Q&A session with Ashley Wood

First of all, Happy Belated Birthday to Ashley Wood and thanks to him for finding time to do the Q&A session this week!  This session is 30th and one of the biggest yet and below you will find answers on 36 questions, featuring information about upcoming Popbot Bronze EDO pre-order; possible MR71 and MS74 set; Adventure Kartel Handsome Wu story; 2000AD blurry in next 3A Adventure magazine; brand new figure for Supanova; Popbot Interheavy TK in 1/6th scale and many more! 

You can submit your interesting and original questions by various ways: contacting me via mail gimbat@threeAonline.com ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at 3AVOX Facebook page wall or via 3Asupport twitter and your question might get featured in one of future sessions. Thank you for sending your questions and for your continuous interest everyone, these sessions wouldn't be so fun without support!

Q: I was going through the WWR book the other day and I reread the part about the pleasure dens and the "working" girls that are there to service the troops. Have you ever thought about making a character from that  "industry" ?
A: You know I have not, to me making that toy would seem to lighten what is a dark part of the WWR story. It would be hard to get across the character without lessening the gravis as a toy... at least to me.

Q: From the recent photo of the Thai-expo we could have the first glance of the Snowblind TK.  It seems the headsculpt doesn't have beard or mustache. Any chances we can see him comes out with stubble beard?
A: Never said it was just a colorway of Sun of etc, the beard worlds for Sun, snow-blind is a different TK

Q: I really like the overall design of the TK Cornelius. Is there any chance a different TK with Corny's hairstyle and outfit will be offered on Bambaland?
A: Probably not, my intention is to make new head sculpts and hair as we progress! But in saying that a cool idea crops up or a way to show Corny again in a different way I might. I have thought on a series showing where certain TK ended up or how their look changed, but you know, time etc..

Q: In a previous Q&A you told us a Mod TK is coming soon. Can we please get a Mod TQ as well?
A: Of course, they always hang in pair or groups do the UK scene centric!
Q: Can we please hear the story and some info about the new Squares in the Grunt pack?
A: Come and say hi at a convention and ask me which you wanna know about, or ask here about a colorway etc. Ill say this, nine are just made to make a colorway, each has a purpose or story, or I would get bored real quick!

Q: Will Handsome Wu be the start of a new AK story arc set in China?
A: Wu and his Lucky 8 Panda Mercs are from the Sichuan province, where they have been engaged in an ongoing battle with robots. But after a call from WU's bud Lilttle Shadow asking for help with the small problem of hiring the Dead Astro to kill Tommy. Now she has changed her mind but Dead Astro has a 100% kill rate and won't stop a job once started! So Shadow hopes the lucky 8 can protect Tommy long enough for the Shadow family to come up with a way to stop the Astro..sumin like that
Q: What are your thoughts on digital comics and/or art books?  With 3A Adventure being delivered digitally, would you ever release a digital copy of an analog book? Similar to how musicians offer digital downloads if you buy the vinyl. Purchase the hardcover Fuck It #5 from Bambaland and get a free digital download?  Read at home and on the go.  Best of both worlds!
A: I agree it is, and something ill try soon!

Q: What are the attitudes or personalities of the Hammer TK's? Are they aggressive, stoic, mysterious? Just trying to get an idea of their nature.
A: They are robot smashers, they are super aggressive and tough, they use hammers, thats pretty ballzy !

Q: Do the Mighty Squares from the Thailand event have a real place or story in the WWR World or are they just for fun?
A: Well I could certainly write a story that makes sense, but you know, they were done for the fun of it!

Q: Do you have a personal favorite Isobelle release? Is there a certain one close to your heart?
A: I love the space one, because that kinda showed to me the scope of the line, but I have to say the new long hair Iso could be my fav, ill show very soon!

