Q&A session with Ashley Wood

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you guys and gals are enjoying your weekend. Below we have more than 30 questions asked by our Legionnaires and answered by Ashley Wood and this is one of our biggest sessions yet. Hope some of this questions were on your mind and if not: you can submit your interesting and original questions by various ways: contacting me via mail gimbat@threeAonline.com ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at 3AVOX Facebook page wall or via 3Asupport twitter and your question might get featured in one of future sessions. Thank you for sending your questions and for your continuous interest, and of course HUGE thanks to Ashley Wood for finding time to do these!

Q: In the latest Q&A you mentioned the new Rothchild will come with "a small Caesar to hold", is there possibility of having bags of these small Caesars (similar to the mini Berties) available for sale during the Rothchild drop?  
A: I think there might be a bag or two of Mini Caesars, almost a tradition now!

Q: Any hints on when the next TKlub release will be? Do I understand correctly that it's Slicer for 7Bones and Heavy Slicer for TKLUB?
A: Well we have a few options but I would like to have the Heavy Sliver be the best TKLUB.

Q: It's been a long time since figure from WWR/WWRp Universe came with a chase figure hidden within, I think last last chase was bramble mk2 NW and LM NW, rite? Maybe you can give us WWR fans some chase action again?
A: All our WWRp toys are chase figures! But ill see what we have in the future and see what is applicable etc.

Q: I was surprised to see Sam Slade in the first wave of 2000AD figures, though in hindsight he's an obvious threeA choice. Will he come with Hoagy, Stogy and Cutie? I hope so!
A: Why, Sam is 2000ad A list, and like you allude too, he is a Robo Hunter, gotta love that ! Im pretty sure it aint Sam without Stogey!

Q: Will you consider EVOL NOM Commander or EVOL Marine Commander for JEA faction? I think WWR's strongest – Marine army needs a Commander.
A: EVOL Commanders and Grunts are coming, and others!  

Q: With both the WF and Iron Panda sets announced for WWR Universe, will we see the WWRp sets sold at the same time? Is it still going to be a 'minimum' sale offer? ie You offer the sets for sale, but it only gets made if there are enough orders.
A: Only 1/6th for now. We will offer them as planned and see what shakes out, you guys asked for them!

Q: Will Jungler Armstrong still be sold on it's own or is he now part of the superset?
A: Single for him, as promised!

Q: So...Zomb MD...is he really real? Do you have a treasure trove of drawings just waiting to show or is he just an enigma wrapped in a riddle? Also, any plans for Zombie Sharks?
A: He is, nearly there too, trying new stuff as mentioned with him. His Nurse is getting impatient too ! I do many sketches for every character, some changed so much from my initial idea to when it makes the toy, some stay really close to the first sketch. There is a AK feature slate for the second 3Adventure that has some interesting sketches from back before AK and WWR were fully formed, showing them all part of the same world!

Q: Is Lasstranaut an omnipotent being in the Popbot Universe? Do you have any sort to say EVOL plans for her?
A: Lasstranaut is the most powerful character, she almost represents creation, she is raw power and emotion! I don't intend to release another lass, special toy for me!

Q: With all the 3A books coming shortly is there any chance of getting a small run of them for sale on Bamba or even a few signed ones among them?
A: It will really depend on the book, we have 3A published books coming, and I have books via IDW etc. Ill play it by ear! Amazon is probably the best place to get them, always cheaper!

Q: Real Steel question, will there be a Charlie Kenton and Max in 1/6 scale with introduction of realistic human faces (Lost Planet Mercenary fig)?
A: Nope, our license doesn't cover the humans, and really he doesn't fit into the 3A vibe either… plus I'm not fond of realistic faces!

Q: You have mentioned that there are new Shogun figures in the works. I was wondering if you are redesigning the armor that came with the others or if anything new will be introduced with the Shogun like new weapons or something ?
A: I never said I was making Shogun Warriors, I said I love them and Im taking that love to create my own robot with similar vibe, ergo my MARS bot. Would I love to redo SHOGUN WARRIORS, of course, Mattel can drop me a line yo!

Q: Is there any chance you would be interested making 1/6 scale figures from the Tekken videogame franchise? Maybe styled versions?
A: mmm, I loved that game when it came out especially the ps1 versions of tekken and tekken2. Great to play in the arcade too! But I'm not sure those figs would fit my master plan, Kuma was cool!

Q:  How about some vehicles in WWR, or EVOL! At least for the Grunts, or maybe even transports for WWRP Bots! I think you've said before you'd be interested in vehicle designers… well, who do we send the designs too?
A: It would be great, but I want 1/6th vehicles first, and we have some, but cost and time take a heavy toll, have to be careful we don't expend too much of other on something that might fall flat!

Q: Will there be an offer of a WWRp JDF 3 pack? I know that the colorway is exclusive to Goodsmile Company only but if possible could you offer it on the next Summer Wonderfest ?
A: Actually it isn't exclusive to anyone but me, as it s my design, and yea, I think a 3pack for JDF for the world would be cool!

Q: Would you be interested in making some sort of fighting Buddhist character?
A: Well I like the Monkey Legend, so maybe thats sum in. maybe…

Q: If the N.O.Ms have a special ability to easily take control of most robots, what does this ability look like? Is it a mind power thingy or more of a literal "pop the hood and hack the inside" kind of deal? Why is it hard for N.O.Ms to "hack" Ceasars?
A: Its a gift, augmented with certain medicinal drugs. Caesar uses a specific encryption that isn't easy so easy to link with. More Rothchild in their DNA than a normal bot!

