Q&A session with Ashley Wood

Nobody expected Q&A session on Saturday, so we had to do one right now! 

Below you will find answers on more than 30 questions, including WO7174 Ten Years Anniversary figure; interesting question about collaboration with DC Comics; new GID Nabler prizes; possible Ashley Wood figure; WWR EVOL Square and many more!

You can submit your interesting and original questions by various ways: contacting me via mail gimbat@threeAonline.com ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at 3AVOX Facebook page wall or via 3Asupport twitter and your question might get featured in one of future sessions. Thank you for sending your questions and for your continuous interest, and of course HUGE thanks to Ashley Wood for finding time to do these!

Q: In the previous Q&A you mention that EVOL Commanders and Grunts are coming eventually, can we know roughly when are the dates or some other details? Gonna save up a bit for that.
A: This year, its hard to say, but it won't be till the 3rd qtr!

Q: Can we expect to see in a more or less close future Ladranaut and/or Alpha 65A?
A: Nope, not on the books!

Q: You probably heard this many times before but... When can we expect some more Bots from the Popbot universe? Also I was thinking, is it possible to put a severed bothand or botfoot instead of a usual bothead with some of the TK's in the near future?
A: Well the next bot is the TK Hunter, then a new Popbot!

Q: So it seems that Sun and Moon are TK defectors. And Snowblind, from the recent Thailand Expo pics, appears to be a 'loper. Could it be that Snowblind is a Mortis defector?
A: Not defectors, just path leavers, they didn't join any side, except that of their own! Much story to tell of the TK this year!

Q: Have you ever considered crowd-sourcing Popbot movie, maybe adding special benefits for different level donations to the project (exclusive Popbot related figure, etc)? I think your fans and patrons are devoted enough to really back and advertise in mass number something like this, and they wouldn't want anything other than your 100% creative vision being realized, as a finished product.
A: Well fingers crossed I don't have to ask! I need the POPBOT film to be 100% Popbot, and that kinda makes it a hard sell!  

Q: The glossy finish/coating on Fat Cloud Square is very unique. What made you take that approach, and will you use that glossy style on future figures?
A: Well why, that would be Siu, when designing these guys I defer stuff to Siu for new approaches etc. Will we use again, yup, maybe on the MIGHT FAT CLOUD!

Q: The 1:1 Skullbombs look great! Any chance you'll sell a limited art piece at SDCC this year?
A: There will be a Valve/3A toy if all goes well at SDCC ! We have a small show at Parco Japan this July and there will be some kind of ART piece there, foot, leg!

Q: Which figure had the longest development cycle (from idea to final product), maybe MGS REX/RAY? And which 3A figure is your favorite right now?
A: mmm longest, probably Ray! Right now its the 71 figure!

Q: I see there are some 1:1 sculptures on display at your events. Is there any plan to make 1:1 clothing items (Squiddy suit for instance) that we can purchase? For example, I would love to buy: lil shadow hoody (and messenger bag!!, Pep Groove and King Thumb jacket!). I would happily pay for a pre-order on some new pictures of those and would understand if the pre-order didnt reach a minimum.
A: I think the minimum order test is a good one, I think you can expect to see this soon with more left of field items! I wanna wear the Squiddy suit!
Q: What's the price of 1:1 Bertie or Dropcloth, which we saw at Thailand? Is it for sale and will there be more?
A: We are moving towards making the 1:1, we are getting closer and hopefully this year we can offer them! I have a few in my house and they never get old!

Q: Would you consider making four-eyed version of WWR EVOL Square?
A: mm 4, well we have some variations so keep an eye or four out.. sorry couldn't help myself there!

Q: You mentioned that you might end up making JDF 3-pack, can we get a 1/6th JDF Large Martin and Mighty Square pack please?
A: That would be a mighty pack. It would shave to be a new JDF core though! I like big sets, this sounds kinda cool!

Q: Speaking about WWR movie, what would YOU want to see out of it? What visual/story elements do you want to see? How dramatic? What films would you use for reference when developing it? Would you want to see your own writing style for the dialogue?
A: I want to see what I did on screen, but that aint gonna happen because film is film. I hope to see some big robots smashing the fuck outta each other and the like, beyond that I expect nothing! Adaptions are just that, adpations...

Q: If the N.O.M are called to the Supreme Mother from birth, then do the fallen seek out potential N.O.M children/babies and kill them or just try to change their natural path?
A: Called, but the journey isn't taken till later in life, it can be any age, there isn't a set timeline. NOM are not restricted by dogma nor doctrine, they re-write their path as they go!

Q: Would you consider a section for fan fiction stories that revolve around WWR, Popbot, or your other worlds in the 3A Adventure magazine?
A: Well I would, but I would shave to pay of them and own them, or it would put me in a dicey situation etc. Maybe we can do it!

Q: Are there any mutations in WWR? N.O.M gone wrong? Rothchild turned organic in the making of his creations? Monsters?
A: Not in the classic sense, Roth just plays with machines and doesn't keep failures ( he doesn't have any ) etc.

Q: Will the N.O.M be wearing exo-suits in Evol or will just regular soldiers be wearing them?
A: Well eventually all, humans are just damned tired of these robots strutting around. Simple evolution!

