Q&A session with Ashley Wood

Here is our latest Sunday Q&A session with Ashley Wood and below you can find answers  about ongoing WWR Mighty Squares pre-order; future releases from our very own lines: Popbot Tomorrow Kings (1/6th and 1/12th scale), Ninja TQs; Adventure Kartel and many more; and of course your questions about our licensed lines such as Bravest Warriors, Destiny, Marvel and Spawn are featured here as well!

Before we proceed, here is how you can submit your interesting and original questions: by contacting me via mail gimbat@threeAonline.com ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at WorldOf3A Facebook page wall or via WorldOf3A twitter and your question might get featured (as sadly we can't answer on each and every questions here) in one of future sessions. Thank you for all your questions and interest.

Q: Did I notice 3AGO Squares on display at CICF? Or these were regular 1/6th scale ones?
A: No 3AGO Squares shown yet!

Q: What are your plans to release the Valve Companion Mighty Square, will it be offered at Bambalandstore?
A: Actually I made it for my boys, and some Valve peeps, just a fun thing!

Q: Doctor Doom looks amazing! When we might see full reveal and lots of photos on the blog / LOOKBOOK?
A: We should be offering Doom very soon, so expect a Lookbook and other stuffs very soon!

Q: Since Bromwich is one of my favorite color ways I was wondering if you could tell me. You mentioned that a lot of factions had been revamped or changed in WWR Evol, did Bromwich crew go through a change and if they did, what is different ?
A: Bromwich stay pretty much the same in concept, part of the NUK in the WWR story, not a faction, but part of the greater NUK army ( NUK stands for NEW UNITED KINGDOM ).

Q: Seeing that Merde is ex-army, can you tell us what type of soldier he was (infantry etc.)? Maybe the next issue we can have a flashback storyline to cover his origins in the army and Dead Astros origin as well please? They’re my personal favorites.
A: Merde was a Major, classic adventure soldier, fighting in obscure skirmishes in the Himalayas against Nazi Yeti, to hunting war ghost criminals throughout Africa etc etc! Dead Astro origin and story will be told, that skull looks like another character of mine though….

Q: Will Cowbot use F-legion head?
A: Nope, new head.

Q: Can you please share any intel on new Popbot? Is it going to be bigger than previous one and when it might be available?
A: Same size / similar to the last, it's more bulky, more in line with later versions, ready when it is!

Q: Any chance we'll be seeing any more Tomorrow Kings in the 1/12 scale? Whether it's some of the upcoming releases or 1/12 versions of existing characters, either would be extremely awesome. Some of us, while in awe of the 1/6, can only logistically support the 1/12, and there are ample supporters invested in the line. Spread the 7Bones love! But don't spread yourself too thin in the process. Cheers, thanks again!
A: I think at retail, as this gives us more scope for the support and a further reach that Bamba doesn’t give us with this size. I think a 7B set would be kinda epic!

Q: What's the latest on Spawn? Has Todd given his blessing for the first couple of figures and what are they?
A: Spawn will just pop up when you least expect it, that's Spawn's style!

Q: A while back, you mentioned a vampire character in AK. Are there still plans for one? What about Werewolves and ZOMBENSTEIN©?
A: The AK world has it all, vampires are there, if Tommy had fangs he would be a good vampire etc… vampire is a large umbrella term.. Were creatures are cool as fuck, but the wolf is kinda tired, maybe a werecat or werefox… As Tommy, Shadow, Johan and Livingston C-gull traverse the greater AK world while running from the Dead Astro you will see different shit!

Q: About Pudding Boss, what's the story behind him? Are another "pudding" exist in some of your project now? Pudding Square maybe?
A: Pudding Boss has a custard like secretion over his head, to which a passer by remarked , damn that shit make you look like a Pudding!

Q: Can you tell us more about the new Ninja Tomorrow Queens, which debuted at CICF? Will they be part of the upcoming Irimi TQ sale, or offered sometime later?
A: Being pre-made for our new world of 3A, no waiting!

Q: Really hoped to see Iron Panda Mighty Square, any chance that you can squeeze one into this sale or Iron Panda doesn’t use Mighties?
A: Ha funny story, well not so funny if you're a Panda fan, we kinda thought we had it, but we messed up, we are working on him and he will join the ranks. Actually we had a few more that never made it up, why, dunno, I guess that's just 3A… Keep an eye out for the Panda!

Q: What purpose does the mask serve for Tomorrow King Kozo? I understand it helps him traverse where he needs to, but is it filled with just plain oxygen, or something more interesting and magical (metaphysical)?
A: Oxygen as the Underverse is a void, needed when hanging out in it!  Which reminds me the Bamba “KOZO” will be on Bamba early Nov pre-made!
Q: Any interest in doing a N.O.M. origins 19th century style plume figure? Maybe a line of pre-WWR figures, a flashback line….who or what are the Callen?
A: I did some gentlemen NOM designs with that victorian feel, and some vintage Euro influenced designs, wasn’t sure you guys would be that interested.

Q: Is there a chance for reworked 6TH Anniversary Tomorrow Kings trio offered for 24 hours at Bambalandstore? Maybe as TKLUB? I am loving all of them and would love to have classic TKs in my collection eventually.
A: Maybe a 3pack, different decals… I will chat with Siu Monday, see what we can do, if it can be great, sure why not! Will get back to you!

