Q&A session with Ashley Wood

Welcome to the latest Sunday Q&A with Ashley Wood! Lots of Popbot Tomorrow Kings related questions in this one; EVENFALL T.H.U.G and upcoming releases ; WWR Dropcloth 1.5 and general World War Robot universe info ;  Steel Age and much more!

Before we proceed, here is how you can submit your interesting and original questions: by contacting me via mail gimbat@threeAonline.com ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at WorldOf3A Facebook page wall or via WorldOf3A twitter and your question might get featured (as sadly we can't answer on each and every questions here) in one of future sessions. Thank you for all your questions and interest.

Q: Can you please share a bit more about 6th Anniversary TKs? Is there one of each for Bambalandstore, TTF and Guangzhou? I guess red t-shirt one (Mae No Ni) is for Bambalandstore, green t-shirt (Tsuitachi No Ato) for Guangzhou and black t-shirt (Tsuitachi Ni Ushinawa) for TTF? How did you come up with these names and do they have any specific roles or tasks? Thanks!
A: Pre Made for Guangzhou, Taipei and Bamba, I came up with them in English then translated, they are the direct lineage of the original release TK’s, all are missing in the Underverse, these 3 are on the hunt for them!

Q: Will we see NYCC’14 EMGY EVOL Square at Bambalandstore as well or that’s strictly IDW exclusive?
A: Strictly IDW, more 4Square soon though!

Q: You mentioned that your decision to make T.H.U.G as a robot,  helped round up EVENFALL story. Can you please share some more about EVENFALL and how T.H.U.G robot is controlled? Is there a command center with pilots somewhere or robot comes with it's own AI?
A: Actually they kinda function like a modern jet, the main bot is autonomous but there is a control team that is seeing what it see's, etc, and can augment the decision making processes of the T.H.U.G.y, etc. Imagine if you will, the T.H.U.G. is deep underground in a crypt type environment, above in an OP’s base the handlers watch monitors etc, looking for movement, or sublet shifts that the A.I. couldn’t catch.  

Q: Will see Team Fortress 2 Ghost this Halloween or it will be 1/12th Ghost/Milky Charkin, or perhaps we will see few Halloween releases?
A: Well we are looking to make the ghost available for Halloween in a pre made fashion, and some other other surprises...

Q: Is there any progress on the Modern Girls line, which yo can share?
A: Too busy on other stuff, I think most of out female’s represent Modern Girls anyway, just have to release some vehicles!

Q: Now that there are 10” female bodies being made, are you any further along with the “chunkier" bodies that were once mentioned?
A: We have them, just never really found a character that fits, Ms Shadow was originally the chunky, have the samples somewhere, just didn’t suit… Have a few ideas for the body, a female Zomb hunter etc.

Q: When we might see T.H.U.G offered for pre-order and do you have your mind set on third release from EVENFALL? Really curious what it might be!
A: We have a new Strigoi/SWAT Totem thingy, an infected TOTEM SWAT basically, different version of Strigoi, the T.H.U.G. should be close to end of year, I'm very fond of it, looks good with most figures big or small, always a win!

Q: Are SGR JC still have another variant? Maybe something kinda like Tracky JC or Blood Splattered JC, or any unseen JC, maybe 2-pack JC with Zomb? Evil still too many and there's not enough JCs in AK universe to kicked out evil's ass!
A: A new JC, well I think REVELATION JC is soon… can’t have enough JC’s. Need an ESCAPE FROM NEW ALEXANDRIA JC too..  

Q: In WWR universe, are there any factions who didn't belong to Rothchild, Terran, or Martian & Martian sympathizers? I mean any factions like a pirate, they move around and don't care about War, just care about themselves, stealing and raiding other factions…?
A: Well yea, but they use other machines, a company called CHERRY & PHILIP makes bots for groups without connections to large forces, C&P bots take cues from Rothchild design,  especially now Rothy is outta the mass production game! Naturally Rothy hates these guys!

Q: The TK Hunter drop is approaching in a few months, according to the tentative schedule, have there been any tweaks to the design of the Hunter since last we’ve seen prototype photos?
A: I tweak till the end, but it's essentially the same design, finalized the main design a while back, the engineering is what takes the time! Cant wait to show them!

Q: You mentioned in a previous Q&A that TK weaponry is made by TK forgers, as I remember. Is there a class to these swordsmiths, or is it safe to assume that they are all absolute masters of their craft in the utmost? Which leads to the question; is there a legendary Master TK Swordsmith, or particularly famous (named) swords among TK and their enthusiasts? Like a TK Masamune?
A: Of course, each weapon the TK use is made by a weapons master, though their names are not common knowledge and their origins and whereabouts are clouded in myth and lies! The TK primarily use blade weapons against big ass metal robots, if those swords were not bordering on the mystic they wouldn’t survive long!

Q: As we know, most TK/TQs don’t have long lifespans; what TK/TQ has reached the oldest age, and how old was he or she when they died?
A: Some are chosen to live longer as their knowledge and guidance is commanded by the Whisper, the TK and their lives is still an unknown, most info on them is  conjecture and speculation. Their story is indeed a complicated path...

Q: Will we see members of the Doom Patrol in Steel Age?
A: Well I would love to..

