Q&A session with Ashley Wood

Welcome to our latest Q&A session with Ashley Wood! First of all, thanks to everyone for their messages, emails and whatnot, asking about Sunday Q&A and when our weekly sessions return. We were extremely busy during NYTF and needed some rest after it, but now we are back with the bang!

If you have an original and interesting question or questions in mind, you can submit them by various ways: contacting me via mail gimbat@threeAonline.com ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at 3AVOX Facebook page wall or via 3Asupport twitter and your question might get featured in one of future sessions. Thank you for sending your questions and for your continuous interest!

Q: Can we please have a EVENFALL naked Strigoi OSM kit sooner than later to battle our T.H.U.G suits?
A: Naked Striggy, you can have that when you want it? ill put buddy strig in the store, yea ? Great for autopsy type photos!

Q: Is TK Kozo's mask removable and can we get the version of Undernaut for Bambalandstore one day? And another question, what type of hair is on Kozo sculpt?
A: Not removable, why, because it make the aesthetics of the design change when accommodating the removable mask. Yes there will be a Bamba version, different in some way!

Q: Would LOVE to see your take on Batman and some of the darker DC Universe figures (swamp thing, zatanna, sandman, black orchid)…would you be interested in something like that?
A: ….

Q: Do the 13 shit-heels the Blind Cowboy is hunting have anything to do with the illuminati or the occult? When can we expect them to make an appearance this year?
A: I want to make all 13, maybe do a shit heel club thing, buy them all, get a free ghost horse etc ? what ya think ?

Q: For your collaboration with Marvel you revealed few iconic characters, like Spiderman, Captain America, Doom and Ultron, but all of them is male, if you want and can make female character, who's the first on your mind? Storm, Psylocke, BW, or who?
A: We are making Black Widow and Ms Marvel. We are developing a new female body for these and upcoming female characters.

Q: In last Q&A session, you said that your first comic to read was Donald Duck comic, would you like to make your version of classic Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie? Classic is gold!
A: mmm, I dunno, I like Scrooge best, evil duck with the bucks!

Q: Do you have any estimated date in mind for when the first 1/12 2000AD figs might hit Bamba and what it might be?
A: Well we are working on 6 of them at the moment, its an ASAP thing for us and Rebellion!

Q: The 3A Parade line seems to be the umbrella for fashion figures/collaborations. Will we ever see releases from this line pop up on Bamba, especially two new figures shown at NYTF? Parade is our fashion line, but we have she other plans outside of 3A as well.
A: I think the two figures seen at NYC will be a March or April sale.

Q: Will EVENFALL see any human characters in toy form? Are there people who hunt Strigoi without THUG suits?
A: We will have the Thug pilot, a TOTEM agent male and female in the short term.

Q: Since you mentioned that the R/C girl TKYO is going to use the Queeny sculpt, will she be getting a staff-like weapon; like a mic with stand or some such ?
A: Not the same sculpt, same stock, as in genetic, Queeny is what would be considered an older TQ, not many TQ's make the age of Queeny, GIRL R/C is much younger, had her age! All new sculpt etc, she brandishes a Mic and quick witted verses as her weapon of choice. Or a snub nose blaster if that don't work!

Q: When we might see new Popbot and how he might look? VON5 maybe?
A: I want to do a new one, but have put it off so not to make it look like an annual event, its been a while since the first one, maybe the time is coming for a rework!

Q: Any estimated about WWRp MIM price?
A: Ill talk to Siu Yin about that Monday, ill get back to ya asap!

Q: Will The Beautiful War be available on Comixology? Or that's the question for IDW Publishing?
A: Well yea, I want it out there!

Q: Was amazed by 24" Pascha! What are the plans for the 24'' figures, is it just for shows or you plan to launch a new line?
A: 3A is going to launch a large range of female figs, 24", just to see what kinda of detail we can do, realism juxtaposed against stylized design. Going to be fun!

Q: When can we expect the first 3A Transformer fig to be released?  Will they be modeled after the G1 characters?
A: I ask that myself, as they say, its complicated, they toys are very complicated but moving along, we have a few projects that are slow in the works and unannounced but will be worth the wait!

Q: Is the Mega Zomb slated to be released soon (after the Zomb MD)?  
A: Just finalizing now, mid year I would say, maybe May!

Q: Great news on possible collaboration with Todd McFarlane on Spawn figs! Not sure how specific the details are around just creating characters from his Spawn property, but would love to see your take on the Creech, Poacher, Gravedigger, Mandarian Spawn and some of his Curse of Spawn characters (like Dessicator)!  Any specifics you can share yet on this upcoming line like scale? I think many of your fans have been wanting this for a long time.  
A: Well I have always wanted to make 1/6th Spawn toys, and at the start of 3A I talked to Toddy about it, Im glad the times has passed between now and then as 3A has grown in its tech and ability to give a series such as SPAWN the level that is needed. As anyone who knows me well, my time at TMP is important and special, and the chance to work with Todd again is exciting! More info soon!

Q: Will the new WBR MARS robot have a nemesis baddie to fight with? How soon will we see such a WBR evil bad bot if so.
A: I never said WBR were the good guys ?

