Q&A session with Ashley Wood

Happy Sunday to everyone and welcome to 32nd Q&A session with Ashley Wood! We been doing these session since September, so it's been a good while and absolute pleasure! Everyone needs a break now and then though and at the moment, I can't say when the next session will go up.

Below, you will find answers on such questions such as Popbot 7Bones upcoming release; Marvel Spiderman; some info on INK virus in Adventure Kartel Universe; Transformers; MK2 Berties in WWR EVOL and much more.

Meanwhile, you can still submit your interesting and original questions by various ways: contacting me via mail gimbat@threeAonline.com ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at 3AVOX Facebook page wall or via 3Asupport twitter. Thank you for sending your questions and for your continuous interest everyone, these sessions wouldn't be so fun without support!

Q: It was really very convenient when we got once, the announcement about a couple future sales more than a month prior or sort of regular pattern, when sales were announced with at least two weeks notice. Lately it seems that only a short notice is given and as much, as I would love to support the sale, I don't have the money for it and it's incredibly tough to use my 3AA status. Maybe you could revert to the old practice or give us pre-order dates ahead?
A: I know its tough but we really have no idea sometimes as in lately due us figuring out what figure can be made in what window etc. I agree it must be a pain and have had talk to figure this out, you can certainly believe if we had the exact info we would share it, we are not be coy or playing games as this effects our sales and your enjoyment. As an experiment ill post Junes predicted sales, some might change but its at least a heads up.

Q: Any chance of getting a 1/1 scale tee of the Wu/F-legion tee from the Panda set?
A: I would but sadly the shirts sell in very small numbers and kinda end up costing us. I don't really want to do the offer and see if its supported thing, and disappoint the people who ordered etc just because we didn't reach a goal. We have never not honored a sale in the last 6 years, even when the haunt ordered failed to cover costs, and I think thats how we will continue. I know I mentioned we might try the see what they order system but after much thought Im sticking to the old way!
Q: Since JC only uses his hands for battle (no weapons) would it be possible on future releases to get a few different positioned hands (ala Bruce Lee-ish) for action posing and beat downs?
A: No more JC for at the foreseeable, but If he does make another round I'm sure some new hands can be made!
Q: Hey Ash, any word on when we might find out the purpose of the Bamba points?
A: When we catch up with everything, as you know we have never mentioned or promoted them , just a thing for the future when we can do it right!

Q: Is there a Dead Asto origin story (apart from the comic which we saw during the sale) or will there be one?
A: There is a story and origin he has to be killed, but thats for another time, these stores are told via the toys and story lines that grow with each release etc. Dead Astro has some interesting linage!

Q: I would love to see WWR, AK, and Popbot characters with different skin tones to represent the rest of the people in the world. Nothing culture specific, but rather different skin tones other than just white, like tan and brown. I Would you consider for example a grunt with a brown skin tone, or a TQ with tan or brown skin? What do you say?
A: Making different colour skin for specific characters like a  brown or tan Grunt would be cool and does make sense in the scheme of a world wide war, but the TQ /TK are specific and their origins are pre deposed to light skin and will stay as they are.  When applicable ill see what can do about changing up skin colour, but I also don't want it to be a case of doing it for the sake of it or shoe horning it in, there is no integrity in that, and therefore no reason for me to do it!

Q: The UKTQ is coming along, when might we see another weathered TQ?  Would also be good to see another loper soon?
A: Im sure some weathered TQ will rise from the dirt!

Q: Great to hear that Dr. Doom is close to final reveal and Ultron is almost done! Great to hear we are getting DC character from threeA too! Spider-Man is my favorite Marvel character and I was just wondering how is he coming along? And if there is anything about your design you can share with us without spoiling the fun of the reveal?
A: Well there are two figures in the box for Spidey!

Q: In the description of Soot Panda Wu, it says "The ink virus has reached China!" Now is the ink virus the same thing that let's the Mission Family change into Shadow mode? And if so is it something you get taught or is it an infection that happens to characters, does one get the ink virus from contact with another that is infected? Does it change the way they act? Are they aggressive and chaotic in shadow mode or do they have control over their actions? And is the ink virus the curse Merde talks about that affects his bloodline?
A: Well the INK virus or curse if you will goes back to the start of the MISSION bloodline and ties into the Shadow family. The original Mission adventurer ( Morbid Mission) started out digging in the tombs in Egypt, it went pear shaped from there.

