Q&A session with Ashley Wood

Last week we had to skip one Sunday session, because of technical issues and whatnot. Thanks to everyone who kept asking and was looking forward for a new one to go up!

You can find featured in this one: new World War Robot Berties; Popbot New Heavy TK and TQ Shogun & Shogun+ mention; talks about WWR Square future (EVOL); possible sale time of AK Shadow Merde; mention of six new Adventure Kartel figures and many more questions answered.

If you have an original and interesting question or questions in mind, you can submit them by various ways: contacting me via mail gimbat@threeAonline.com ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at 3AVOX Facebook page wall or via 3Asupport twitter and your question might get featured in one of future sessions. Thank you for sending your questions and for your continuous interest!

Q: Who are the 13 Shitheels? Can we get a little more information on their characters individually? Are they bots, lopers, er something different altogether?
A: You will find out one by one, some are robots, some are kinda not!

Q: My friends and I are planning to go to the upcoming Thailand Toy Expo mainly for threeA. Will there be more events exclusives other than the Squares? Thanks!
A: Yup, there is a brand new TK called THIDDY and a Pascha, representing THAILAND YO!

Q: Are the majority of releases coming out of the Evenfall line going to be centered around aliens/monsters and robots?
A: And human characters

Q: If JC turns red when he is angry, what color does he turn when he's embarrassed? In this last Q&A you said that JC kicks the shit out of Hobos, but what ever happened to He does not love you, but he will save you anyway… ?   
A: Except hobos ! and JC never gets embarrassed!

Q: Is there any chance of doing a WH40K collaboration, I mean with their strict licensing?  It would be huge to be able to get a 1/6 threeA Space Wolf...or a DIY marine!  I only have two loves in this world threeA and WH40K…oh and I guess my family too.
A: I asked them, tell them they should! 40K is great!

Q: The WWR squares have a big following.  Might we see a MK 3 Square at some point?  Maybe a stealth version, one able to move very fast or amphibious version etc.
A: SQUARE4 is coming soon!

Q: Will we see Girl R/C in 24" line?
A: Not for now, she would have to be 20" tall as well!

Q: Could we ever see a line or a figure that is a mix of say Game of Thrones meets Popbot ? Like the mix of sorcery and steel - like robots infected with/by magic ? There are bits of that kinda stuff in WWR and what not,maybe looking for a more overt version of the concept..maybe more is to come that we don't know…yet.
A: I have a story set in a fantasy type world, want to get it all down and designed asap!

Q: Who will be the next TK released under "Classic" label and when?
A: A new Heavy TK!

Q: Will we ever see "3A clothing sets" released for 1/6 figures? example - when you choose your character for certain video games, they might have an alternate outfits/clothes on to play as. Something similar, like some new threads and outfits that can be purchased to make alternate looks to your 3A characters, old and new ones, but without having to develop and promote a whole new set in order to do it. I am not saying do away "Shadow/Soy" modes, or "Cold" modes versions, but more along the lines of offering us a different look and display options via different clothes. You mentioned that you are into fashion so I think this could be a fun way for us to enjoy the styles on his characters even more!
A: Well the characters are who they are, and are dressed as they should be, at least when released by me!

Q: Will there be anymore TK Shoguns?

Q: Well it is no secret that my favorite character is AK Johan. I was wondering if we might ever get another version of him?
A: Ha, he is awesome, and being little Shadows personal trainer and sometime bodyguard I think he should get a another release!

Q: Can you give us an idea of how many new AK characters are coming this year? I know plans change but can you give us a rough estimate?  I'm ready to start taking advantage of my 3AA membership!
A: 6 minimum, we got new F-legion, Handsome Wu, Zomb Md + nurse, 10" Little Shadow, Big Shadow, On the Run Tommy, Future Mort, and the very soon Mega Zomb  mmm more than 6! and there are more!

Q: With the advancement in your GID process( doing Giddy and dirty GID) is there any room or chance a'crystal/glass/ice figure would ever be produced by threeA?
A: We can but then you see the joints, we have experimented with this… I guess we will see !

Q: What material is used to make the shoe for Parade April + Shoe release (especially crystal - clear one)? Is it crystal plastic?
A: No its a special resin, looks great, but hard to control hence the limited nature!

Q: Speaking about Parade is it still 3A Parade or it's now called simply "Parade" and second question, are Garland + Faust coming to Bamba in April as well
A: Because its a imprint label called PARADE, owned by threeA but marketed under simple Parade, April is Parade month at Bamba!

Q: I have a question about Miyu Race Queen, is she WWR or it's World of Isobelle Pascha Universe? I mean she is coming with beer bottle like beer girls and with  Square (which are WWR), I am confused :)
A: The race girls transcend the universal walls, and why not! Regarding the Square, as they were the race girls for the Square Race it only made sense they get a little Square!

Q: Can you tell us please what the initials on the UKTK punk box stand for?
A: huh ?

Q: Ash, why retire the MK1 Square? Everyone loves them and wants more. You've changed your mind and backtracked before, what would it take to keep the MK1s alive? Lists? Polls? Whatever just let us know how and the Legion will show the support.
A: Well the best thing about owning your own shit is you can change ya mind, but I think for the future Mk1 is retired, at least at 1/6th! but saying that, the Legion is always listened too!
Q: Is there any way we could get the original Bertie MK2 and MK1 Square in WWRp Gaistaz? One set I'd dearly love to own that was never released, a last farewell to the original MK2 and MK1?
A: ill put it on the list!