Q: Can you give us an idea as to when the next TKLUB will come out, or even when this new chapter will wrap up - culminating with the bonus TQ? Thanks!
A: I know, give us the TQ yo!, well we have a new HEAVY SLIVER very soon, and some other options too, TKLUB will be picking up steam soon!

Q: We know there will be a EVOL version of Rothchild, are there EVOL versions of any other characters we already have in toy form as well? Any other characters undergo a visual change in EVOL?
A: Well some will see revisits, a Bramble in May is a EVOL version ( not that different but cool), there will be a new Earth Coalition peace keeper ( Grunt ) and so on.. Kinda excited to release Rothy soon, a cool fig I think!

Q: Have your kids ever came to you with character designs/ideas they wanted you to make into toys? Or are any of your existing or upcoming characters been inspired by an idea your kids came up with?
A: Hell yea, they say things, or throw ideas that mesh and make me think, OH YEA COOL!

Q: Have you ever considered grabbing the license for Indiana Jones 1/6th scale figures? Or that's not threeA / your thing?
A: Not my thing, I see INDY and think Fuck Han, whats with the hat, there are Greedo's to shoot!

Q: I dig the punkish look of UKTK. We already have Golden Doplhin and the question is: will 3A release more figures influenced by punk imagery? Also will there be a UKTQ?! That would be awesome!
A: Well Punk is important to me, on the level of the thinking behind it, DIY and shit, thats a major part of my ideal, also when I was a kid, and Punk was in its visual golden period, it was kinda scary, yet cool, alienating yet saying, join us, the world is wrong etc… Its fun to dip into that world, still looks good today! UKTQ is go!  I think PUNK for me has always been a wink and nod that you are not alone, when you feel outside what the immediate surroundings offer! Go put on a Buzzcocks record, by some Docs, tartan skirts re timeless..

Q: With the announced next series of Nablers, is there an update on next Miss + Mrs book?
A: Update, Ash is working as hard as he can, really ( completely disregards health in this dept ), want to finish this more than anyone, very fond of the original book!

Q: When we might be seeing Archer TK or next 7Bones?
A: I want Archer first then another female 7bones!

Q: Any word on how limited is UKTK for Toycon and will there be Bambalandstore variant of him?
A: 50 for toy con, and there are some bamba version, all different, but at last you get a chance at a mohawk TK!

Q: Let's talk baddies! Without skeletor there's no he man, without mumra there's no liono, who is GiJoe without cobra? And to really drive this home, without vader, there NEVER would have been a Skywalker. So, TK hunter looks great! But we need more bad guys? What surprises do you have from the Dark side of Popbot?
A: Well its hard to answer without giving away the main plot of the TK, new we can make seamless female bodies I'm interested in a Mortis fig, I have some ideas there, the 13 shit heels are villains in a way, 5 bros etc. Remember Popbot isn't SW or GIJOE with a linear  good vs bad storyline, its a story of a young man who loses himself, and needs to find his home. He is probably his own best villain and hero.

Q: Will we see a more general release Beer girl Isobelle at any point? Also, a cosplay Lizbeth.  
A: Yea, more Beer Girl in March ( Pascha ) and we are also working on a Lizbeth + Pascha cosplay two pack!

Q: Did T.P. Louise write the Isobelle Pascha book? Your recent interview seemed to imply this.
A: Isobelle Pascha wrote it, we just published it.

Q: Will we for surely be seeing the Chief in different renditions throughout the years of him some time eventually in 1/6 scale? Also, would the Elites be doable with all the different joint articulations from a human?
A: We have an Elite.. We have a Chief..

Q: When you mentioned a Bramble in the Iron Panda super set, did you mean a 1/6 bramble with a mini-gun or rocket launcher? We need more Brambles with mini-guns.
A: I mean 1/6th

Q: Can you please tell us more about UKTK character, like his name, story and whether it's coming with EDO style hands?
A: Original hands, UKTK was deployed due the Manchester war bleeding out into the general UK, TK not only fight the MORTIS but are general peace keepers, especially DEVIL SOCKS!

Q: When Zomb MD might hit Bambalandstore?
A: Zomb MD and Female Zomb two pack  is soon, not long and you can set up surgery!

Q: MGS REX been listed on some retail sites as the pre-order, is it re-release of MGS REX or they have their info wrong?
A: According to Kim we have some old stock and parts, the demand is there Im told due to RAY.

Q: How many pages are in Art of TK mook? Can't wait to get it in my mail and would love to hear more details!
A: It keeps growing originally it was 48 pages etc, much bigger now, Brent and me are moving to lock down asap!

Q: I stopped by at your NYTF booth and I must say that you had amazing displays and great team, and marking up the event with some vinyl boobs was freaking great! Thank you for that! What are your impressions of NYTF? Will you be returning next year?
A:  Let me say this, NYC was great, 100% credit to the 3A team, I don't think enough is said about them, from Gimbys and Gregory for their hardwork in the back ground, to Brent for his design and Siu Yin who really was the gate keeper of the entire booth and the way it was put together and run!  Anyway ill dry the tears from eyes and say NYC was a blast , we are what are and that was on display , its always fun to get our tits out too!