Q&A session with Ashley Wood

Welcome to another Sunday Q&A with Ashley Wood!

Below you can find thirty questions about many of our words (WWR, Popbot, Adventure Kartel, our upcoming 24" Tomorrow King figure...you name it!), hinting few releases (AK Red Atonement JC for instance) and very interesting question about civilians and how they are affected in World War Robot Universe.

If you have an original and interesting question or questions in mind, you can submit them by various ways: contacting me via mail gimbat@threeAonline.com ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at 3AVOX Facebook page wall or via 3Asupport twitter and your question might get featured in one of future sessions. Thank you for sending your questions and for your continuous interest!

Q: There had been talk about getting into making spaceships a while back. Is that still in the works and if so, in what context? Steampunk spaceships? Retro Rockets? I thought that would be a cool line to make.
A: I think any kind, I have the desire to make ships that I design, and also make ships from universes that I enjoy, I think its a great un-explored area for us.

Q: Will WWR Evol include the Newel 43 faction, or have they disbanded? Or perhaps Evolved into something new?
A: They are always there, good money in that part of the war, long as people are being named, there will be NEWEL!

Q.  When War Nurse is released, she should come with a Medic patch.  Do you agree and perhaps you can hint when she is coming?
A: Soon as she is ready, I think a patch is a must, she is a member of NEWEL!

Q: After seeing the fantastic new JC head sculpt, are there any other classic figs that will get an updated older look?
A: I think all will get a polish and tweak, as I refine my ideas and the story continues! Glad ya dug it!

Q: Can we please get some WWRp super and mega sets for other colorways (Gravedigger would be great for instance), freaking epic deal - offer em up as sketches, we never mind!
A: This is how Im gonna do it, I know you guys want different sets, so Ill offer them all( as in colorways), if enough support  it gets made! easy! The fact that you guys buy off my mangy sketches is a great compliment, never fails to make me chuffed, I'm honoured

Q: Could we get a 1/6th Barbarella style fig? Big hair, boots, pvc…

Q: When 24" TK is made, which TK will it be?  If it sells well will we see future releases of 24" TK's?
A: TK's a TK. Be cool to release many different ones, but have to see what the response to the larger size is. I imagine this size will work great for the photographers.. Guess we will see!

Q: Can you please hint the colorway of Popbot Kozo? Is it red? Any update on Bamba version? Hoping hear to hear some good news soon.
A: All we give is good news, I guess a Bamba version of an Underverse explorer is needed, won't be KoZO, but a different character with similar gear!

Q: Whatever happened to the Stasia and Rouge feet? Were these made for a show? Any more news on these?
A: Made for me, I guess, have a quite a few more too now, will display here and there, or sell, never thought on it too hard!

Q: It was awesome to hear Nom 4th is the Nom de Plume in disciple gear, will we ever see him as Noir in disciple gear? Green lenses like the OG etc. ?
A: maybe..

Q: Why did the supreme choose a Plume to hunt the Fallens instead of a more fanatical Disciple? Is it a advantage to have a Plume hunt the fallen Plumes oppose to using a Disciple? Or is it Marquis is just the perfect man for the job? Known for his Legendary hunting skills or brutal nature to all Nom?
A: NOM have their reasons, but the Fallen actively move against the NOM, they are a direct threat to the Supreme NOM and her plans of trinity.

Q: How can Rothchild stand a chance when Nom's have the ability to take control of robots? We know that its a challenge for a Nom to take control of a Caesar and more often than not loose there life trying to do so but it can be done… will Rothchild ever develop a bot completely immune to the influence of nom?
A: Rothchild isn't a robot, hence he has a chance!

Q: Can you show us any box art for Dead Astronaut Gangsta? Would be great to see and help with the wait, thank you!  
A: I had some on my blog a while back, let me get the office to dig op some photos of the boxes etc. they will ship soon, but as always we tweaked bits to make it better, delays suck, and we apologize, but its not coz we are lazy, but we are making stuff better!

Q: Do Gaistaz still have a role in WWR Evol, and will any of the GID Bertie Mk2.5's be Gaistaz aligned?
A: Yes, most of the same parties are there in some way, but as the name suggests, they have evolved whether in look, ideals or just plane changed sides etc.

Q: I was really hoping to see Zomb MD and Nursey soon, any chance of seeing preorders in April?
A: Thats the plan, we are trying some new techniques with Zomb MD, re clothing etc, might work, might not! Its a fun set!

Q: What's the story behind MiM squad? What's their target operation? Are they assembled for special mission?
A: They are a strike force, for the JEA Marine corp, say a beach head is making a landing difficult for the grunts, they send the MIM in to clear a path etc. MIM is larger than the set etc, thats the core standard load out, but a MIM force could consist of 5 Armstrong 1G only if the mission dictates. I think there should due a MIM Large Martin... what ya think?

