Q&A session with Ashley Wood

Happy Sunday everyone, hope your weekend is going good and welcome to our twentieth Q&A session with Ashley Wood! As usual, here you can find answers on many questions about 3A Worlds and licenses, including EVENFALL; Popbot (Irimi TQ in particular); World War Robot; Adventure Kartel; Marvel The Invincible Iron Man; Bravest Warriors; Killzone; HALO; a number of NYTF questions (which starts next week and we have the booth there); 1/35th scale OSM figures and many more!

If you have an original and interesting question or questions in mind, you can submit them by various ways: contacting me via mail gimbat@threeAonline.com ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at 3AVOX Facebook page wall or via 3Asupport twitter and your question might get featured in one of future sessions. Thank you for sending your questions and for your continuous interest!

Q: You already mentioned in past Q&A that you will think of ways how to offer Action Portable figures teased recently on the blog on Bamba. Any chance that they can be sold on bamba in a AP AK cathedral box? So the box will double as a play set? Making that release diff to the retail?
A: I want to do a Cardboard Cathedral in a big way just need a cardboard engineer designer, I dont have those skills! cmon world, send me a cardboard cathedral designer!

Q: Will 2014 see the unveiling of a new, never before seen or mentioned, robot for the WWR Universe in either scale?
A: yes, I dont talk about many of the toys we are making, I still want a sense of surprise for much of our output!
                                                                                                                                                                Q: Have you ever considered making a map of the Popbot world? It'd be pretty crazy with the Underverse, outerverse, Europe is a wasteland, etc. Maps of AK and WWR would be cool too.
A: I have, but im no map maker, have to be pretty big too! I want one!

Q: Project TOTEM was created to stop the spread of the Strigoi infection or existed before that? How can a T.H.U.G suit kill a Strigoi? Does it have any weapon systems?
A: How does a thug stop a Strigoi, bashes the fuck out of it, tears its limbs off etc, standard gun fire doesnt have much effect on Strigoi, a more brutal path is needed. A popular weapon of the THUG is the steel pole, blunt trauma wounds and all! My vision of EVENFALL isnt a smart or elegant on an invading alien force, its good old fashioned grit, if the aliens hit hard, hit em back harder! The Strigoi are just one of many things that are around, the thug suit is one of many offensive weapons...

Q: In the OSM Evenfall line can we please get some large Ashley Wood style Project Totem spaceships?
A: Well not for EVENFALL but for NEWTONS WAR, yes indeed! I have been a fan of spaceships battling in space since I can remember! So please the OSM line, so 3A and Goodsmile Co can build a epic collection across many stories!

Q: With the recent news that Nintendo will be expanding their character licensing have you thought any about going for the license? I don't think I'm alone in saying that I would love to see your interpretation of characters like Link and especially Samus Aran (in both Armored and Zero suit of course) I think your art style would suit them perfectly.  
A: Well going forward the only licensed stuff 3A wants to do is when we can redesign on top of the original idea ( sure I love some stuff as is, but I will always stand up and have a whirl at classic stuff too! ) But I have to be honest, no Nintendo stuff at the mo. I want a Princess Daisy figure, always cooler than Peach!

Q: Now that you have said that Warbot is originally from the WWR universe is he a faction on his own or does he belong to another faction say perhaps Iron Panda?
A: I said he isnt from WWR, but I gave a way he could be! He is technically a ZvR character. BUT if he was from the WWR universe, he would be an experimental bot I think, maybe plucked from a ROTHCHILD experimental division!

Q: Great to hear the update about Bravest Warriors (in previous Sunday Q&A) - are they going to be offered up separately or as a four pack, and when you say 1/6th are we actually talking 12" figures since they're kids rather than adults?
A: Well they are big kids :) heights will vary! I think depending on how they are released will depend on packs, but a 4 pack would be great. My damn Beagle just ate our Catbug plush this weekend, really sad to see my youngest son giving first aid to it with bandaids.. especially when it was obvious catbug wasnt coming back..

Q: With the expansion of OSM to World War Robot Universe, is there any chance that we will see a 1/35 scale Bertie Dropship and Berties set in 1/35th scale?
A: Thats the intent, like I said, get behind this stuff, the 1/35th really lets us have fun!

Q: Will we see gigantic boxed sets of Microman?
A: Well if you guys want them, of course, the first wave is released next month, then all going well the next wave and some vehicles, the new 1/12th body has the peg holes on the back for micro action etc I have high hopes for this line!

Q: Do you have any plans to make another TQ with the Irimi headsculpt and clothing? I know that many would want this to happen, thank you!  
A: Yea, I should, wow I forgot her, she was supposed to turn up at Bamba.. I thought she had...lets do it, ill draw up an ad ;)

Q: Since we seen many characters being made in 1/12 recently is there any plans for 1/12 AP Nablers? Maybe a pack with different expressions and transparent stands? Or Nablers don't play in that scale?
A: Nablers don't do 1/12th, but saying that they suddenly will. Need to get pass the new 1/6th Nabler series coming up!

Q: You said once that Iron Panda don't have Caesar and they gone rogue, is there a chance they have Caesar if legion supports Iron Panda superset? From black market maybe? Maybe there's story in EVOL world, that there is hacker who steals robots and sell them in black market, and one of them got sold to Iron Panda fraction?
A: Panda gone Rogue superset is 1xClassic Square, 1xSquare long leg, 1xPanda Soldier, 1x Original Bramble, 1x1G Armstrong

Q: Are you aware of the success of Harold (among it's owners)? Everyone keeps their Harolds (and so do I), they are quite hard to find in aftermarket, and last time when Harold on sale at bamba, you said that if there's enough support, maybe you will release another Harold, now maybe we can see another Harold in the future? EVOL Harold maybe? Iron Panda, Dutch Merc, and Deimos need Harolds too!
A: Im not aware, but how cool is that, I love the Harold design, the tracks etc. I think I would like to see some of those colorways you mentioned at retail maybe ? Ill get onto it!

