island story arc?   
A: Its just everything done plus new stuff, most have not seen the early stuff so its a nice wat ot share it. Everyone gets a mention and hope expanded upon in non linear or linear fashion. Shit I dunno, I just put them together, whatever feels right at the time! I love LOVE AK, but most have never heard of it. not seen a toy or have a poster, the first years of AK were shipped in low numbers. actually it still is, so its a building exercise still. AK is still playing bars, homing its craft and skills.

Q: Will we see more 3A Parade figures this year and if yes, than what is the name of the next release?
A: You can see them at NYCTF and online at the same time, the guy has a kilt, the girl has tight jeans, nothing else is needed!
Q: As you've probably guessed by previous sessions - there's a lot of want/interest in a 1/6th MK2 Bertie and Warbot in particular (2nd popular choice in next superset poll on 3A forum at the moment), would there be a way we could get one with an Amazon using the new seamless body?
A: Well the new seamless is on bottom half now, as shown, I know we can make the entire body like that if needed. And yes Amazon are on the list, the sisters are some of the best characters from the ZvR universe.

Q: Would we be able to see another 3A hoodie, Maybe an Adventure Kartel Hoodie to go with the shirt ?
A: I want to, but do enough of you guys want to, out tshirts are break even at best, done for fun, a hoody is more expensive too, but yea, if you guys push for it, ill make it!

Q: With Peppermint Grove pre-order two months behind us, I was wondering when the exclusive Severed Bothead may be revealed and when we might get another specific sale like that (and if there will be an announcement beforehand)?
A: We will reveal soon and put in Bamba!!

Q: With the TK classics line going back to basics, will you ever have a TK with a black eye again like how Hideo had one!? Been dying to have a TK with a black eye or even a new Hideo 2.0 would work too!
A: Yup, I love that eye, looking at the 8" ones only made my resolve to give TK's more black eyes !

Q: Is there a final word on The Maxx figure or should we stop hoping?
A: Its not up to me, if it was as easy as me saying it so, we would have them!

Q: "SITROM" in reverse is "MORTIS"…. any coincidence here regarding G.H.G and / or Popbot?
A: It is , isnt it. I would never make a toy without a story behind it, now I dont talk for Maestro Kenny, but Snow Pea certainly is grounded in one of my worlds. As an aside, I have a great 1/6th Snow pea figure from 2009, love it, hopefully one day I can release!

Q: Wonder Festival Winter 2014 is coming up next Sunday (Feb 9), any word on exclusives (if there will be any) and what 3A will reveal for the first time there?
A: We dont do exclusives…

Q: Is threeA going to Thailand Toy Expo in 1-4th May in Bangkok?
A: I like Thailand.

Q: Did you ever think about doing Gorillaz themed figures or working closely with them to produce something entirely new?
A: No Gorillaz stuff in the works , but releasing music and making videos for a virtual band…. mmmmm that would be fun!

Q: How much roughly will the Invincible Iron Man cost? Would love to buy multiples and need to plan my budget! Will it be Bambalandstore exclusives or available via retailers as well?
A: Well with 3AA is a steal, without 3AA its a bargain! Bambaland will have two exclusive IRON MAN designs!

Q: A couple of years back 3AVOX newsletter featured some shirts that were only available at a particular show. As I remember there were both olive and black shirts featuring insignia such as the Nightwatch, Dark Deed, Grave Digger etc. Point being, they actually looked like military shirts. I always thought they were the best shirts I've seen from 3A, or anyone else for that matter. Any chance any such things will ever be made available at Bambaland?
A: I think we sold some on bamba, lt me talk to Brent Ashe about teaming up to make some more new designs!

Q: You mentioned (in past Sunday Q&A) that you wouldn't say NO to Iron Giant figure…any chance 3A Legion could assist to make it happen?
A: mmmmm Legion help is always appreciated, good ol Iron Giant huh…

Q: What is your morning routine? Bacon & eggs and daily comic maybe?
A: Eggs, coffee, drawing, design, paint, set to repeat.. bacon is good, I mean cmon…good lord... crispy bacon...