Q: Can you please comment what will be the next Killzone fig?
A: Lets see how the first does!

Q: So it's been a long time since we've heard anything about the Solid Gold Deathmask line, are threeA still likely to be doing figures for it?
A: Thats a Rufus question, and Im sure it will happen one day, the door is always open for Ruffy!

Q: Any progress on the witches of AK? Are we gonna see Tommy's Mother or some of her coven in toy form?
A: Totally! I love a good witch!

Q: Can we get any news on when the AK Shadow Merde will be available?
A: I was just thinking that, lets do it this month!

Q: Any chance of having a grunt army pack a la Harold sale. I would love to have a proper flesh army with my bots! Maybe for the next Grunt wave?
A: 1/6th right ? Well the WFP and IRON PAND STRIKE sets will have a Grunt 1.5 in them, no reason we cant offer that in other colorways!

Q: We know Jung is Kuan ti Plume's apprentice… so does Kuan hang in the jungle then? If so will we see a camo Fallen Hunter?
A: There is Deplume coming that is a Jungle hunter…

Q: Can you please give us some idea how WWR EVOL Square might look like?
A: Like a Square, but EVOLved.. its nifty, its always hard up against the classic one right, but I try! Has a fun feature, a little of this, some of that, all square, all ash!

Q: Any possibility to see NOM Commanders again in Gebi or maybe sand devil 666 color way? Our Sand Devil bot squads are already out of control. Need immediate back up.
A: We have been playing with their coats, different material and designs, we have a Dirty GID set and I agree a 666 Commander sets would be cool. 2014 will see much WWR, the 1/6th MK2 Bertie and ALBERTO are looking great, ROTHCHILD EVOL this month!

Q: Since MK1 Square 1/6 will never be offered again after 31st March, what happens to 1/12th MK1 squares? Will we see the set? If you decide to stop the MK1 forever, at least please give some love for WWRp squares in the futures too, 1/12 lovers need Square set too, maybe you can use pure color Square from Taiwan show, and give them decals/insignia?
A: I want that set too, 1/12th isn't being retired just yet! I guess I ll say it here, we are making a large MK1 Square, doesn't fit any general ratio of size, but its fun!

Q: Can we get some details in April on the new Spawn line?  And maybe around when the first release is planned for?  Hopefully sometime this year! (Crossed fingers)
A: Well we are working on a 1/6th Spawn, I have designed a fig and its at sculpt now,but this is Toddy's baby and will work with him to make as great as we can. But I say this, 2014 is the target for the first release!!!

Q In last weeks Q&A you mentioned that "you like trees more than squares" when someone asked about making wooden squares. A few years ago there was a line of vinyl toys called mighty muggs (maybe your familiar with them) they were "made from 100% recycled awesome". I've bought hundreds of figs over the years, probably 90% of all that was/is plastic of some sort, so ive got a little guilt over it. Have you considered making your figures out of something similar to lessen the impact? And my guilt?… to be honest, if it meant prices were to go up, Id happily cop it on the chin…
A: Maybe painted like a tree :)

Q: Any chance of seeing The Warbot updated to the Bertie Mk. 3.5?
A: Maybe the new 1/6th Bertie

Q: What's a WWR colorway/faction that you're absolutely done with? That we'll never see a return to?
A: mmmm, I don't think any, they are all part of the family of WWR… Im going to re jig and change up many, but none are 100% gone!

Q: Any new 1:1 items in development? Or perhaps what's the next Ashley Wood collection release might be? I'm still upset here about missing the 1:1 Kowloon leg!
A: Don't be upset, we have some other 1:1 legs coming soon, not GID but cool! we have some 1:1 AK busts, more feet etc

Q: In the latest Q&A you mentioned that the 1/12 Labs might come with the next 1/12 AK figure. Does that mean there will be a Bamba 1/12 AK figure soon?
A: yup

Q: Will the Bambaland version of TK Kozo be a 3AA exclusive or available for all?
A: mmm maybe all as TKLUB has its line up now!

Q: Whats the craziest and most insane 3AA exclusive or surprise release you have in your head for this year?
A: We shall see, a lot of the best stuff is adhoc, just spur of the moment, hey thats a cool idea shit! We really are quite bad at planning ahead!

Q: You had mentioned not being so sure about doing more Bertie Mk. 3.5's – what about doing something like you've been talking about for supersets? Put 'em up for order, and if enough don't sell, they don't go. Or hell, put some in supersets please!
A: Well we have some Supersets combos and options in May, ill use that to gauge the interest!

Q: Will the Bramble in The Iron Panda super set have a Gatling gun or a rocket launcher? We need more 1/6 Gatling guns for robots. Another question I have: are the upcoming super sets going to feature Evol versions of the robots or regular versions?
A: Gatling!

Q: What is a FLAK Bertie you mentioned recently? What does it look like?
A: Flak cannon etc, attached to his head basically…

Q: Would you be interested in making diecast figs one day?
A: yup, but thats an extremely expensive option, but a metal MK2 really makes me smile!

Q: You have great series of nudes paintings and drawings which study and expose female sexuality, what part in female body inspires you the most? Legs, breasts, neckline, cleavage? When you starting to work on the nude painting, what part of the body you draw first?
A: Its a combo, the female form, the nude in general is a fascinating landscape. I love it all, truly a lives work is needed just to scratch the surface of possibilities when portraying!