Q: I really like the original Ghost Color Little Shadow (Beijing Gathering exclusive), do you have plans to make Ghost Color variant of LS2, right?
A:  I hear that a lot, I think I can swing that, or maybe redo the set with new versions.. SUNDAY MORNING FUCKDOWN SET! yup, thats it..

Q: Talking about WWR supersets and Iron Panda which was the most popular set, would there be any difference in terms of layout for a African-Defense or a Warbot superset (if they will be ever made), as opposed to the Iron-Panda super set?
A: When you say layout, you mean load out as in what robots in the set. If so, yes I want to mix it up, have two of something, add in Brambes, Berties and LM etc.. Iron Panda soon, see you IP supporters are up for a challenge!

Q: Really excited for up coming releases of Marvel The Invincible Iron Man figures, and upcoming release of Dr. Doom. Have you thought of doing both stylized version of Marvel figures and traditional figures? Have you thought about 1/6 Rhino or Juggernaut in ether style. I'd love to have those two figures – I think your company would be the ones to do it right, as well as the 1st company to do it at all. And what about Doom bots? Need them too!
A: Well they are not stylized, but my versions, I guess you can see them as either or either depending on what side of the table your on… I love the Juggernaut, some of my favorite X-men are the one's with Juggy in them around the time JR JR was illustrating the comic  so maybe, be a big ass toy too!! which is awesome!

Q: As far as i know, from movies, literature and history, war is hell and civilians are suffering governments are prick, how's the civilians in WWR ?
A: Well up to the EVOL storyline most were not effected directly, sure their children joined the War effort on Earth, robots deployed, walls put up, same old stuff, but actually seeing or being affected was still largely kept to a minimum. Much of what has happened has been unseen by the general populace. Most on Earth see a PR push against MARS, using left and right politics to tell different sides of varying tones to build up a fair view of Mars conflict, but the subtext was always, FUCK MARS< THEY HATE US, AND THINK WE ARE GOD FEARING MORONS! This constant barrage made many feel they were in the conflict personally, in the trenches with the bots. That being said, the EVOL period brought the war home, as countries tired of this began to back MARS and call for an end to hostilities, which lead to more traditional conflict on Earth. War isn't simple, just looks it, there isn't a way to win, just a way to lose less.

Q: I know it has been asked a bunch of times already. But just for good measure I'll ask as well, when exactly will the premade figures JC and Merde be for sale? I never was able to get JC yet so I'm really excited for this release. Especially now that I am part of 3AA.
A: Red JC this coming week, see the ad, head to Bamba, everyone needs a pissed off red JC in their life!

Q: I understand exact release dates can’t be given but can you give a hint in which state of development WWR Bertie MK2 is?
A: Soon as I can, we are working on it, we had one, but it wasn't the right size, might use as a 2.5 one day , the transition between MK2 and MK3.

Q: With the release of WWRp NOM Field Commanders Berties and Graveyard Shift Bertie Mk2.1, does the design of the previously announced WWR Bertie MK2 have design cues of them, like the Stork Eye and Hinged Feet? Or it's WWRp Bertie MK2 look?
A: Its a little different, the larger size demands some changes, but the MK2 is the base model, I would like a stork eye version, or even the unseen FLAK Bertie!

Q: Will we see the old school and insanely awesome bulky revolver (30mm) of WWR Bertie MK1 and Bramble MK2 return with WWR Bertie MK2 or will we see different weapons?
A: Different, and just as bulky!

Q: In last Sunday Q&A you mentioned a Dual Engined Hammerhead Bertie MK3. Would these be a WWR or WWRp release and if this is WWR would such a release bring a WWR Damaged Bertie MK3.5 release any closer?
A: 1/6th is my thinking!

Q: You just mentioned New Square Colorway boxset, can you please elaborate a bit about it, what scale, version and etc? Really love the Squares and can't wait!
A: 1/6th, last time ill sell a square Mk1 on Bamba!

Q: Will see Zombacle prophet coming to Bambalandstore?
A: yea, a red hair version would be fun!

Q: How are the Micronauts doing? Really looking forward to the release one!
A: April for wave one!

Q: How often do you read these Sunday questions and think: wow, that's a good one and what's your favorite questions / theme?
A: Every week they make me think, remember stuff! I look forward to this, nice to know that there is thinking beyond what you guys see. We all put in a shit load of effort to keep this going, the level of interest we get makes it easier to get through the harder days!

Q: What are the weekends like in Ashley Wood's house?  
A: mmm like weekdays, but I see no difference in them really , I try to enjoy, achieve and use everyday to its fullest!