Q: Will we see any blurries or some teasers for DONKER figures this year? I remember you said that you dont want to rush on them.. but after seeing new 10’' little shadow i just cant wait to see Little Yolandi!
A: Maybe, 10” body is kinda perfect for Yolandi!

Q: Please do 10” Little Shadow Cosplay: Tank girl; Lass; Bang Tidy; Lady Sham! How does that sound?
A: Shadow don’t play!

Q: It may be the most anticipated 3A drop of the year: can we have a (blurry) peek at TK Archer?
A: Really, MOST ANTICIPATED? Well he has a bow thingy, and a cool poncho thingy...

Q: Anything you can share (release date, specifics, etc) about the 3A x Bravest Warriors collaboration?
A: ASAP, they are looking great too!

Q: Is there a Square even larger than the Mighty Squares? A SUPREME SQUARE or an EMPEROR SQUARE perhaps?
A: Mighty was the largest of all Squares!

Q: I'm a little curious about the mentioned Goth TK (and hopefully TQ) mentioned a while ago. It's super early and they might not even exist in sketches yet, but I was wondering what era of Goth fashion you'll be shooting for? Are we talking more modern bondage pants with straps, more recent cybergoth, or the classic Sisters of Mercy aviators and leather jacket style? I'm kinda hoping for the latter classic look, but I can also see a lot of potential strapping grenades to all those straps on bondage pants. I guess it could also be the more Japan inspired Gothic Lolita look, but with the UKTK figures being so heavily inspired by classic punk style is it safe to assume you'll be going back to the genre’s roots?
A: Well I’m old school goth, so don’t expect anything from the new school, think, Sisters of Mercy to Xmal Deutschland and the stuff that would would go in-between!

Q: Any chance of a teaser of the new Caesar from the Rothchild Battlechild set? It is getting closer to Q4 and was just wondering if the hatchery had any tidbits they could release?
A: Yup, I’m sure very soon. I have a final Roth Caesar to share!

Q: I have a question about GID Bomb Mighty Square. Is it going to be weathered GID and is the bomb removable?
A: Light weathering to show details and no the bomb isn’t removable, carries the bomb to the target and goes up with it!

Q: I absolutely love that you guys have the Destiny License!. You said the Titan is gonna be the first figure. Are there any plans for a Warlock?
A: Warlock is there. With all our lines we set out to make as many as we can, the rest is up to the support the line gets, like Halo, not fast output but we keep going. Two releases very soon for Halo!

Q: Obviously, your fans owe a lot of inspiration to you (as evidenced by the Bamba drop sketches), but do you find yourself inspired by the Legion in turn? What, if any, specific threeA figures would not have existed without fans being involved in (at least inspiration for) the concept?

A: I'm always inspired that you guys are there to support my worlds, I think the greatest influence is when I see there is support for ideas that I have mentioned or used, that always gives me the energy to go for it! I'm fond of band references so here is another one, when band plays live to a great audience its lifted to put on a better show, that's very much me/3A, a great audience I have, so I strive to put on a better show, that's a great inspiration!

Q: Mo Prostrate and Andy were mentioned as being 'in the works'. Do you find it to be more pressure to create the more iconic Popbot characters?
A: Nah, actually easier, not delayed - just in line, limited sculptors and hands on deck make it slow going sometimes. Andy is cool, but needs skinnier legs than we had, so that alone takes a little while to get sorted etc!

Q: Is De Plumes prey box a living thing? The shape of the wires in Marquis' suggest they are organs of some kind. If so, how are they created?
A: Each box is constructed by the De Plume, the design is unique per De Plume and normally arrives while exploring their inner world, on the vapours! De Plume see all as living, a trinity of existence !

Q: Who is behind visual mapping on 1:1 TK at Taiwan Toy Festival? Really loved it!   
A: It was damn cool in person, Beast Kingdom should know I'm sure, I'll ask them!

Q: Saw couple of photos of Doctor Doom from Guangzhou and he looks amazing! Is his cloak going to be green? Any change to see proper photos on the blog soon? And finally, who is going to be next after Doctor Doom?!
A: As mentioned earlier a load of DOOM soon, all info will be revealed! Soon as Doom is up and about we will reveal the next Character in my Marvel universe!

Q: Can you divulge what the extra space garb is in the 2014 3AA pack for renewing members, and what the difference is for the 6 year vets?
A: It's Lass’s panties, kinda obvious man, c'mon 1:1 size , common knowledge! Comes in a loverly gift box too! I hope to see some photos online. Legion, rock that shit! This info was all there!

Q: What’s your favorite movie ever? And is there a movie, which you would love to make figures from?
A: Ever is a long time, I’m not ready to commit to that marriage! Figures from a film, I would like to make the Frank character, the Fassbender film thingy etc.

Q: I appreciate that you are keeping Mighty Squares sales as long, as possible. In the process of collecting funds for several colorways and wanted to ask you: could you please do a heads-up 24 hours prior to closing the sale?
A: Hope leaving it up helped some of you guys , have to take down soon though! I will make a blog post to announce its closing!