Q: What does the F in F-Legion stand for?
A: Fucked , as in -- they are fucked the moment they are made sent to war…

Q: Since you reveal that 3A will making Transformers toys, will it based by classic G1 or by movie version?
A: 3A is making them, thats all Ill say for now!

Q: EVOL Square looks great! Do you plan to insert sound effects? I want to hear Square's voice.
A: I want to do that, just not there with the quality I want in a small package. Hopefully one day I can release a talking, fuck I wanna make a real one and have patrol your house, thats where my thinking is at!

Q: If you were going to make a soundtrack for each of your IP's what bands or sounds would you use?
A: mmm shit, thats a question and half! ill think on that!

Q: I just ordered Bronze Edo, my first 1/6th TK figure, and I am really excited to see it. Can you give us any back story on the different EDOs? Different colors for different missions?
A: Bronze EDO are commanders, each color reflects status and general mission status. The colour scheme is mainly for the human populations that they protect, when you see say a Bronze Edo you know that A, something is up, and B shit is covered and something is gonna get a kicking!

Q: I believe all of your supports are dying to know when will 7 bones and TKLUB release will take the stand at Bambalandstore. Will you be able to share which month this might happen?
A: 7B Slicer as mentioned 7th june at Bamba!

Q: You mentioned in previous Q&A that WWR focus is 1/6th scale. Is this a (lack of) support issue (of the WWRp range), or a personal preference to develop the 1/6th range, and we'll see a catch up later on down the line for the WWRp figures?
A: To be honest the 1/6th support drives the WWR line, WWRp is done as I like the size but does thane the same backing.

Q: I know this is a long shot of a question but... Ash I just recently purchased and finished your complete book ZvR and absolutely fell in love with Warbot have you considered making an EVOL version of Warbot or it's still a chance to see him among WWR Berties MK2?
A: No Warbot really isn't a WWR character, kinda was just a meta crossover but very different worlds, if any Warbot is to be made it wil be under the ZVR banner!

Q: Are Berties MK2 going to be WWR release or they will be transformed into WWR EVOL MK 2.1?
A: No more WWR releases, all WWR EVOL releases, as there are many MK2's on the battle field in the EVOL period its only apt!

Q: Do you have any news to share about Kozo and perhaps some news about Bamba version of Underverse Explorer?
A: News as in shipping? Well the masks being removable made it a longer production period, though its worked out really well, not too long !

Q: Any idea when the first 3AGO's will go on sale at Bambalandstore?
A: June, I would say 3-4th week if all goes well! I want them more than anyone!!!

Q: Any info on SDCC-exclusive figure(s) this year?
A: Yup there are.

Q: What happened to Shadow Merde? And if he about to hit Bambalandstore, could you please announce the time beforehand?
A: ha, I I thought we had sold him… crap.. mmm ok ill announce asap a sale date!

Q: Will Fighting JC ever have a disciple?
A: He has no time for such stuff, he is busting heads, not talking about shit, cracking skulls and taking names yo! The time for talk and conjecture are long gone, action over words this time around!

Q:  Besides Fighting JC, Tommy Mission, Bleak Mission, the Drown, Fat Drown Ankou Ex and Rehel, are there other Adventure Kartel team members?
A: Yes…

Q: Would you ever consider doing a tribute figure to Jean Giraud / Moebius. Something like Arzach, Blueberry or Major Grubert to name a few. I would love to see some of his characters come to life as a figures. Thanks for your time, hope your doing great!    
A: I have asked to do very similar type figures with many people, the bummer is these toys are break even at best, and when said parties hear there isn't any big $$ they basically close the door in your face… Contrary to most reports there isn't a goldmine in toys and if you aint doing it for love your gonna be a sad fucker! I would drove to make toys for many Moebius stories  from Blueberry to Arzach!

Q: Question from Chinese fans here, would it be possible to have translation of all Q&A in Chinese section of WO3A blog?
A: Would love to see something like that! I agree, anyone want to do it ?

Q: Do you / your kids have any pets beside Emma now? Do you go on the long walks with Emma, like on the beach or what's your favorite activity?
A: We have a  few pets, dogs and cats, Beaches are tough for Emma as beagles are a tad short and the sand blows up in their face, she enjoys a good walk n the park, tracking scents etc