Q: Any chance we see a skull faced TK produced? Maybe a Shadow/light set perhaps..the custom you did needs further exploration..
A: Did one years ago, just didn't get any further beyond sample, always an intention! Rekindled my idea when making the DIY's.. So in short, yes, expect some as they fit into the story arc I'm at with the Tk line.

Q: Im very attracted to powerful women, always have been so naturally i think the Supreme is sexy as all hell. Do you share those feelings for powerful confident women? It seems like you do in that most of your female characters kick ass literally like Lil Shadow and Sham or are very powerful like the Supreme. Is the Supreme and her other colorway White Mother the same character?
A: Of course, powerful smart woman are the greatest and most attractive to me, I think all my/TP female characters exhibit this, whether it be by embracing their sexuality ( via TP writings and ideas etc  ), or just in a good ol fashion punch in the face way.  Its such a great combo , the look and story that combine to create what I think are compelling moments! White mother isn't the same as the Supreme, they co exist, and are one. Almost psychic siamese twins!

Q: When will we see the new bot manufacturer take the stage in WWR Evol? Will they make a effort to sway mars and earth to buy bots from them rather than Roth with propaganda and the like? Are we going to have an iconic figurehead like we did with Rothchild ? And if there is can you tell us about him/them?  
A: Soon as they can, like any change on a grand sale its small, you will see a new brand of robot soon! But that doesn't mean Roth is sitting back, all this change has made him dig deeper!

Q: Whoop, your finally coming to Sydney for Supanova, any chance of a exclusive TQ for the event? Or a TK even? How about a koala legion fig, kinda like the panda thats in the works?
A: Well we have a brand new figure, never seen or hinted at, well actually he has been on a few paintings! I guess we can show soon!

Q:  Any plans for a tribute piece or fig to Mr. Hans Giger?  
A: I'm not a fan of the 3D objects others have made over the years, I might find a sly way to show the love sometime. man I still remember seeing his art in an early Starlog ( if I remember rightly ), scared me, and intrigued me like all good art. Death. Sex, goofy dark god references.. cant lose!

Q: What does the terrain of Mars look like in WWR? Is it full of colonies? Do humans use special breathing mechanisms, or is it like The Martian Chronicles where people can breathe the air without assistance? Will WWR ever see actual alien Martians?
A: Ok, lots of it is under ground due to radiation, as the atmosphere is kinda fucked, they have erected large sail like devices on parts of the surface  , REALLY BIG that can lesson the effect of the rad. Its a case of not trying to change the environment but work with it. Its purely a truncated pseudo science thingy really, Mars is quite the red shithole in reality, really tough to deal with... re martians, my friend we are said martians, where do think our shit came from!

Q: There were some special releases at SDCC a while back, the WWR Field Guide, and the WWR Illustrated History. Are the contents from those two books featured in the Complete WWR or the Upcoming Deluxe WWR book or are we missing some of it? We need the Deluxe book!
A: Well as IDW know, I destroy deadlines and the WWR deluxe is in that zone ( should have come out a year ago), pretty much good to go, but I would like to add the latest stuff to it now… Watch IDW and my blog for info, it really is time to get more WWR out there. Saying that PIE books in Japan will release the Japanese WWR book soon!.. July I think...

Q: Any chance of a sneak peak of the 2000AD range of figures?
A: Issue 2 of the 3Adventure has a sneaky blur kinda tease, its, cool, intact Ill say this, I'm very excited by our progress, the dress is great, Hammerstein is looking baller!

Q: Are you still planning to sell limited edition giclee art portfolios with an original piece in each of them?
A: Yes, my saucy art sets !

Q: Any details on this Darwin the Ghost character, which you can share with us?
A: Well we all become ghosts..if we are lucky

Q: Will Marquis/Sombre/Dead De Plume have a 3A shirt underneath their sweater? Also is that head cloth or cowl removable?
 A: No, they never have had dual shirts, get too warm yo!

Q: What's the story with the crystal clear leg, which was shown in Thailand? And what happened with the GID leg on display, was it broken on purpose?
A: Clear leg aka the ectoplasm leg is well, a dance leg, the Nabler attacked the GID in thailand// little shit that he is!

