Q&A session with Ashley Wood

Welcome to another Q&A session with Ashley Wood! As you have noticed we kinda shifted from Sunday to Tuesday lately, but the format remains the same. Below you will find nearly 40 questions, ranging from everyone's favorite World War Robot (always a lot of questions about fractions, sales and characters) to 3A Publishing POD system; Mr 71 look; updated Popbot Yama & Naga; Marvel Ultron; Ashley Wood working on DC Comics characters and many more!

You can submit your interesting and original questions by various ways: contacting me via mail gimbat@threeAonline.com ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at 3AVOX Facebook page wall or via 3Asupport twitter and your question might get featured in one of future sessions. Thank you for sending your questions and for your continuous interest everyone, these sessions wouldn't be so fun without support!

Q: Shortly after the Harold release, you said certain Harolds only sold a few units, and so would be really rare. Would you be willing to reveal which of the Harold experienced the "Laurent Effect"? My guess is Modchip, even though its actually my favorite of the bunch.  
A: Ill say this, all the Harolds are rare!

Q: Do the DIY Tk's for the Winners and Charities have a backstory? Are you going share these names of DIY TKs? I'm so eager to know!
A: Each box has their name on it, they are the LOST TK's!

Q: A while ago it was asked if we could get a tour of the 3A factory (or even your studio) through either pics or a video. Could we still hopefully see this one day? Also, is there anyway we could see how a figure is made at 3A, from start to finish?
A: I cant see us sharing the secrets of the Hatchery on video, nor my studio anytime soon. I'm actually a very private chap, I believe the only thing that matters is the material I put out, me and the place I create isn't that cool.

Q: Can you give us any intel on Terrence the Zomb that came with Inky Tommy? Does he have any backstory, why is he rollin with Inky Tommy? I could be wrong but I think he was described as Terrence the Intellectual Zomb at time of sale? Do like him a lot but gotta say Korma the rogue Zomb is still my fav, that paint app is so cool!  
A: Zombs all have varying degree's of intellect, Zomb MD makes them for many different jobs. Sometimes this degree of intellect gives said Zomb a tad more control of his actions, Terrence just has a bit more than others and likes to hang with Tommy. As you can imagine Tommy aint a big fan of this!
Q: I've got a question about some details I noticed on my Harolds. On both my Seventh Div and Khrushchev Memorial Guard Harolds, there is text on the bots faces right below their eyes. Due to paint application and what looks to be the design of the text on the CCCP, neither is legible. Some letters can be made out but nothing that can be read. I am curious if you could share what was written on their faces?
A: Meant to be unreadable!

Q: Will there ever be 1/6 versions of the BcELL, Marine, Deimos II, and Modchip Caesars? Also any updates on War Nurse Jessica? I
A:  don't see why not, maybe in very limited runs, with a new longer term sale policy kicking in soon for creation releases this is an option! Zomb Nurse first.

Q: Will Blanc de Plume return to EVOL WWR world? He's one of most iconic 3A figure!
A: Yes, one of my fav's!

Q: Would it be possible to set up a print to order service for all 3A publications? Might work for many and for 3A itself.
A: When the quality is good-- yea!, I'm yet to see a POD system that delvers the consistent colour and quality I want. I think its a dream of all for such s a system and ill be all over it the moment it arrives!

Q: Will MOD play an important role in EVOL. with NOM dominant is MOD still a threat?
A: MOD will be revealed for what they are soon, kinda dropped a hint years ago, buts it obscure… they will become a large part EVOL…LARGE

Q: Im saving money for the WF Armstrong so had to pass on the battlechild set, can that set pls come to 1/12 eventually? Another chance would be greatly appreciated!
A: Maybe one day for the 1/12th set, but the focus is 1/6th for the time being!

Q: We saw images of what appeared to be two new mk1 squares on your Instagram, any info on them? Can we have them?
A: Oh right, they are from a special edition book in Japan, not my place to say, I'm sure news will be released soon!

Q: Since the Animation contest winners have their TK's shipping out, I was wondering if there is any progress on the Cosplay and Halloween contest winner sketches as well.
A: Soon as I can get the cosplay finished as group! Halloween wasn't art!

Q: I remember hearing some new Kitty designs were coming down the pipe. Is Eddy (from MR71) based on the old or new design?
A: Brand new kitty sculpt for eddy

Q: Its been awhile since we have seen you put out a 'Fuck it', any word if we will see one out soon?
A: Well it became too regular and expected I guess, which isn't my thing! Have a Ash Goya soon!

Q: Just curious about the Mr 71 figure. Awesome idea! Is it going to be weathered or 'clean' version? Any ideas for a box? Something with some extra Mr 71-ness could be awesome! Also, is Ms 74 going to come in a Pascha style card or something new?
A: 71 isn't weathered I guess… 74 arrives in a loverly box, 71 will have similar!

