Q&A session with Ashley Wood

Excited to share with you our latest Sunday Q&A with Ashley Wood. Always such a pleasure to do these sessions and lift a curtain a bit, to show what is happening in World of 3A! Impossible to highlight everything covered in this one, but trust me, it's going to be a fun ride!

Before we proceed, here is how you can submit your interesting and original questions: by contacting me via mail gimbat@threeAonline.com ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at WorldOf3A Facebook page wall or via WorldOf3A twitter and your question might get featured (as sadly we can't answer on each and every questions here) in one of future sessions. Thank you for all your questions and interest.

Q: Any news you can share with about unnamed 24’’ line of figures, which debuted at NYTF? I’m especially looking forward to a TK!
A: Working on them all, lots to figure out on these as you can imagine!

Q: Anything you can share regarding new YAMA/NAGA TK? Are they gonna be TKLUB members?  
A: They will be!

Q: The price for MARS is astonishingly low, is there a chance that TK Hunter will be in the same range due to similar size? Or not because of part count and complexity?
A: Completely different, the TK Hunter is a much more complicated undertaking. MARS was an experiment, it didn’t seem that the price made much difference, sales were no better than expected due to the basically break even price.

Q: Which sale are/were you looking forward the most this year?
A: Mmm Birdcage, Doom, the Pascha cosplay are super fun and have a great sexy edge, Alberto… actually sounds trite but I look forward to them all!

Q: What city would you most like to visit that you have not yet had an opportunity?
A: Vienna..

Q: Since WWR Harolds fully shipped a good while ago, is there a chance for more colorways?
A: We shall see, one of the best I think, and no doubt the dearest of all the WWR bots out there!

Q: How can WWR EVOL Roth/battlechild be effective or any help or a threat on the battlefield with no prior military experience or training? Seemed like per the art for the set he is on the front lines. Is that cuz he is being protected by his bots to the point where its near impossible to kill him? Does he stay in Columbia with the WF during EVOL?
A: When someone is trying to kill you, you learn quickly to fight back. Rothy ain't no fool either, he wouldn’t stand out in front taking the first bullets. I would imagine that shot would be an edit or a larger image showing the main battle some distance away. He doesn’t stay in Columbia, that is where he ponders his future and learns to be a leader, not an industrialist!

Q: Are we going to see Adventure Kartel classics in 3AGO scale anytime soon?
A: Over time, 3AGO is meant to represent a giant sandpit of fun, with all stories mixing and playing together from all my worlds and select IP that I love. If all goes well it should be an exciting time for 3AGO over the coming year!

Q: You mentioned that you will create WBR comic. Is there a plan for a mini-comic included with the figs and are we going to see William Best himself in 3AGO or 1/6th scale?
A: Whenever I have time and the reasoning to do them they will be there, I'll always make comics when possible. But I’m sure you understand when a toy just sells in the 200’s it's not possible to make a comic for it, the printing and time needed just to make it isn’t feasible. Best case, every toy has a comic, I mean that, nothing would make me happier, but to get that many comics made, keeping the quality bar high requires much work and many more people than I have access to…shame it is…William Best is 8”, part of the 3AGO line.

Q: What are the differences between MARS, ROMULUS and REMUS? Beyond the obvious colorway differences do they each have a specific purpose or personality?
A: Well MARS is the lead WBR robot, the most famous and recognized of William Best’s robots, Remus and Romulus are the back up, when multiple threats around the globe arise at the same time, they all go out and take care of shit. There are others too, unseen as of yet!

Q: I remember you mentioning an interest to do a NOM pilot. Is that still on the table? Sounds cool!
A: There are many NOM, I would like an example of them all, the Astro NOM is before the pilot.

Q: 1/12 is an excellent scale for me. We have Queeny...when will we see more AP Seven Bones? How about Ronin TK Sun? I think many of us are looking forward to them. Thanks!
A: I love the scale but as I have said before there doesn’t seem to be much support for it, we have supported the line over the years, the upcoming AK retailer box is evidence of this, it's really nice, great detailed toys with great packaging! We shall continue to offer this scale until we can’t, but I'm a huge fan of it, as it was my passion for the scale that got it started in the first place!

Q: Will Dark Deeds be released on any other 'bots? I’d love the see a Dark Deeds Caesar in 1/12.
A: Yup, Mighty Square this month, then a Dropcloth in 1/6th.

Q: Will there be a case for the new iPhones coming? I always wanted to have 3A one and speaking about iPhones, will you be going for 6 or 6+?
A: Got a 6+, love it, I’m a big guy so it feels just right, the normal iPhone always felt too small to me. Cases would be cool, I guess we could, but I would need some with that design skill to lead it up, I’m more painter guy than case engineer!

Q: Will we see female NOM operatives or Grunts in WWR EVOL?
A: There are female NOM, basically they are the secret police of NOM, even the best NOM operatives fear them. Regardless of your dedication they will find a crack. Best to stay clear of them on either side of the conflict. Eir, Var and Gna.