Q: What colorways will be available for the 1.5 Dropcloths in December? I know there’s a good chance stalwarts will be represented (Iron Panda, JEA, Medic, Desert, etc.), but I’m personally hoping that there will be an UNCLE5 available to go with the MK1 Grin?
A: The classics and new, as it should be!

Q: Who is girl Neptune and why there is one with green skin? Maybe some sort of virus or she is an alien?
A: Well she can change her skin, she is one of the SEVEN, which Lady Sham and Neptune can do just about anything...

Q: With the variety of weapons at a TK’s disposal, how do they decide which weapon suits them?
A: The weapons talks to them, they just know where and who to be!

Q: Earlier in the year, you had mentioned several AK releases (The Spank, Mort, Big Shadow, Tommy on the Run, F-Legion).  With the year winding down, are there several AK releases scheduled?  I know you want some surprises, just particularly curious about The Spank.
A: On The Run Tommy, Little Shadow and Cock Wobbler are close, the White Panda is ex F-Legion and he ships soon!

Q: Any chance we will get to see the first Transformer pre-order in early 2014?
A: That's the plan, but as we have to go through the process of working with other companies things do change.

Q: Can you share some ideas and concepts you are playing with for Batman and / or Steel Age in general? Also, any chance you can make a regular Batman figure based on your past artwork?
A: Each toy release will expand on the story, I'm really only interested in doing Steel Age design, so many regular Batman out there it would seem a little redundant etc.

Q: With MARS and company up for preorder next week, when can we expect news the next WBR release and what it might be?
A: Well it could be the SQUIDICORN or a smaller bot, plus there is William Best the owner of WBR. The WB in WB originally stood for William Best, but then he thought, fuck it, they are the best in the world, it just kinda works due to the initials to call them… World's Best Robots.

Q: Do Tomorrow Kings still hold a sponsorship from Carnaby and Co.? Are TK with graphic tees a thing of the past?
A: And the future, they love their shirts, but there are many variants from today and tomorrow, remember the TK fight in the past, today and tomorrow, shirt companies come and go….

Q: Is it possible, that we will see Popbot 7Bones stand alone comic book release? Also is YOSHITSUNE of the 7BONES will be lined on TK Classics?
A: Well the 7Bones story is critical to the main Popbot story, it will be in there, one day, and yes the packaging for all 7bones follows the same line!  Seven lives for half a breath, that's all it took to change the future… or so they say!

Q: Is there a chance we see a threeA Astro Boy at some point? I'm a big fan of your 2-D takes on the character, and though It seems that you may be a bit bogged down in requests for licensed figures, I thought that I would ask. I'd give my left nut for a 1/6 3a Mighty Atom.
A: Well I might make an ASHTRO, that's the one I paint :)

Q: You mentioned in the previous Q&A, that  you would like to do Metal Gear Solid figures as well. Would you base them on original game art or the comic you made? Or will you be given a choice to redesign them completely?
A: Based on my art from the work I did for the series.

Q: MARS! Loving the design and debating getting one, the price range is amazing its just the size. No idea where I'd fit him. Would there ever be a possibility of the big bots being done in a smaller 6 or 8 or 10 inch size? I guess the same could be asked of things like Zaku, Real Steal, Iron Man etc? Would really dig a smaller Zaku or will we ever see Zaku in its iconic green, or that's a done book and you don't want to return there?
A: Well some WBR will be small as it's the 8” line, some big, actually MARS is the biggest, you ask where, I say in the living room on the floor, shit's like furniture, hoist the flag high, just present! Thanks for recognizing that price is amazing, basically I’m giving it away as that will just cover costs if it does well, but fuck, c'mon who wouldn’t take a chance to make a big ass robot if they could… why I do 3A...

Q: I recently got Sea Monkey and absolutely love it, any plans for more stuff like this with Kenny? Or even just an alternate colorway?
A: Door is always open for Kenny, I want a 1/6th Seamonkey, love ya Kenny!

Q: You mentioned on Instagram “Yama’s Last Stand". Could you please let us know a bit more about it? Would he look the same as the OG?
A: Well it's Yama, but shit ain't gone so well over the years for him. Plus he sports a big ass gun now, too many targets for one sword! Has the beard and shit!

Q: Not really a question, more of a request. Would love to see your take on the current incarnation of the Guardians of the Galaxy! Would that interest you at all?
A: Only the Raccoon , as I liked the ltd series as a kid, well liked the Mignola covers… I'm still waiting for HOT TOYS to send me a Raccoon figure….. waiting……waiting.

Q: Got JEA MIM set on hand, looks great indeed, when we expect to see other big sets, like IRON PANDA at Bambalandstore?
A: Soon as the samples are made, I know it sounds old, but we are so few trying to make so much, the production line for samples is long!

Q: Are there any more Ronin TKs that you have not introduced to us yet?  Can you give us a name?  Are there any Ronin TQs as well?
A: Well there is an army of Ronin TK’s they are Ronin as they didn’t like who their master was, they are from the edge of time, they are not just shit heels on the take, but saw the unseeable and went fuck, we need to scamper.. that's the technical term the TK use…scamper… it all ties into the last TK story. I would love to make the Last TK comic, grrr nash grrr