Q&A session with Ashley Wood

Good Sunday to you ladies and gents, I hope you are having a nice one and if you aren't, it's about to get better (especially if you are into threeA)!

Thanks to everyone who keeps submitting their questions and anxiously awaiting for the next Q&A to go up! In this one, you can find answers about WWR Square Box set and Campbells Mighty Soup Square; WWR WF set; Popbot Irimi TQ; 1:1 and 1/12th scale stuff; 2000AD figures and many more!

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Q: What would you like to release as the next TKlub release? What would you like to release as the next TK Classics release?
A: Well I know who it is, but ill wait a little to announce to make sure its all ready, its in April, I want to get the TKLUB moving so you guys can get your TQ's!

Q: Were you ever a fan of the cartoon/toy line/comics M.A.S.K by Kenner?  
A: As a kid I had a passing interest in the toys, more a fan now, be fun to play with the idea!

Q: Can you please name some of 1/12th 2000AD characters which are in the works and in which quarter of this year we might see one for pre-order?
A: We are looking for a mid years pre-order as we want a to release a bunch together, We have Dredd, Sov Judge, Nemesis, Hammerstein, Robo Hunter and Judge Anderson slated for the first wave!

Q: Will we ever see a release of WWR female soldiers with the same awesome tactical combat gear as the male soldiers? Any written in stone or approximate date set for War Nurse Jessica?
A: I don't see why not, female Commando would be cool!

Q: Can the Dirty Giddy Graveyard shift Bertie MK2.1s come with the all weather coats, just like WWRp NOM Field Commander ones?! Pretty please!  
A: Well the Coats are NOM coats, they care for their bots a little more, the Stork eye doesn't have them by default… they are cool without them!

Q: Caesar type WWR preorder, Bertie mk2.1 some of them have the stork eye some dont depending on faction but all have new feet. Any chance of that happening? DIY could come with both stork and non stork heads etc.
A: Yup, I want to offer a few options for the 1/6th MK2, also working on ALBERT a Bertie EVOL variant in 1/6th.

Q: What's the transformation process to become N.O.M…Can anyone survive the gas that augments their abilities?
A: There is no process, they are NOM from the day they are born, they always find their way to Supreme mother. There they learn to use their natural gift more effectively.

Q: How Irimi TQ plans are coming along? She has the best looking TQ headsculpt and we need one at Bambalandstore. Thanks you!  
A: May at the latest, she is on the schedule, we have an internal list of projects, but ultimately its just me and Siu chewing through it all, so sometimes stuff is held up a little!

Q: Will threeA make an SDCC appearance this year? Will you again be sharing space with IDW if so?
A: mm Im not sure, SDCC is fun, but I feel we need our own booth now ( not so easy to get it seems) I feel like the younger brother of IDW, kinda getting in the way of them and their date. Which is kinda cool but I also recognize the aggro that can bring. We will have some kinda of toy regardless selling somewhere, a TK is the target, ill bring this up Monday morning!  

Q: Any chance we could/would ever see a wooden Square become available ? With the tech of today this seems like it could be a possibility without an insane manufacturing cost ( I might be totally wrong). A little laser engraving and a few wood stains,they could turn out quite nice. Hell, I would even take a oversized MK1 just painted like wood to be honest…
A: I like tree's more than squares… but I kinda like the idea of a large Vinyl MK1 painted in a faux wood style. I wonder how big we can make a MK1 without getting into crazy money...

Q: Have you considered doing more 1:1 scale stuff? A 1:1 De Plume mask and 1:1 TK sword or jacket would be killer.
A: I would love to make the Deplume 1:1 mask and helmet, I guess we are not set for that kinda of stuff, but yea, that on some kinda of stand, baller! Likewise for the TK jacket!

Q: Would you ever consider including interchangeable heads with different expressions for the 1/6th scale Adventure Kartel or World War robot figures? It would be cool to have different expressions for characters like Tommy or Shadow.
A: Be great to have heads that can change expression, Tommy doesn't change his expression much, only the MY NADS ARE AFLAME expression is an option, post Little shadow kicking!

Q: Do you have any updates, which you can share about new F-Legion Cyborg?
A: Working on some weapons for him, then we can drop, be great to make the whole F-Legion, the idea of war vet mercs never gets old, robot or hume!

Q: Please give us a clone of andy Warhol in 1/6 form, with all his packaging squares tagging along, that would be so great!
A: It would, I can make the Popbot version, as he isn't Andy Warhol, and like I said before there is a chance to make an official one too, its on the list!

Q: Do you have any news about EVOL AMMO DROP set? And speaking about accessory packs, what do you think about offering clothes packs for humanoid figs?
A: The bottom line on the AMMO RECHARGE pack, its there, but we are so stretched on the figures and waypoint toys that the smaller things kinda slip through. But its on the list, the load out is done, maybe ill spend a weekend and get it sorted!