Q: What is the elixir the N.O.M breath made of and what was so broken about the N.O.M "way" that the fallen had to separate themselves from it?
A: Point of view regarding Broken, Fallen say they have lost the meaning of the true calling, NOM say the Fallen have lost the true meaning of NOM. Whats in their gas tanks, NOM stuff!

Q: In the last Q&A I asked if you were redesigning the Shogun, what I meant to ask is if you were redesigning the TK Shogun. You had mentioned a Shogun+ and a TQ shogun on the way and I wanted to know if there was going to be a new design, new weapons, and/or armour for them?
A: HAHA fail, well regarding your question they are logical steps in design, different but flooding the same design etc

Q: With Batmans 75th birthday will you be doing anything creative to celebrate? Either comics wise or *ahem* you know with figs.
A: mmmmmmaybe! They never ask me for comic stuff, I think I would do a cool Batman...

Q: In last Q&A, you liked the idea to have the book with all 3A sales ads, but how about a collection of figure design illustrations? Far as I know, we've never seen much of the latter or will the book contain both?  
A: Well I have many figure design illo's and they will all be used in a book one day. Actually we are keeping many documents to share one day, from all key 3A members!             

Q: Hey Ash, Kozo was my first TK purchase and the concept art is really impressive..I was wondering what type of hands you'll give him?
A: New Hands! Thanks for the kind words about the art!

Q: Do you have any updates which you can share regarding WWR game?
A: meh… waiting for a good company to step and make history!

Q: Whatever happened to GID nabblers for prize winners, would it be possible to see more prizes more often for various competitions such as monthly photo, monthly sketch etc?
A: New GID nabber prize soon, wanna spread the GID prize love!

Q: We know of Zombots but are there bot zombs - or mechanically enhanced zombs? Or one with a metal jaw ( ala trapjaw from MOTU) who feeds on brains and bots perhaps….
A: No, Zomb MD doesn't like to get to funky with shit, the MEGA Zomb is kinda enhanced!

Q: Since we now have TP in toy form (WO7174 Anniversary fig)…we must have ASH toy! Will that happen? I know we saw you as one of the NOM commanders. But we need casual Ash.. maybe with brushes and canvas?
A: maybe… on my birthday! if we were, I'm not saying we are...

Q: Even though I'm 100% Iron Panda fan, I'm curios to know what bots are include in WF Superset? I know there are quite a few legionaries waiting for that info impatiently. Also: is the paintjob going to follow the style of previous bot releases, with both IP and WF? With regard to the superset, we know they are going to be pricey so could we please have plenty of advance notice of time, price and what bots are going to be in the set but mainly dates & prices.
A: Soon as we can, promise!

Q: The new TKs based off Thiddy appear to be using a new longer and thinner head type (which not everyone is a fan of). Will these be used on all TKs going forward or is it unique to Thiddy? Does the entirely different facial structure mean that Thiddy and company are from a different clone stock? Because all TK up to now have had the same round faces because they are clones correct?  
A: Different clone stock, shit is changing!  I have to follow my story, not what sells better!  Classic face is still around, but they are thinning in numbers! Give it time people will dig the new face or not , but no one liked the original face TK at the start !

Q: EVOL Square is awesome, will we be getting him in WWRp as well as WWR? Is there anything you can share about the EVOL Square? Does it have a difference purpose on the battlefield? Looks like it can do damage to bots and humes with those legs, crushing etc.
A: No WWRp planned, have to enjoy the large for a while! The 4 legs make the FOURSQUARE an offensive bot now, up till now he was mainly defensive ! He is a mean little prick, and his eyes light up!

Q: The Handsome Wu panda suits are awesome! Really love the F-legion one. Will the F-Legion in the panda suit be sold as a single along side Wu or are they a two pack?
A: Figuring out now, Im very fond of them, there are 8 members of the Panda Merc Clan!

Q: Can you explain the meaning of the sticker on the Thiddy boxes - "Close To The Last"?
A: Whats to explain, kinda simple….right!

Q: I missed the Campbell's Soup Square, are you gonna make another Square based on Campbell's soup (MK1, MK2, or EVOLsquare)? Like you did with Squaro last time?
A: YUP, coz its too cool!

Q: Is 3A finally sucessfully acquired license for Star Wars? Just saw your Stormtrooper TK crossover, that's so cool! Will we see more Starwars-themed 3A stuff or was it for May 4th?
A: Thats the LONLEY STAR WARRIOR TK, not SW yo!

Q: Do you have any news regarding Beautiful War and when it will be available in the stores?
A: Very soon!

Q: Seeing the shows in Asia and US, makes me really crave for 3A show in Europe. I have friends in high places, who might be interested in sponsoring the show and helping to get big stuff (like 1:1 figures) shipped and etc. What kind of money are we talking about and perhaps you already have something in the works for 2015?
A: We need those big friends, and thats the bottom line, all these shows are sponsored and put on by our great partners in countries, without them, they wouldn't happen! Call you buddies yo!

Q: It's your second time in Bangkok, right? What you liked the most about the city and people? What was the most memorable moment of the show?
A: First, great people, great food! Best moment drawing a pic for a 12 year old girl, very good, emotional moment!

Q: When WO7174 figure hits Bambalandstore? Any specific hints you can share please?
A: This weekend yo, the 10 anniversary !