Q: I love sculpted Nablers, which were shown at Thailand Toy Expo. Will they be available up Bambalandstore and when? Will we see more sculptured figures?
A: wha, all out toys are sculpted, the Nablers at The THAI toy expo will be available soon, Deep Sleep and V2 of the Classic!

Q: Any 3A Publishing news or upcoming releases which you can share?
A: Well we have many Co books with IDW, but there will be one or two 3A specific, content or name just too much for diamond books!

Q: WWR illustrated is some of the most innovative storytelling I've seen, the only downside being that it left me hungry for more. Will the EVOL storyline be continued in similar books, or do you plan on letting it unfold through the toys and comics?
A: I think we shall stick to the WWR format for the next installment, I do enjoy the mini comics for toys too!

Q: Is it possible to release a 1/6 interheavy? Love him so much!
A: I didn't do it back int he day..shit, we need  one then.. crazy I thought we had.

Q: Will we see a figure release of the space N.O.M. seen in the EVOL comic? The one that the supreme mentions as accelerating the trinity and influences Reginald defender 08 to "help" father? Please?  
A: Of course that freak needs a toy, will be cool!

Q: Does Rotchild have a person or bot he loves? Maybe something unreachable…sort of a dream?
A: Rothchild wants to have people to love, but cannot find them, his standards are high. He want to be with his own kind, which is rare. He isn't a two dimensional dick who just want to make trouble and kill ( though thats need to get results in his book ), he believes his path for all is right and is rather surprised by the opposition to it. But things change, yesterdays monster can be tomorrow hero.

Q: Will we ever get to see what Thomas Thruxton (aka the Zombkin) looked like before he was found dead and buried in his favorite Pumkin patch? Perhaps this Halloween?
A: ha, that would be funny.. mmm

Q: What do you do to stay fit?
A: Well as I'm not that fit, not much but I have taken to riding a bike to keep the heart a pumping.

Q: During the years there has on and off talk about weapon packs and I wondered if it's possible, and maybe easier, to open the Bambaland armory for a couple of weeks? For example: threeA offers a couple of WWR Weapons (or all) in a standard and DIY colorway. (+ standard S/H like with AP releases). And after the sale threeA makes the weapons, bubblewrap the weapons and put them in a "threeA weaponcase" (or a couple of cases depending on the amount ordered) and sends them off?
A: We have planned for it many times, but I dunno, it just seems to fizzle into the background, I'm sure when we do we shall sell 80 sets and cry!

Q: What's your favorite Thai dish?
A: Green Curry!

Q: I heard that Bronze EDO might hit the Bamba soon? Is it true and will it be a limited sale or perhaps 3AA-only?
A: Actually he will be part of a new series of long term ( a week or so ) sales. We want to offer you guys a different way to buy some toys, see if works out etc. I think Bronze Edo is a good starter, then some Pascha characters.

Q: What's the most challenging thing about running threeA these days?
A: Time management, Im shit at it, I'm lucky I have a great team now, not only do they keep me on point but inside and make it fun… Im a lucky guy… But yea, I'm time poor, and money cant buy that shit!

Q: Is this May a Microman or AKLUB month?
A: AKLUB very soon,, and FINALLY Microman, it has been a complicated trip, not the toy side, that was fun and easy. So hope the support is there, want to go crazy with them!

Q: Happy Birthday Ash and Happy Anniversary to WO7174!  Thank you for making threeA and for finding time to do these questions! I been thinking…how about making Mr 71 + Ms 74 set for 3AA members? Perhaps in different outfits than already sold figs and throwing Eddy and Emma into the mix? Fingers crossed :)
A: HA the whole family, I think a super set somewhere is a go, or Ill lose way to much money on them.. 71 TK anyone :) I think ultimately I want to have toys of all important and loved people in my world !