Q: So I was wondering if you plan on releasing a figure with the new books coming out, because it would be awesome if we could get some sort of special figure released with the Adventure Kartel book.
A: Every AK is special, but hey I want the book to kinda be its own thing, we have a slew of new AK characters coming and they are all kinda special!

Q: Now that JC has most of his Upper body covered in tattoos, the logical next step should be his lower body. Will we see a JC with leg tattoos down the road? And will we see some extreme and funny versions of JC, like let's say Hobo JC with the shopping cart and "Repent, the end is nigh!" sign?  
A: Funny, his shit is getting more serious, his war on Zomb MD and evil in general is just warming up, leg tats are next, glowing tats too, the story of JC and the AK is really just out of beta, I think the release of ZOMB MD kinda heralds in AK V.1.  No hobo, fuck man, HE IS FIGHTING JC, he kicks the fuck outta hobo's for shits and giggles, lazy fucks he thinks they are!

Q: Actually not merely a question, but an answer for your question about Large Martin MiM, it's great to have MiM squad addition, please throw in MiM LM on sale, Damn Large Martin would be cool!
A: One day, ill make a 1'6th one.. ill put it up via art soon! Its been too long since DLM made an appearance!

Q: What's the story behind graveyard shift Bertie MK2.1? Are they following Dead de plume? What's the target of Dead de plume and GS Bertie MK2.1? Are they rise to haunting other factions?
A: Graveyard shift Bertie is more a term, operating at and after midnight etc, the term Graveyard shift I think refers to working after midnight etc. If Im wrong about, meh it sounds cool anyway! Certain sides in the WWR enjoy the imagery and myth certain names and operating tactics conjure. Humans have always thrived on it, no different in the WWR universe!

Q: Will the Campbell Mighty Soup Square be a normal Bamba release? Or perhaps slightly different variant for Bamba please?
A: Actually, they were made for the Thailand Toy expo with two other epic Mighty squares. PYJAMA and LOGO PORN, but we also made some for Bamba as well of all 3, ill have more info on it and the availability soon. Kinda cool that it got some love, its a guilty pleasure to mess with such iconic art, Im a Warhol fan, big time.. but I guess you guys know that!

Q: In regards to SGRJC:  what happened to his blind oracle head? The atonement version is being offered with a Zomb head - would this be the head of the oracle or a new head/oracle? Is there a story behind its absence? Also is there a chance us owners of SGR/PAF/DSGR could buy a  Zomb head for our JCs?  Maybe a tattooed head one? Thank you for considering!  
A: The Oracle/Oracle's works for Zomb MD, not for JC. The head with RED JC is a Zomb, not an Oracle. We are gonna offer a Oracle pack, too small to sell separate! The shipping costs these days are nuts, so to offer the single head in limited numbers would cost around 10 bucks with limited packaging + shipping.  I can speak with Siu on what can be done etc. but if it was simple as offering them at a reasonable price, I would put them up today! The new head will be used on a new Zomb, different colors and whatnot just an FYI. Lets me see what we can do!

Q: What is your main inspiration for the robot designs in the WWR Universe?
A: Me mostly, but a love for real military shit like tanks, canons,trains and other heavy machines. Of course thats too simple an answer, I'm sure on a meta level Star Wars with its grimy world of robots and used machines had a huge impact, Astro boy because the human robot interplay ( at least as a kid it seemed important ), and vintage Hammer films.

Q: Any chance we could see you at Sydney Supanova this year Ash? Getting my copy of ZvR signed by both Chris Ryall and You at the same Con would be fucking awesome!
A: That would be cool, at least you can get a real sig on the book, not that wispy Ryall thingy. If I can make it, I will be there, I want to hang with my IDW lads, do a panel, take the piss outta them. So maybe, fuck I should make a toy, 10 of them for a one day visit.. actually they shoulda demanded 3A have a booth there, right ????

Q: Could you elaborate a bit more on how and what future TK releases might be?
A: Well I have a  ton of characters on the go, I just completed two new ones SLIP OYA and an UNDER SNIPER, which could have the largest gun ever made for any 1/6th, intact it has to be, and if it isn't ill add an inch!

Q: Can you share any progress on the development of Lasstralander? Always cool to see your drawings showing different variants and angles!  
A: Banging away on it, vehicles are not my strong point, so I have to work harder at it!

Q: Will the rubber covered body be applied to the other female figure in the future? Who will be next to get on?
A: Well as I have said at the moment we have a the lower half covered, but we are working on a full body solution with the latest tech!