Q: I like the EMGY colorway for EVOL Square. What’s MLTA means (rather than usual EMGY/TRG) and I hope to see more EMGY colorways for WWR EVOL!  
A: MLTA stands for Militia, the EMGY has been disbanded post EVOL due to causing more trouble than fixing, the newly formed MLTA is a group for hire, basically you need a militia call us at 1 800 MLTA.

Q: There are few retail figures this year, which I would love to get but I don’t know who is going to carry them. Maybe you could announce retailers list on the blog or have some sort of retailers section introduced or I could contact CS to find retailers in my area?   
A: Well the major guys carry them (ha, bet that helped a lot). Diamond distribute to many specialty stores as well, but yea, we should have a retailer list on the website! I’ll see if this can be done, Gregory ????

Q: Will Peppermint Grove come in a 1/12 scale, maybe with another wave of boxed Action Portable figs?
A: I would say the next wave - if the first wave is a success, the retailer counter box itself is a awesome, stuffed with the figs, a great sight!

Q: How many Cosplay Paschas will be there? Loving all three shown so far! Will there be some Cosplay love for Bambaland as well?
A: 7

Q: Do you or your sons like Fallout game and how about making some figures from that game? Would love to see something like that!
A: They love it, if the Fallout people drop me a line we can talk!

Q: I was really looking forward to check out the Adventure Kartel book and The Beautiful War comic. I was wondering if there is any written in stone dates for them? I checked the IDW website, but there is no news.
A: AK should be in stores any time, there are copies floating around, I'm not privy to the exact dates, but anytime soon! BTW I held back so the gaps between issues wouldn’t be top crazy, just crazy!

Q: Once you mentioned CHERRY & PHILIP in last Q&A, I can’t wait to see some bots! Do they make unique bots or perhaps they replicate Rothchild’s ones?
A: They use classic Roth design troupes plus their new ideas to sell their gear, the CA001 “BIRDCAGE” is the first C&P release as mentioned, you will go, ahhh I see, but with a big difference.  Well from past iterations!

Q: I know that you love articulated figures, but would you be interested in doing some statues in smaller scale (1:4 kitty, maybe?) and not in 1:1 (as it’s expensive and so hard to get them)?
A: Well the 1:1 Eddy I’m making is vinyl so the cost will lower! We are working on a range of statues as we enjoyed making the Destiny Gift statue so much!

Q: You made a 1:1 Zombs and other Adventure Kartel characters heads for display at ACG event in October, 2013…would you be interested in making 1:1 Rothchild or de Plume heads runs for Bambalandstore? Basically any 1:1 heads at Bamba would be a win!  
A: Always trying to get right, I as of yet have felt I want to offer them, I want a combo of price and quality!

Q: In the Popbot Universe there is vast room and story to create a MMORPG with TK's being one faction, TQ's another vs Robots. The Combinations for players to build their TK Character would be endless. Have you considered this?
A: Everyday, just need a good game studio to step up, over the years I have been offered the opportunity for a TK game but the deal wasn’t right, or they wanted to change them, etc. The world is there, just need a helping hand!

Q: Really glad that you are making Marvel Comics toys, will you be making toys of these character: Dr Strange; Moon Knight; Ghost Rider ( Johnny Blaze ); Iron Fist; Machine Man ( Jack Kirby version ); The Invaders; Dare Devil?  
A: Machine Man Kirby style would be epic, cmon, who wouldn’t want that! Iron Fist is on the list! I have thought on Ghost Rider too...

Q: Hey Ash, have you ever considered doing a 3A version of the Classic Gundam Mech? I reckon that would be a huge seller for 3A, and personally I’d love to see/buy the funked up Ash Wood version!
A: Nothing is ever a huge seller, I would do a Gundam Mech, I’Il wait to be asked!

Q: Do you have plans for the new Bambaboss? Maybe for next 3A Anniversary, love Bambaboss and really curious how it’s going to look?
A: Well I have a new vinyl Bamba that we will hopefully offer…. been in sculpt mode for over a year…

Q: For me 2014 will be highlighted in 3A history, as the year of Isobelle Pascha and new lines and reinvented ones (adore WWR EVOL concept). What’s your vision for the next year and how you would like it to be remembered?
A: Well that would be telling, I think EVENFALL will gain traction next year, but we have tried to step out of our box for the coming years, to augment our classic stuff, I want to challenge and entertain with 3A, Pascha is a good example of 3A taking chances, but it also shows that our supporters are adventurous and willing to enjoy stuff out of the norm. I think we made the best female doll bar none of the last 12 months from SWANK to Pascha, we have plans to amp it up and push further! You know that ol' chestnut, you're only as good as your audience, well 3A has a great, diverse, intelligent audience so i think we are doing good and 2015 looks to be a great year, stuff will change, some will stay the same, but all the time pushing and striving to be better!

Q: There are couple of sales for this month in Tentative list…I wonder who are going to be next? HALO, Cowgirl, 10” Shadow, Dr. Doom or maybe Mighty Squares?  
A: I have that list somewhere, better find as time creeps up… Cowgirl I think, that's a cool Pascha right there! Doom is close too, just waiting for the powers that be to approve everything… Doom is cool, can’t wait to show how he turned out!