Q&A session with Ashley Wood

Welcome to the latest Sunday Q&A with Ashley Wood and in this one: WWR bots (Dropcloth 1.5, Berties MK2); new EDO and Lasstralander from Popbot; EVENFALL Strigoi; HALO; Marvel Doctor. Doom; Steel Age and much more!

Before we proceed, here is how you can submit your interesting and original questions: by contacting me via mail gimbat@threeAonline.com ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at WorldOf3A Facebook page wall or via WorldOf3A twitter and your question might get featured (as sadly we can't answer on each and every questions here) in one of future sessions. Thank you for all your questions and interest.

Q: Congratulations on 3AGO Wave One! Do you have plans to make bots in 3AGO scale as well and what might be among 3AGO Wave Two, maybe AK?
A: I intend to fill 3AGO with many characters from my own stable and the greater world of ideas, there will be bots, of varying size. The 8” human is the yardstick, some will be smaller, some much bigger within that 8” scale! Wonka Square purchasers will have a chance to add a 3AGO bot to their collection!

Q: How many Dropcloth 1.5 colorways are going to be released in December, I hope it will be different waves with more sales in 2015?
A: Have to wait and see, it's a balancing act between colors and figuring factory schedules!

Q: What kind (or kinds) of Berties MK2 will be released In December?
A: Well, as many as I can of the classics and some new!

Q: Is Automatic Hemingway called Hemingway because Kafka was erased in Auto K, or is it because of another reason?
A: Have no idea what you're talking about, Automatic Hemingway is just that...

Q: With Master Chief and Spartan being next in line for the 1/6 Halo Line, what do you guys have planned next? It's a huge franchise with a large number of people wanting products from. Will you guys be doing an Elite anytime soon? A 1/6 Elite and Grunt would go along very nicely with all the various Spartans you guys have released.
A: We are doing the Elite and a quite a few more, we will announce some very cool HALO stuff soon!

Q: How many Dr. Doom variants are you planning for the upcoming sale?
A: Two, and while I'm here, Doc DOOM has turned out great, we are very close to the reveal, couldn’t be happier!

Q: Are any of the future sales releases mentioned on the blog in 1/12 scale or are they among unmentioned surprises?
A: If they were 6” we would have mentioned it , but yes 1/12th scale is getting some cool stuff very soon in the WWR world!

Q: Do you have any comments on where the Lasstralander is in the pipeline?   Or how about some nifty glider type craft that was shown with the 1/12 underverse pilots?
A: The Lasstralander isn't a simple craft and developing larger toys is super tough, do not want a lump of plastic for ol Lassy to ride, but a wonderful Lasstralander for her to cruise in style in! This GHG craft would be great, but I think they might be better in 1/6th...

Q: This is so random. But where do the figures go that get photographed for teasers? Do you have a single figure made for photographs and then it gets put into a case at the hatchery? Do you have an entire room filled with the firsts of every figure?
A: Actually they end up everywhere, my studio, the 3A office and the factory, depending on what's needed where. I have many though… it would be crazy to think one day they might be displayed in a cool toy museum etc, but hey a guy can dream!

Q: EDOs have become some of my favorite figures 3A has made to date. Are there plans for any more EDOs to be released? Perhaps a clear one ala Paschaborg?
A: New EDO’s on the way, the idea of a small period where all TK have vanished is too cool for me, I want to fill out the ranks!

Q: Any chance you will ever return the the board? Join us for a WWR sale and drop intel like back in the day? Or are you ever here but hidden to see what inhand reactions are by the Legion to figures once they have shipped?
A: I'm sure I will, I have a few accounts there.. you never know when will turn up! Many fond memories of the F5 bar and the forum!

Q: Is there any plan to do a Morbid Mission figure? He sounds pretty fun!
A: Of course, sour adventure yo!

Q: I am very intrigued about upcoming Heavy TK Slicer sale, will there be TKLUB and non-TKLUB variants or you can’t comment yet?
A: Both...

Q: You mentioned Emperor TK in your last Q and A.  Please do tell us more.
A: He sits at the head of the table, the strongest and purest of the original lineage..

Q: Can you explain what is the underverse in Popbot? I'm thinking about Kozo and Nage and why only one of them has a mask.
A: Imagine the UNIVERSE is an ocean, well the top half of said ocean at least. This top half moves at a slow metered pace in one direction, the bottom half (The Underverse ) moves chaotically and has no rules of direction. Within these chaotic waters worlds and ideas travel and exist in directions that the top could not...

