Q&A session with Ashley Wood

Nice and relaxing Sunday everyone!

It's not a round number, but still kinda hard to believe that it's our 22nd session! I mentioned it in the past, but personally I really love doing this, it's fun to go through all your submitted questions and then sitting on the edge of my seat, while waiting for answers.

In this one, you will find good number of things covered from World War Robot and 24" Isobelle Pascha to fast cars and parenting (one of my favorite Q&A here).

If you have an original and interesting question or questions in mind, you can submit them by various ways: contacting me via mail gimbat@threeAonline.com ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at 3AVOX Facebook page wall or via 3Asupport twitter and your question might get featured in one of future sessions. Thank you for sending your questions and for your continuous interest!

Q: How does N.O.M replenish it's ranks?
A: They actively search for new members that fit their cause! Like any organization! Granted most don't meet the minimum standard...

Q: Have you ever considered doing a Warhammer 40k line of toys or art? Have you ever played any board games in the past or do you still play any with your kids?
A: I think Warhammer would due great to make into 1/6th, fuck off crazy detailed figures etc, absolutely! I used to play trivial pursuit and monopoly a bit, good fun!

Q: As I understand 4th NOM is an anniversary style homage to original Nom de Plume, but is he also apart of WWR canon as the 4th disciple?
A: YUP, he just changed up his gear, same guy under that mask!

Q: You mentioned that the new Evol release coming soon is Rothchild, is he going to be a major departure from the clean cut Rothchild we had previously, like a beat up dirty bearded backpacker sort?
A: Well he is a departure but Rothy is still the same guy at heart, plus he cant seem to grow any facial hair!  Actually the new Rothchild figure is a huge change for WWR, maybe it won't be that dramatic to most, but it is, and it opens a door previously shut firm in the world of WWR!

Q: Since the last couple years I have seen 3A grow substantial amount. How has the hatchery grown as well? I'm sure with so many releases and upcoming lines, there has to be many working hands producing our favorite toys.
A: The hatchery has grown the most I think over the years, I'm still in my bedroom on fold away table ( no shit ) but I kinda like that, guerrilla warfare style….. Its  a growth of technology and skills too, not just work force. The future for toys is very different from now, with the advent of 3D printing and other less mainstream tech the possibilities and requirements of all toy/product makers will shift massively. It won't be good enough just to make stuff, you will have to make the best, with tech and features that push way beyond todays. This isn't just a situation for toys, but for many consumer products, its exciting, it will make us all strive and push beyond what we know! Which is in turn great for our audience, our supporters.

Q; Who have been the top 5 most influential people in your life, dead or alive? And how have they affected you to transform you into the person you are today?
A: It changes daily, where once I found inspirement, I see only failure and weakness now, so Ill have to wait and get back to on this list!

Q: For AK, do you have Public Opinion or The Spank on your radar for figures in 2014?  I can't wait to learn more about these characters!
A: The SPANK yes, part of the Dolphin, Tommy Woo triad.

Q: It seems the web is buzzing with your Killzone figure with Sony.  Are there plans for more Killzone figures?
A: Yup!

Q: After seeing Red Atonement or Palm in the face Sunday JC, is there any chance we'll see some more JC versions 'based' on biblical themes? Calming of the storm, cursing of the fig tree, cleansing of the temple, crown of thorns or transfiguration (GID?) could be tons of fun…
A: FIG TREE JC is must! JC will have many faces as AK continues!

Q: Any plans for Adventure Kartel 3AGO? A little 8" Zomb love would be tight (that's what she said).
A: Ha, well its like this, I want the 8" to feature heavily on new stuff, but it also brings up such must haves as TK and Deplume, and I have to say Zombi too. Best way forward will probably be a mix 70% new, 30% old. Time will tell, I thin kits fun to make 8" figs, hope the line can expand to rival the Mego lines of old!

Q: What's the story behind Red Atonement JC and Shadow Merde characters? And of course when we might see them up for sale? Will there be a prior notice?
A: Red JC is really SUPER PISSED OFF JC, when he goes beyond his sedate knee the evil state of mind, he basically turns red and beats the living crap outta anything that moves! Shadow Merde is the original of the shadow mode seen in AK, its like a virus, he was the first to get it and introduce it in to the family. Adventurers will adventure! Re selling, we never really know either, I think the best notice will be a new ad, once you see that, its close!