Q: A photo showed up on your Instagram showing "Yama's last stand", are we going to see a new version of Yama, and if we do can we get an updated Naga too? Maybe TKLUB release? Been longing for more TKLUB!
A: Updated Naga and Yama are coming, not just re releases, they play a good part in the story, figured they should get a good send off :)

Q: Do you have any thoughts about producing any Batman figures? Anything you can reveal to us pretty please?
A: Well we Im designing a bunch of DC characters around a vague storyline for 3A, so yea Bats is there!

Q: Always wondered if the elite or powerful families had their special-ordered squads for protection in the WWR universe (I remember something NW Bramble related was mentioned). A squad with a family crests and full-on regalia mmmm.
A: Well powerful families sometimes command nations, so yea, there would be some cross over. Its very simple though, if you can afford the bots MQO you can have them. But Rothchild has never been a cheap affair!

Q: All the new Mightys look great, how many will there be? We've seen partial shots of Mod, Freemantle, Family Album & Fong, are they all the new colorways or will we see older ones like Desert, Red etc? Oh and when will we see them for sale?
A: Around 30 colorway, August looks like the month!

Q: Will we see Johny Nemo offered at Bambalandstore?
A: No, I only did some pages for a new book coming out, I believe TITAN is publishing it, make a cool fig though!

Q: I like the Valve companion Square, wondering if any possible to make Valve Companion Mighty Square?

Q: Having just bought my first 1/6th Armstrong (Shadow Guard), I am in love! Any way I could twist your arm into doing my fav Armstrong in 1/6th scale, MOD7? Will we ever see any other MOD7 color way bots?
A: MOD are coming back real soon, mm I want a big MOD Armstrong

Q: What are the plans for releasing the Martian forces in EVOL, will we be seeing them anytime soon? Will there be 1/6 versions as well as 1/12?
A: Thanks! Soon as we can!

Q: Snowblind is looking good, wondering what is the backstory of this TK since it is quite different from Sun & Moon? Is he really a Loper?
A: No he isn't a Loper, just another TK that figured out the truth is ruined by adding to it!

Q: I know this was asked several months ago but I wanted to see if you have any real status update on the production stage for Modern Girls and/or King Thumbs chopper…maybe a picture?
A: Just need time to finish them off! I have a severe lack...

Q: I just got a Square Bomb and I love him for being so unique! What does the little "v" symbol under his eye mean? Will we see 1.5 in other colorways, or at least other "unique" and "in-between" sub-versions of squares?
A: Square bomb is a one off, never to be seen again! The V is a representation on the bombs force. Keep an eye out for the NUKE NIGHTY though!

Q: Will we ever hear or see more about BORN OF STONE? Or that idea transformed to something else?
A: Im thinking of bringing it into AK, as it fits in nicely, time will tell!

Q: Are "Chunky" TQ's still happening?
A: I have them, one day when they are just right ill offer, a lot of ideas just ferment away, then it all comes together etc!

Q: "We looked into the shadows and saw absolution" "Radiance will rescind all shadow from its bursa" These two statements on each NOM Field Commanders box seem to conflict, does this mean that white and black NOMS have different philosophies? Do these philosophies possibly conflict a little?
A: You mean conflict across the NIGHT and DAY affiliations , of course they do, they represent opposite ideals under the umbrella of one path, NOM are not zealots with no individual thinking, part of their strength and weakness. All is needed though, all part of the whole.

Q: When we might see next HALO figure or Master Chief? Would love to see them offered more frequently!
A: I think July is the month we wanted to address some issues and thought previous releases brought up! We really do care and put a lot of thought into these toys, we could shave released last year, but it would not have been as good!

Q: Will we eventually get a WWRp version of the JDF Grunt and Square Mk 2?
A: As said earlier 1/6th is the focus for WWR!

Q: hi,ash.I'm a chinese 3afans.When will we see the CHINESE books or comics about WWR,AK or POPBOT? Maybe Handsome Wu will come with a chinese mini comics,so coooooooooooool!
A: I would love to do Chinese editions of the books, but its not so simple for me, cant just do a direct translation etc

Q: Recent Iron Man colorway you showed, when it might be offered? Really love the combinations of colors there! And do you have a date in mind for Dr. Doom?
A: I thought it had been offered mmm ASAP for Doom, we are excited to reveal the final!

Q: What Marvel character are you working at the moment and is sort to say on your drawing board?
A: Finishing off Ultron!

Q: Did you get some cool gifts for your birthday you wouldn't mind sharing with us?
A: My boys made me some awesome cards!

Q: If you could back 20 years, would you change anything in your life?
A: mmmm nope as it may have effected today, and I kinda like today!

Q: Do you have any country on your mind, which you really want to visit, but never been there yet? If yes, then what country is it?
A: Austria!