Q: Is the WF Armstrong still on track and going to be offered and would you be able to give us an estimate (or  specific date) of when it will go on sale?  While I'm at it, will we ever see another WF Grunt/Soldier?
A: The bloody sample is AWOL, I'm moving a load of stuff this cooling week and hope to find it, I want to offer it and a WF set asap, I know some of you want it!

Q: What are the names of the 8 color ways featured in the square 8 pack? Thank you!  
A: ummm, err, names, wow, ahhhh , only joking, using the last image on the ad, and starting top left moving right >> LEGION PRIDE SQUARE, iSO Square, Fremantle Dock Square, Fong John Square, now to the lower square, from the right >> Rothchild Maid P18 Square, Family Album Square as seen briefly in the Nom Com comic, Fat Cloud Square and 0day MOD Square.

Q: Any chance of a line of band shirts from the AK universe? 1:1 Cloven Heart and Black Rainbow shirts!
A: I would love too, but tshirts are break even on a good day, maybe I can try to figure out a better way to sell them.

Q: Future Mort news please? Mort is one of you classic characters, one that solidified my enjoyment of your art and stories. Not having a threeA ver of Les Mort is just… so, so sad. This year? Please?
A: I agree, he is on the list, and pretty far gone in the process, I really want to get him out, as he plays into the Dead Astro storyline which is the next soft toy release arc.

Q: Can you please share any estimated date (quarter of the year would be great) for HALO Master Chief release?
A: If all is approved Apri! Master Chief isn't a simple design nor did we want to just dash it out, totally worth the wait for Halo fans I think!

Q: Will we see Beer girls in March? Or they are pushed to the later date?
A: Well we kinda have sumin in for March, and you know you just gave me an idea to tie it in with the whole thing!!!!

Q: Aside from the Mr. Bridger hand puppet, will we ever see a full Devil figure (or any other super-spiritual figures like JC) and speaking of Mr. Bridger, how about a wearable 1/1 hand puppet?
A: I was once given a wonderful Bridger hand puppet, I agree there should be one! There are many devils in my worlds, all wearing sheep suits! The devil might be seen a soft option compared to them. Here is a funny ref for you to hunt, in a Hammer film called The Devil Rides Out, there is a scene near the end showing the what could be considered the devil sitting on a small hill thingy overlooking some worshipers etc, BUT the face on the devil is priceless, kinda smiling etc. Worth the hunt to see it. Actually its a cool film, might seem hokey by today standards but I could make it sing today! Someone give me 10mil for a remake!

Q: When will the 1/12 or 1/1 Labs go on sale?
A: Maybe Ill pack them in with the next 1/12th AK fig, or maybe a mini set like the big one, that large set still sits near the top for 3A releases for me, the figure to the box, just works for me!

Q: Speaking about different figures, characters and variants – are you moving creatively at the pace you want to?…Or are there things you wish you could finish so that you could move on to something new?
A: Always want to be better and faster, but Im feeling on the right path, which is nice, for me being an artist is having the ability to express and show what i do, I have that these days, a privilege to be sure! I don't think I move on from stuff, I evolve and push the initial idea further, its still sex and death, shoes and swords, raising one' head where the suckers duck. Faster, better, honest and cast a deep shadow.

Q: You dedicated the first Evenfall release to the GREAT Carl Sagan. What part of Sagan's Life / Work is most influential to you and your body of work and or life?
A: Everything, a great man there, smart, funny, and kept it real, showed that the real magic, the meta, the profane happens everyday, every second close to us and light years away, that kind of insight elevates and informs.

Q: Do you think that anything what humans do can be called an art? I keep noticing that nowadays people tend to overuse word art and artsy, and use it regarding making porn or carving pumpkins. Or art is in the eye of beholder, just like beauty?
A: Well there is an art to most things, if art pertains to a specific technique or skill that elevates ones position above the average. I think calling it an art, as opposed to art is different, and basically a contextual line. Or what is art? Mostly a load of old wank sold to us as being special yet it falls flat when viewed or experienced without a doctorate or gallery expert to fluff the art erection.  I see more art in porn these days than I see in many galleries, I can say that, coz I can. That's the art debate right there. Old wank, at least with porn you can wank. Severed animal parts covered in a childish drawings showing a day at the circus, to counter the brutality in infinite failure of the human spirit is just wank, or is it? Art is great, it causes debate and conversation, both such moments can introduce you to a new person or situation that you might have missed out on. If said Animal parts with drawings covering them never existed, there would be no need for debate, and that's a bad thing! I personally never say, "Hey honey, I just made some art yo", I might say, "hey honey I just painted a nude sitting on a robot's head", which I'll hear, "AGAIN!" from TP!!! Which leads to the conversation, nude on a robot's head, or humanity sitting on God's shoulder?... C'mon that at least sounds good.. or a load of ol wank, or art, or...