Q: Can we get some Adventure Kartel redheads please? Soft spot for the firey haired ladies.
A: Well a new Cherry Shadow is on the way!

Q: What type of bots do the WF use? We know they have Dropcloths, MK1 Squares, Harolds and Caesar's. Do they also have Brambles, Bertie MK2's, new style Dropcloths, Square MKk2's and Bertie MK3's? WF YO!
A: WF used them all, because they have access to all, they are not a simple corp, but,  a ROTHCHILD CORP, they are one of Rothchilds ground divisions, always have been! In the Evol story they take centre stage! The EVOL WF superset really should be one of each robot ever, but maybe too big, you tell me ? BUT THATS A FUCKING SUPER SET!

Q: How does BcELL deliver the bots to Rothchild customers? Heavily armed convoys? Dropship? Or something else entirely different?
A: Actually they are a logistics group, they deliver everything, from weapons to tech to food, imagine an armed FEDEX!

Q: Are we going to see the release of the TKYO back-up singer "Girl R/C" anytime soon?
A: Working hard as we can to get GIRL R/C ready to offer, I just wanna do the dumb ads, TKYO are a lot of fun for me, this is their next stage in the musical evolution! Plus GIRL R/C is from the same stock as QUEENY, but much younger, she is their to lead the YO, who re intact a crack team of TK under the guise of a band! Their story isn't over by a long shot!

Q: Can you give us an estimate on next AKLUB and TKLUB releases?
A: Soon as possible, Zomb MD and nurse Zomb soon, then HEAVY SLICER for TKLUB, Chinese New Year slowed them down a little, but soon! Want to offer some standard TK non club as well!

Q: Any chance on the booster frame from "Halo Legends" for the 3A Master Chief?
A: I just want to release Master chief, soon, but a complicated toy!

Q: Marvel The Invincible Iron Man looks fantastic!  Any chance we'll see Doctor Doom, Ultron, Spidey and the others at NYTF?
A: We wanted too, but Marvel approval process rules and time wasn't on our side. Plus this is Iron Man's moment!

Q: Speaking about NYTF, it's a closed for general audience or bloggers…so I was thinking whether you will be blogging or posting photos / videos on Instagram?
A: I dunno about any rules, but we shall post and I'm sure the visitors to our booth will as well!

Q: Adventure Kartel Hotfoot has such an awesome and unique weapon. I was wondering if there was any thoughts on using the flame-thrower in other designs such as the previously mentioned Bertie MK2 or, say, a new Grunt?
A: I think so, I love the flamer!

Q: Would you consider doing a remote control for any figures with light up features? It's such a pain having to take down the figure, find the switch, put the figure back up and then reversing the procedure to turn it off. A universal remote that could be used on all figures would be handy and look cooler.
A: I shall ask the engineers !

Q: There have been a lot of images and posts going up around the internet about threeA producing a Helghast Hazmat Trooper from Killzone, places are even taking pre-orders for it, does this mean a licensing deal with SOE? If so will we see figures from other Sony lines like The Last of Us? Going back to Helghast again, is it retail only or will make it to Bambalandstore and are there other characters in the works?
A: Hazmat is a retail only figure we are making with Sony!

Q: When we might see the new Dropcloth for other colorways?
A: Soon as the samples are done!

Q: How many colorways you plan to offer TK Hunter in and do you have the names for them? Does all TK hunters use the same weapon(s)? Will we see any other weapon(s) being used for the Hunters?
A: As they are really big, they use their fists, feet, and grappling hooks! they need no other weapons. There will be a few a colorways!

Q: I can't wait for EVENFAL TOTEM 1/6 T.H.U.G suit! Are we going to see different colorways and Zero G versions?
A: Just one for now, the classic ORANGE

Q: You mentioned 1:1 bear head and showed bear claw during Kuma Pascha release?  Are you still planning on releasing it?
A: YES, we changed it a little, the 1:1 bear head and bear suit will appear soon!

Q:  Excited with the Marvel line! Will there be lines showing on the seamless rubber parts of Iron Man (you can see on the recent photos) and will Steath's chest and hands have red lights too or will it just be the eyes?
A: The connection lines will be as small as possible, but its very hard to make them 100% vanish! , only the eyes will be red on the Stealth!

Q:  In recent releases of Adventures of Isobelle, both Beer Girls figures (Xmas and CNY ) were offered in transparent boxes.  Will this be the new packaging for future Adventures of Isobelle ?
A: Nope, in fact new Pascha releases apart from BEER GIRLS, will be in illustrated boxes!

Q: I regularly keep an eye on Ask thread at threeA forum and see that various people are asking whether you would be interested to make this or that  line of licensed figures and I am curious whether you find these questions interesting and what licenses you would love to pick and make eventually? Maybe Ashley Wood's Batman or Superman?
A: Maybe…

Q: Do you remember the first comic you ever read and would you like to flip through it now or perhaps you already have an art from it on your walls?
A: Donald Duck ( a reprint, cant remember the story ), won it  in art contest age 5. left it behind afterwards, ran back to get it….