Q: Not so much a question, but a suggestion on making ThreeA a bit better, especially since changes were mentioned for 2015.  For 2015, it would great if ThreeA implemented a production timeline on the website.  After a figure is mentioned, it could be added to the "Schedule".  Simple wording could be updated as needed for each figure, which would help the customers understand where in the timeline the figure they want or ordered is.  Have a set list of things so we know how far along the item is:  Early Design, Final Design, On Sale, Order sent to Factory, In Production, In Paint, QC, Packaging, Shipping, etc.  Update items on an as warranted basis.  It would cut down a lot of wondering on our part, and probably help stop the same questions from being asked over and over.
A: Well next year is going to be very different the way we sell toys, and lots of these queries will not be needed on lots of toys, but for some yes, I can see where that would be beneficial and fully warranted. I guess in short next year will have strict times on pre order toys, with complete refund when missed, and a more transparent outlay of info on the status of pre orders. We fully realize the frustration that arises and have made large changes for the coming year to hopefully make it a better experience. Of course change isn't easy but we have to try!

Q: What should we look forward to from 3A at NYCC this year?
A: Well we are making a con exclusive for IDW to sell, and will have 3A peeps there to help out. The bummer is it's the same time as the TAI PEI Toy Fair and we committed last year to this event!

Q: Steel Age will be awesome for sure( going to be a comics with it as well ?), wanted to know what is you plan on this, will you go first with the holy trinity?
A: Well the story is very important with STEEL AGE, and I want to get some of the well loved out ASAP, but also the more obscure ones too! So far I'm most pleased with my Green Arrow, always been a fan of the Adams Green Arrow from way back in the day..

Q: I was wondering if we may get another release of that WO3A magazine we had a little while ago? I loved reading everything that was in it and had fun speculating with everyone on the teasers and stuff that were at the end.
A: Oh we are on it, but time is a fucker and lots of the work falls to Brent who is flat out on other 3A thingys. It will happen soon, I think Brent created a great mag, I want a second.. fuck I want a Magazine empire, if truth be told!

Q: Is there anymore information on the bothead that we’re supposed to be eligible for when we bought Peppermint Grove?
A: Will offer soon, you will dig it, if you like bot heads!

Q: With mainstay DC character figures on the horizon, I was wondering if you had an interest in tackling the Vertigo universe, as well (Sandman, Constantine, Lucifer, Preacher, Transmetropolitan, Swamp Thing, etc. . . )? For instance, 1/6 Constantine by 3A in your style would be incredible! any chance of that?
A: Well I dig all of them, and yea I would jump at a Constantine! I would make Vertigo figures all day long!

Q: Handsome Wu has 8 Mercs, will they all be wearing Panda gear?
A: Yea, all kinda different though..

Q: I really loved the classic little shadow look. I love the new ones too, but that mean look and CHUCKS were great! Will the new one be on with chucks or she’ll be on heels?
A: Both and both.. I like both, the long hair, the bob hair, the heels, the chucks!

Q: 2000AD isn’t on the tentative sales list, will it be retail release or are they among non-mentioned surprises?
A: Well as we have to work with Rebellion within their scope ( it's their baby ) we can't just slap it on. They are lined up to start this year!

Q: Was really surprised to see Archer TK in October, does it mean the beginning of end to TKs as we know them?
A: The Mortis want that!

Q: I am fairly new to 3A, is it a safe assumption that when we only have a date (September 1st for example) and time isn’t mentioned on the blog, that the sale will always start at 9:00AM HK time?
A: You are right, that is the traditional time 9-00am HK time for the start of most sales. I guess we assume that it's a known, our bad, we are not the most on it regarding the sales, but we try!

Q: With the recent reveal of the shipping boxes for Marquis/Sombre/Dead de Plume I was wondering if those sketches you talked about would still be inserted into random boxes.
A: Yes they are in there somewhere… I want them back!

Q: You mentioned that new skin for Lasstranaut slowed the whole process down, what was the biggest challenge with Evenfall Strigoi? I am always curious about production and manufacturing aspects, sort of like watching Discovery Channel – How it's made.
A: Well yes for Lass, for the Strigoi it's similar, the structure and skinning etc, the paint app as well, that dirty look ain't that easy. Plus we added little details like names on suits etc, every little change can hold stuff up. I'm very fond of how they turned out, I'm sure the few that ordered will dig them, will offer a new version one day as not many got these and it's a shame. One of our best!

Q: Do you ever have dreams about painting and wake up with the fully formed idea in your head?
A: I dream I paint well, then wake up…...