Q: Now that your making toys for Frederator, is there any chance they'll be making cartoons of your IP's? Perhaps an Adventure Kartel cartoon series on Cartoon Hangover?
A: Im happy with what I'm doing with Frederator for now, these toys are not easy throw stuff, want to make sure the energy is focused on them to make some special totems that fans of the show and the ideals of Frederator can enjoy!

Q: Any chance with the 24" Isobelle line on the way and the plan to sell the body once and the clothes afterwards that she could have removable, swappable hair pieces in different colours? Pack her with black, blond and red or whatever so we can mix and match her hair colour too?
A: Well this is how I intend to sell 2foot iso in May.. Iso will be sold separately with a basic set up of clothes and shoes, then you would buy the accessories/clothing packs and whatnot as you want them, Im going to launch with a separate Space Pascha pack ( like the sdcc 1/6th fig ) I would like to sell the ongoing heads separately to, and hands etc. Saying that each character will always get a full release like Lizbeth, Miyu etc, then the separate parts. Im hoping this size of action figure can lead to really nice details and inspire you guys to do your thing too and kit bash. Im not sure how this line will do, but I think its a fun and interesting experiment! We will also release a 24"TK experimental fig this year too, cant have big Iso getting lonely!

Q: You mentioned Farrah in Marquis 3AA set info, "time to replace Farrah!", who or what is Farrah? What is his/her/it connection with Marquis? Or was it a reference to the poster?
A: it was a ref to the 70s poster, nice catch.. maybe showing my age a bit.. actually I was all about the Barbarella film poster… mmmm

Q: Large Martin seems to be forgotten, so I want to know will we see another huge & bulky WWR bot, like Large Martin?
A: New version maybe, like with articulated fingers? And Oscar too, would love to see him made. I have not forgotten him, but we had many LM, I have a one more variation ill try and get too! Oscar would be fun too!

Q: In a previous Q&A you told us ON THE RUN TOMMY was coming this year, a Tommy in disguise. Will we also see who or what he is running from?
A: Running from everything, remember this kid is the king of emo! But as we know no one reads this stuff, ill tell you.. On the run with lil shadow ( note the name ), running from whom you ask, the DEAD ASTRO!

Q: Dead de Plume is GIDDY, is it going to be like Oppenheimer whit all the details, and color in the clothes?
A: Dirty GID in parts, but not all white etc, he is a character, has a reason to light colored  he is cool, I think our direction with GID is better than just clean glory stuff, which is cool, but I think the WWR universe needs to show usage and age!

Q: Will we ever get a Hammerhead Bertie fitout as depicted in your painting "There" with duel engines. Is Hammerhead based on the MK3 frame with different loadout options, or a new model ie MK4?
A: I think that would be cool, I would say MK3 frame with mods, you guys need to push and remind too!

Q: Do you think we could have a warehouse sale on Bamba this year for anything that's in overstock? That would be awesome! Melting Bambalandstore server and all that…
A: Me and Siu have discussed that, but we don't hold much of anything, just for replacements, I know we have some stuff though… Il get back to you next week. Now if you can all get to West Australia, Ill sell my stuff at retail I have massed one the years :)

Q: I think most people can only pay with paypal. You know how it works, if you don't want to have extra charge, you need to have money on it. But they take about 6-10 days to transfer the money from your bank account. The problem is that the sales are usually announced around one week prior, is it possible to make it 10 or 11 days prior announcement, so everyone can transfer the money before?
A: Good point, as said before we such of this, but this is a good point, will try for 14 days from now on, and keep asking this question, don't let us off!

Q: If you are able to produce an iron on/sew on patch for the MIM set, any chance of seeing them for other WWR factions too? There are cool symbols, great mottos (Dead Eyes Open, Counting Bodies Like Sheep, etc.) as well as some incredible imagery in the faction markings, so maybe an assorted pack? Pretty please!
A: Well because its cool to get it in context to the set or toy, not just a box or bag of them. Its also a price thing, the sets can absorb cost, to sell separately or even bundled will make them pricey coz that shit aint cheap as they say!  Im not a guy to say thats it, ill think on it, maybe try an experiment to see how they do without toys etc.