Q: When we might see new feet/legs at Bambalandstore? Really need one, after missing Kowloon Ghost GID! And will there be any book or booklet containing all the stories and art of severed feet?
A: We have some more limited edition legs soon, foot wise, dunno, I have some ideas though!
Q: What did Jung De Plume say to Kuan Ti Plume in his final breath to make Kuan become the first fallen? Or was it Jung's literal act of dying that made Kuan separate? Or something else?
A: He pointed out the truth of it all, the war, the NOM etc. Kinda made Kuan see the world differently. remember one persons fallen, is anthers Risen !

Q: I want to ask question about Square MK1. These little guys are really cute!! But just wondering what if they went out alone, and fall down on the ground in battle, how can they get up?
A: ummmmm there legs are strong, also an internal counter weight system keep them horizontal etc, very very scientific hard to explain in this short form, throws a ninja smoke bomb and runs off!

Q: Will we have some sort of a summary or info post about Thailand Exclusives and Bambalandstore allotment? Please make TK Thiddy a part of it!
A: Well mmm, well we have the 3 mighty Squares, and the Thiddy, but a different thiddy colorway.. and he aint called Thiddy, they look similar , but are part of the team that prefers big fuck off hammers to swords!

Q: Big fan of yours Popbot Universe, I want to know if you plan on wrapping it up in the near future and is Popbot 9 a last one? Also how is the film is coming along? Keep up the good work!
A: Pop 9 is a catch up issue, with a TK story, then 10 will be the start of the end! Film is like many films, waiting for the guys with money to hand it over, but as Im not gonna let POPBOT be something that strays from my vision, it takes a little more time get the backing!

Q: In the 3AA S&D SHADOW TQ illustration,seems like she wearing a jeans. So is she wearing a jeans or am I see it wrongly? It will be super cool if she really come with jeans match with leather boot and jacket. And another related question, is there any chance to make bot head on the sketch of Shadow UKTQ and sell it at Bambalandstore?
A: No Jeans, like the UKTQ but all in black etc! Ill make a proto of the bot head from the illo, see what it looks like etc!

Q: There is Tomorrow King, is there any sort of PK (present/past king)?
A: Everyday, but the name is an aspirational position, something to strive, to fight for!

Q:  In one of the previous Q&A's it was mentioned that Misty Slush would go up for pre-order this year. Could you maybe share some intel as to when this might be? Does she come with a bot? Maybe sharing an art to let us know she's coming?
A: Once I have a sample thats on point ill offer, she is a 10" female figure. Her normal bot of choice is a Ball bot, but they are kinda big...mmmm

Q:  With the recent TK Mook info I was wondering, is there a lot of critical info storywise in this mook that fans of TK's en the Popbot series need to know for the story? Unfortunately i wasn't able to get 3AA membership until this year. So I missed out on the first TKLUB. I don't want to miss out on my favorite 3A series anymore.
A: Its a visual parade, the story of the TK is for the Popbot comic mainly. I have given much away via ads though over the years, its all there, just have to place it together!  Anyway, as they say in the movies, the end is near!

Q: Would you consider releasing an artbook with only sketches and promo art from all 3A sales? And could we please get some new wallpapers for pc and or mobile devices? Maybe 3A stickers too?
A: ok, I like that idea ( someone can make a list for me though, I don't really keep good records ), I have to say, some of the 3A ad art is my best, I'm a fan ! Maybe we can get graphic maestro Brent Ashe to make a collection of wallpapers and back grounds!

Q: How soon your version of Marvel's Dr. Doom is going to be up at Bambalandstore and will we see a lot of colorways?
A: Soon I would think, waiting on a paint master, Im pretty sure we only have the classic Doom for now, though we are going to release a iron man + doc Doom 2 pack!

Q: Any news on the next Seven Bones pre-order date? Also, would you ever consider a Seven Bones super 7 set with all the characters (in different outfits or battle damaged for those who missed out and to avoid re-release)?
A: Next month if all goes well! the 7 only appear on their classic gear, then they DIE! no super sets.. which is a bummer as I want to make crazy sets... I want to release the 7 bones in a cool box though !

Q: I heard that some people are using loopholes to buy products which are not longer listed at Bambalandstore after the pre-order window closed, what is 3A's official position about this?
A: Well I would like to know more, details of what is bought, as we put the majority of items out of stock this trick wouldn't work on most items. ill look into it.

Q: As we are getting closer to threeA six years Anniversary, do you have any thoughts about it and will we see new Bambaboss (hence blurry teaser in 3A Adventure)?
A: That blurry is Handsome Wu. I think a cool figure is needed for the 6 big ones! may see's the 10 year anniversary of 7174, so to celebrate we are releasing a pre made 74 figure to celebrate it!

Q: Is there a place for customs at 3A Adventure magazine? If so, I have a couple, which I'll send to Gimbat!
A: Sure is, I love customs, love them ! Everyday I look at my Campbells Bramble custom and get a kick!

Q: Do you often go out or you are more like sitting at home/working in the studio kind of guy? What's your favorite place in Perth and what would you recommend to see in Australia?
A: Im at home and the studio making shit, only coz that is what makes me happy!  Just come to Perth or Australia, you find something that makes you smile!