Q: Can you please share any intel on Sombre de Plume and is the cloth under Marquis de Plume helmet and mask supposed to be like a kevlar/bullet proof cloth? Like found on bomb specialists protective suits? Added protection for Marquis going up against the Fallens, wondering why you decided to not have it frayed or worn around the edges? And it being not ordinary cloth would explain that.
A: The Drape is a ballistic shield to a point, and it also separates their clan if you will from other deplume. NOM attribute much strength to imagery and the way perceptions alter, so each deplume and his circle like to have the differences, whether it be mask or clothing etc.

Q: When we might be seeing single Squares in EVOL or maybe a whole new set? Have you thought about Squares development at all?
A: Well as we developed a ton of mini square colorways lately for WWRp sets, the consensus was these are cool, lets make a 1/6th box set for Squares fans, so thats next, but the next Square is coming, it doesn't take much to imagine the logical EVOLution of him!

Q: When will might see Action Portable Labs and Bitch Emma made available?
A: If there was any justice in the world, it would due today, if you wanna buy from a labby drawing it can  :)

Q: Is there any chance that we will see the return of the mighty Bamba Boss? I really miss that guy and pretty sure that I am not the only one!
A: mm I love the boss, but I never feel there is much love him.. cue the awwwwwww audio, but I have a big ass JETPACK bamba vinyl nearly ready and want to make some more of the articulated one, mainly a time thing, maybe I should offer DIY articulated one, let you guys do your thing! Actually I want to offer a DIY of all our robots on bamba...

Q: You seem to be a very honest and open person about using adult imagery and language, so i`m curious do you have any censor policy for your kids or they have free access to your world? Thank you!
A: Well as a parent I make sure my children are only exposed to material they can handle, and as their parent I know what that is. I think the key to sexual imagery/any kind of hyper imagery or thinking is to make sure that there is an inherent maturity to understanding the real from the fantasy of what they are viewing. I don't believe in censorship, as it can lead to repression and control of our basic liberties , but I also do not want my children being exposed to hyper sexual or violent images until they can digest it in a mature way and not come to unrealistic and dangerous views of the world, which is simple as I give a shit and take time to care and talk to them about such stuff, I do not rely on the powers that be to handle it for me and bitch and moan when it goes pear shaped! Like anything, some simple logical thinking and care can negate most of life's tribulations!

Q: You are asked a lot of WWR questions, hope you aren't tired of them…but that's only because we do care about the story and would love to see more development and bots! My favorite is Jung de Plume, is he going through any significant changes in WWR EVOL and what is his story?
A: The NOM play a major part in EVOL, and I want to bring together and tie up much of the threads I have laid! I  appreciate the questions and interest in the WWR, very flattering and the questions never get old!

Q: After UK TK do you think it would be a possibility to create a US TK? Something along the lines of a WWII pilot, painted bomber jacket, cigar & guns…
A: mm well it has to be canon right, the Manchester war is Popbot lore, makes sense the TK are there, the US has another fate, or doesn't time lines are funny like that.

Q: Do you like fast cars and racing in general? If yes, which brand you like most?
A: I do, but its the engineering I'm attracted too, not the speed, I'm crap at driving so thats probably why.. Im a BMW fan I think, M6 is a great car, the general finish is alway stood, and they look tough. I like AUDi for the finish too. If your listening BMW send me DIY car, ill paint it, really... WAVES TO BMW!!!

Q: I know for a fact that you enjoy listening music and have very particular taste, are you picky about the sound quality? I mean, whether you listen your tunes everywhere you go or specifically on nice hi-fi system at home?
A: I like a warm deep sound, my parents HI-FI system from the 70's made me fall in love with that rich sound. I personally like listening to music in my car, blue-toothed from spottily on iPhone, not the greatest sound I'm sure, but the car makes it sound rich and have a depth that doesn't fizzle on the top end. Cmon one of lives greatest things is listening to music while driving!!!